Friday, May 29

I'm the Proud Owner of a Big Girl

Okay, so I don't really "own" her. Funny story, though-- a few weeks back I was trying to help Hope keep all of her uncles straight. We were talking about her Uncle Dennis and she said, "Oh, is he the one that owns Chase (her cousin)?" We laughed and laughed about it.

Yesterday, the training wheels came off! She picked it up in a day... mostly because it was very overdue... but I don't want to take any glory from her. She did a great job!

Since she's been out of school, I've been letting her dress herself. Most days you will find her in this fairy costume. :D

I've been neglecting my Blythes in the photo department recently, so I decided to take Zooey out and was able to snap some shots of her:

She has the best clothes... I would trade her wardrobes in an instant. Vintage powder blue sailor dress? Yes, please. There are more pictures of her on my Flickr, if you are interested. I'm off to wrap up some loose ends so I can enjoy another fun weekend with some great friends. I hope yours will be wonderful, too! xoxoxoxoxo Katie

Tuesday, May 26

Have You Seen This?

Seriously, have you seen this?! I think I need one... hmmm, I find myself saying that a lot these days...

Want one, too? Get it here.

In other news, I had another lovely weekend with lots of fun times. I tried painting my cabinets white-- it didn't go so well... I had some hilarious friends over, I attended a very rainy and muddy picnic, and I got to play cards, cards, cards. Unfortunately, I never remember to snap pictures of these glorious occasions. I'll try to remember next time. For now, it's time to go work on some more custom wedding cake owls. I find myself doing this a lot lately... and I like it. :)

Friday, May 22


A bug has hit me: the redecorating bug. Unfortunately, I'm not that great at making my home look interesting on film (or digital cards... whatever). I'm also not good at remembering to take before pictures. I just (mostly) finished my room, and thought I'd share some pics, even though I feel the photos make it look more cluttered than it really is. Enjoy:

My room got some new felt rain drops, some new pictures, and a spring time blanket (which will be replaced as soon as I find the "right" one).

I bought some vinyl lace tape at a dollar store about a year ago, and finally found a purpose for it. I faced the UGLY full length mirror with it, and it's much more appealing now.

Hope drew me these pictures a few months back and I've finally gotten around to finding a home for them. I think they fit nicely. (They're based off of a Black Apple embroidery pattern.)

My mirror wall has been done for quite some time, now it just looks less out of place!

I'm currently redoing my kitchen also, so I'll take more pictures to share very soon-- that is, if I can get focused enough to finish a room! I have too many projects happening and I keep bouncing from room to room. Oh well, off to plant flowers! Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Small Magazine

The new issue of Small is out!!! Swoon.

Wednesday, May 20

It's Life. Whaddaya Do?

Tonight, the Skunkboy Creatures blog is brought to you by emotional honesty. Honestly. I realize it will happen many times in my life, but I keep turning around and my child is big. My little baby is finished with Kindergarten. Her evil teacher (which in reality is the best, best, best teacher we could ever dream of) has made a memory book, documenting important parts of the past year. It's marvelous and terrible and makes me cry a bunch. How did a year pass? When did I become the mother of a 1st grader? I don't really know, and I don't really like it. I guess all you can do is enjoy it, because it's here and gone so fast.

p.s. Rebecca, remember this day? I loved it.

p.s.again. I promise for happier posts very soon. I love you interweb friends. :)

Monday, May 18

New Swappies

Yep, that's right. New Swappies. No owls this time, though.

No, sir... this time it's a mushroom and a little snail! Aren't they a fun pair?

I'm hoping they go over pretty well. They are made from off-white linen and fun dotty fabric. I just adore them!

My weekend was pretty busy and super fun. I ended up having two picnics, spent some time with some great friends, and still had time to make this:

I haven't crocheted in such a long time. Even though it took me a couple of tries to get it right, it was so relaxing and I felt really proud once it was done. Don't look too closely though, it's anything but perfect! That's all for now. I have some pictures to edit and a play room to finish rearranging. Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 16

How Could I Resist This?!

Look at this picture!

Are you kidding? It's awesome. This picture, which has been enhanced by Ina, aka Tinkerina, is so convincing. I'm completely impressed... and smitten. That's not all, she's amazing at customizing Blythes! If you check out her photostream, be sure to let her know how great she is!

Thursday, May 14

Shame, Shame, Katie Dear

I felt kinda bad about being a little negative last night (who me?), so I deleted that post. Plus, that picture REALLY creeps me out, and I couldn't get it out of my head... um, it's a long story. Anyway, I HAVE to get my butt upstairs and get to work, but several of you have commented about Blythes, and even better, have shown interest in getting one. I say if you have the funds currently, go for it. You'd be amazed how much you actually use them, and how fun they are to photograph and customize. You could ask any of my friends, I am a very active Blythe owner... and again, not in a "creepy doll lady" sort of way. Have a good weekend if I don't talk to you in the next couple of days. I owe Hope a Mommy/girl day tomorrow and we're gonna have some fun!

