Saturday, February 28

The Best Piece of Mail... EVER!!!

I know I said I was absent this weekend, but I just got the best piece of mail EVER! Thank you so, so, so, so much Jayme! Look-- IT'S ME!!!!

It's my favorite dress and everything. If you are interested in getting your own little piece of wonderful art, go here. Her work is amazing, I've always thought so... of course, this one is my favorite!

Friday, February 27

Happy Weekend Once Again!

I'll be spending time with some wonderful friends from out of town, so I'll be absent from my blog for the next few days. I wish you a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you on Monday!

Wednesday, February 25

It's a Sentimental Lovely Day

There used to be this regional band that I loved back in high school called Fern. Fern had a song called "Sentimental Lovely Day" and every time the weather finally turns and the sun peeks out, that song gets stuck in my head for weeks. It's actually a bit annoying after a while, but today it was perfect. Hope was out of school early and the day was gorgeous, so we set out on a little Blythe adventure. Here are a few highlights of Blythe shooting:

I finally fixed my sewing machine last night, so that polka-dotted skirt Willa is wearing was my first attempt at Blythe clothes.

Here is my little partner enjoying the day with me:

After shooting it was fun times on the trampoline. "I know, Mommy," Hope said. "You can take pictures of me while I jump."
This wasn't the first trampoline photo session, and I know it won't be the last. I'll spare you the millions of action shots, but will share my favorite of the day:

It actually looks a bit like fall, but the dollar store baseball sleeve tee, patched and ripped pants, and overall color of this picture make it one of my favorites ever. I hope you all got to enjoy the day, whatever the weather in your area. Happy Wednesday, I'm off to watch Demetri Martin and the Whitest Kids You Know...

P.S. I'll post some of Hope's pictures tomorrow. That kid seems to have an eye for shooting. Well, I was impressed...

Sunday, February 22


Ahhh. The squid is done. He is much happier than I originally imagined him, but I figured since he is a gift for someone, he could put on a happy face. So... he did. I will be sad to send him out tomorrow, you know, that attachment thing. So many custom orders racking my brain, I'm surprised this well hasn't run dry over the past month. One more to go and I'm all caught up on these things.

I left his legs all floopy (yes, floopy, it's not a typo) instead of wiring them, that way if you pick him up he looks more like a real squid. And, his feelers look like they are actually "reaching" when he sits.

In other news, Willa is making friends in the studio. She found a baby jackalope and decided to befriend him, but shortly after, he had to make his way to Dallas.

I think she fits in nicely here.

Friday, February 20

I Heart Coraline!

We went to see Coraline tonight, for the second weekend in a row. It is such an amazing movie, if you get a chance to see it, do it this weekend! The tv told me it is the last weekend to see it in 3D, and honestly, I can't imagine it any other way. My heart belongs to Coraline! (Hope's too!)

Thursday, February 19

Yay for 50!

I just have to say that I appreciate you all so much! I noticed today that my little blog has reached 50 followers, which completely surpasses any expectations I've ever had for it! I love you all, I think you're wonderful, and you really have made my day.

I realize that Valentine's is over, but I had to share my sweet vintage valentine Johnny had tucked away in my flowers.

Oh, and the first Skunkboy Love surprise did go out this week! I'll give you a hint: it went international.

Wednesday, February 18

Cupcake Girls and Seahorses

I realize that I label things as "the best thing ever" quite often, so it cheapens the label I'm about to give these cupcake girls, but these are THE BEST THINGS EVER. Johnny surprised us with cupcake girls after Hope and I were strongly hinting that we were in the mood for cupcakes, but feeling too lazy to bake any. They made us so happy, and then so sick to our stomaches. The best kind of treat.

I finished the seahorses and shipped them off today. *Sniff, sniff.* Sometimes I work on things for so long that it makes me sad to see them go. I hope the new owner will be quite pleased with them:

Tonight I'll be starting a squid. I have his plans all drawn up, so I'm hoping he'll turn out as cute as the picture. Have a wonderful night!

Monday, February 16

Um, It's Still Chilly.

Dear places I like to shop,

Just because Christmas has come and gone doesn't mean that it's time for Spring clothes. I wish for Spring, I do, but buying clothing that I can't wear for months just makes me seem desperate. If you could hold off on the swimming suits until I'm out of my coat, that would be grand. I appreciate your time, and thank you for this lovely dress that came my way this weekend. It is my most favoriteeyest ever (okay, that was a slight exaggeration... who could really sight their "favorite above every other dress" dress?).

dress from Modcloth

Katie Shelton

P.S. If you do have a pull with Mother Nature, put in a good word for us. We would really only benefit...

