Thursday, October 29

Busy Bee!

Okay, so I'm just popping in to say I love you and show you something new. Then I have to pack for Hope, go buy juice boxes and run to the class party, drop Hope off at Mema's work, head out of town, grab some food, and GO SKATING (later)!!! I just wanted to share this new dragonfly-- it was a request for a friend and I nearly forgot about it... well, I did forget until that friend texted me the day before it was due and reminded me. I snapped some pictures in terrible lighting and now it's already off... can you tell I still didn't get around to building that light box???

Like I said, terrible lighting-- she was just gorgeous in person. The fabric on the top of the wings is shiny. I hate to see her go... except, I know the lovely lady who gets her, so it's bittersweet.

I'm off to find my skates and do my other stuff. I'm sure to fall plenty of times tonight, because even though I have mega awesome skates, well, that doesn't make me a great skater, does it? :) Have a lovely day! <3 Katie


  1. Oh Kate, you MUST add a dragonfly to your regular repetoire - she is utterly magical looking and dragonflies are bringers of magic and I know many people could use more of that in their lives!

  2. Very cute dragonfly! I love them.. What kind of skating are you doing.. roller or ice? Have a fun time... willobea

  3. The plan was to do roller skating tonight, because I have THE BEST skates, but the skating rink was closed, so the plan changed. Had a super fun time anyway...

    ...and thanks for the dragonfly love. I'll definitely be making another for Renegade, and possibly the shop...