I LOOOOOOVE my new girl Zooey. She's gorgeous. Actually, you should check out Melacacia's Flickr. She's amazing.

Tuesday, May 12



Look Who's Living in My House...

A sweet Aubrena blythe. She is soooo pretty, even more than I expected. I bought to her customize (slowly) and eventually resell. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy having her around. (I couldn't love anyone as much as my new girl, though.)

Here's her before picture. I immediately had to sand her face and treat her hair. I left her stock blush mostly intact, I just sanded very lightly on her cheeks. Here's how she's looking these days:

I like her very much.

Monday, May 11

New Bird Is In The Shop

The new birdie is in the shop and I've named her Tweets. I wanted to name her Twitter, but someone has already taken that name...

Sunday, May 10

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Saturday, May 9

My Friday

Yesterday was crazy. Crazy. First of all, I am not a morning person. AT. ALL. I was up well before the sun, though, because I love my little girl more than life itself (and sleep). She has this thing called Author's Breakfast where the kids have been writing first drafts, revising, revising again, and finally creating stories. This kind of blew my mind considering they are in Kindergarten. Hope's were awesome and so funny. But anyway, the kids prepared us breakfast, meaning the teacher bought donuts and juice (an icky combo) and the children read stories. The plan was to go before school actually started, do Author's Breakfast and head out of town. That was the plan.

We made it to Author's Breakfast, then a tremendous storm hit with 70mph winds and tornadoes, AND to top it all off, the Blythe I have been waiting about a month and a half for (or, and eternity) was supposed to show up on my doorstep. So after we left, we went to the Post Office, Johnny ran through a pond that the rain had created to get to the front door. He came out with the doll and everyone was happy. Well, until we made it to his work to pick up some stuff. The downstairs had flooded. Which sucks, yes, until you consider that there is a preschool having class, and even though their floor is elevated and they won't get swept away by water, they can't leave the room to use the bathroom or anything, so it instantly becomes a catastrophe. Little kids and peeing, they just go hand-in-hand. So they did some work and waved the magic wand or something, and got most of the problem fixed.

Isn't she amazing? She actually creeped me out at first because she looks so real. She was customized by Melacacia.

Next, we headed off on our trip, realizing that the whole park scenario was out of the question. The way there was so sad. So many houses busted in and big road signs snapped in half-- there was one semi truck pulling two trailers that had just been blown over and wrapped around a guard rail. I know I mentioned magic before, but there are times when I really wish I had the Samantha nose twitch. Then I could just put everything back together.

We did end up having a great day, though, and we even made it to the park. I had my Blythe, saw wonderful friends, ate yummy food, and found my missing chair. Here's a picture of the handsome gent we got to spend our day with:

You better believe he was at our show last week, AND rockin' out! But don't worry, he wore his earplugs the whole time. I have to go now and clean an entire bottle of chocolate milk out of my couch. Fun times. Have a wonderful Mother's Day this weekend!!!

Thursday, May 7

A New Bird

I've been wanting to make a fat little bird for some time now, but haven't been able to find a design I'm happy with. I especially wanted to stay away from making my birds too much like some of the others I've seen (even though they're great), so I think that I'm pretty happy with this little gal.

She will come with her nest. I think I'm going to give this specific one to Hope's teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week, but I'll be posting her for sale in the shop either tonight or tomorrow.

I'm pretty excited-- my newest Blythe was shipped off to California right after I got her. She had some work done by an AMAZING girl and now she's on her way home! Hopefully she'll reach me before the weekend is over. I also have another Blythe on the way for customization (and practice), so you can expect lots of pictures! xoxo

Wednesday, May 6

Halleluja, They're Done

Today was bittersweet for me. I've been working on these ostriches for days now, and I finally finished them. I was so relieved to be done, but SO SAD to see them go. I wish I had completed them a day earlier, that way I could've packed them up, taken 'em around, and shown them the sights. :) They really did feel like something to be proud of, though. I think I have a soft spot for ostriches, anyway.

I especially loved the way the nest turned out. I struggled with what to attach them to, but nest ended up being sturdy and heavy enough. There are more pics on my Flickr, if you're interested.

Tuesday, May 5

As Promised

Here are pictures of the show, as promised. Here's my disclaimer: I was having mega trouble with technical junk and couldn't get my sustain rod to stay in place, so at times I do look frustrated... well, I was.

Ugh, the concentration face...


Thanks so much, Aaron, for coming out and taking pics. You're amazingly talented.