Sunday, February 15

Last Night

Okay, I know most of you may not have an appreciation for Blythe, so I apologize for posting about her so often. I did gain the courage last night to take mine apart to sand her face, AND I had the sense to take before and after pics, so forgive me for sharing but I just can't help myself.

Hope was a little peeved when she found out that hers was the guinea pig...

Here is mine, patiently waiting her turn...

Sorry if this is dorky... I successfully opened and sandmatted two Blythes on my very first try, so I was oh-so proud. Here's another bit of lameness: I named her Willa...

Saturday, February 14

Friday, February 13

Happy Weekend, Friends!

I know it's not officially Valentine's Day, but it is Friday the 13th, so if you hate Valentine's Day and all that it stands for, enjoy your weekend by celebrating today. I, for one, love any holiday and have already given Hope her Blythe (mine came and we had to play with them together). Plus, I got the loveliest dress and we are going to see Coraline in 3D (for real this weekend) tonight.

I've been waiting for this package to arrive from Hong Kong forever now, and it came today... while I was gone. I'm never gone during the day, but today I was at a school Valentine's party, so the package I needed to sign for went back in the car with the mail lady. I spent a good part of my afternoon tracking her down and then waiting patiently for her. All of it paid off, because she's here! Now she just needs a name (Hope is talking about naming hers Coraline).

**Special thanks to a wonderful friend who fixed my camera!

I did complete one half of my seahorse couple. She's so cute in person, I feel pictures don't represent her well enough. Her body was exactly what I was hoping for, so I'm definitely pleased.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Tell someone you love them, even if it's not inspired by a holiday!

Wednesday, February 11

The Giraffes are Done!

Whew. I'm so happy! The giraffes are finally done!

Tuesday, February 10

The Custom Wave

I think Jan/Feb are the months for custom orders. Here's a rundown of what I currently have going: giraffe bride and groom cake toppers, custom suitcase, a trio of custom owls, two custom sea horses, that kitty I just completed on Saturday, and a top-secret project. My creative sect of brain is crying out in exhaustion! No, not really, but all of these things being due around the same time has my internal stress clock tick, tick, ticking. So now I'm off to continue on my path to completion. Hopefully everyone has lovely Valentine's Day plans. I'm not sure what I'm doing, but I know I am giving Hope her Blythe, and for that, I'm very excited!

Saturday, February 7


Since I started sewing animals I've been looking for my "right" kitty. I've made quite a few, but the one I made today makes me the happiest! He's so gentlemanly with his sweet bow tie and rosy cheeks. I actually dreamed about him about a week or so ago and had to jot down a few notes and scribbles so I couldn't forget him. I think I'll keep him around!

The early kitties:


Ghost Kitty

Still sweet in their own right! I'm still very fond of Ghost kitty and who knows, he may come back around next Halloween. I really wanted one that would stand more like a cat, though, which brings me to this guy:

I hope the little girl he was made for loves him tomorrow! Little kids can be tricky, you never know what's going to strike their fancy.

Friday, February 6

What to do on a Weekend?

Making weekend plans can sometimes be difficult for me... especially when we have so much to potentially do. This weekend I really want to go see Coraline. Hope and I have been waiting for weeks and it's finally here! Also, I'm supposed to be recording a theme song and background music for a zombie spoof-ish movie. The music is hilarious and epic, the perfect combination. But I also need to make a birthday present for a seven year-old because we're going out of town with their family on Sunday... I'm starting to wonder how to fit it all on top of my February deadlines. Weekends are tricky, you have to fit the right amount of stuff so you have fun, but too much fun can leave me feeling frazzled.

When Hope was little we used to call her baby Katie because she looked so much like me. Now, she likes to pretend she is me... this is the perfect photo to represent that. This is my portable studio, my flat surface, my cup holder full of buttons, and my huge side compartment for trash. This is what I use when I don't feel like being couped up in my actually studio. You know, I should teach my mini-me to really sew animal bodies. Built in apprentice...

In other news, my first random surprise should go out next week, so checkity-check your mail boxes. Who knows?

Tuesday, February 3

Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

I love this picture so much. It reminds me of the bears having tea with the little girl, a picture I adore, but it's so much more demented. There's more of this hilarity and cleverness here.