Sunday, October 18

I Won the Suitcase Lottery!

That's right-- I hit the suitcase jackpot this weekend! I'm really excited about this, too, because I'm planning to convert a couple of these into shelving units. It will be so pretty! With all my suitcase love, I decided to do a cute, impromptu suitcase photo shoot.

In addition to some sweet flea marketing, I got to spend some wonderful time with this girl

(who is completely adorable so sweet!)

I told you we were going to see Where the Wild Things Are-- I don't know how you felt about it, but we LOVED it. Like, completely adored it. So many beautiful things to look at and lessons to be learned. It was great. I will say that I know it wasn't a favorite for everyone. One of my dear friends said she thought it was boring, and there was this grumpy lady standing outside the theater when we walked out telling people not to see it because "it wasn't good". Oooook. People and their opinions...

Anyway, I hope your weekend was just delightful. I have more things to blog about, but it's time for me to assist Hope and Johnny in building a semi-permanent fort in Hope's room. Loves and hugs from your friend Katie. :)

P.S. I got accepted into Renegade!


  1. LOVE your suitcases. And I love my ghostie, too, which arrived yesterday and is hanging from my Halloween mantel. Thank you so much, my dear!

  2. Yay! I agree. We need much more hanging time. I'm so excited for you about Renegade! I wish I could see you there. It'll be wonderful! Congrats on the suitcases. I am a little jealous. Can't wait to see your plans fulfilled. :))


  3. Congrats on getting into Renegade! That is awesome, start stocking up :)

  4. Pretty suitcases!

    I loved the movie as well!

  5. i agree! the movie was AMAzing. visually could see the emotions in those creatures faces. it was so well done. and the message was beautiful. i think the older generations dont get it, they were taught not to be in touch with their emotions so a movie that is all about accepting and embracing your emotions, even the uncomfortable and confusing ones, is not going to sit well with some people. thanks for sharing the video with max, he's adorable and uber talented!