Saturday, January 31

Pebbles and Lily

Are in the shop.

Friday, January 30

Yay a Stay!!!

I'm running out my door right now to go have dinner with my brother, but if you have time go here and read up. Yay, for a year at least, right?

Here's the new sweetie I promised:

She's made from linen and vintage fabric, and is new for Valentine's day. I'll have a shop update (with her included) very soon! Also, I she needs a name! I think I'm liking Pebbles for the penguin... I'm not entirely decided, though.

Bon Iver

I've also been talking about this performance non-stop. You should watch it through... I love it when artists take a chance on something different and it works out so beautifully.

Bavarian Fruit Bread!!!

It's here, it's here!!!! I've been waiting so long and it's finally here! It's hard to be patient when you have something coming from the Netherlands, but my mail lady finally knocky-knocked on my door today and handed it to me... Bavarian Fruit Bread on vinyl!!! So, you won't find me for some hours, I'll be beside my record player, listening over and over... (plus, now you know why I named my daughter Hope)

I have a new Valentine sweetie to show off later, but right now I'm too excited!

Thursday, January 29

Holy Crap, I Won.

Holy Crap. I won. I won! I am so shocked. Maybe right now you're wondering-- what is she talking about? That Etsy vote on the Season of Love. I'm so proud of them right now! They are a sweet couple, aren't they? Way to go Owly and Camille, way to sell your cuteness. :)

I would like to mention Lou Lou and Oscar's Lapin de Lune. She is so lovely! I think my home might need one...

Wednesday, January 28

Another New Friend

Here's the new friend I was talking about yesterday... playing in the snow really made me want a snow companion. So I decided a(nother) sweet little penguin would do the trick. Don't worry, he's not replacing Marbles. In my opinion, you can never have too many penguins.

If you have any good name suggestions, be sure to leave a comment!

Tuesday, January 27

I Heart Snow days.

A snow day! Finally, finally, our first real snow of the year! I adore snow and being trapped at home... you know, the sledding and baking cookies, and drinking lots of tea. Plus, our mail lady brought me a sweet surprise. Bon Iver-- For Emma, Forever Ago. This is the perfect record for a snow day, and I completely wasn't expecting it because it's out of print on vinyl. Lucky me. Here's a glimpse of my day:

I must go upstairs now... I have lots of Mario Kart to play, and Amelie to watch. I'll see you tomorrow with a new friend!

Monday, January 26

Mobile Swap

I think this is such a fun idea. If you are interested in crafting and trading, you can sign up for the mobile swap here. Elsie Marley has something here...

Also, there is another crafty swap going on here. Sign up while there's time! :)

Sunday, January 25

Skunkboy Love.

So, I'm sleepy and sick (still) and staring blankly at the computer screen. It hit me. You guys are nice. You follow my blog, you leave me feedback and comments (WHICH I LOVE!!!)... it's really lovely to have you here. So I decided to learn more about you by checking out your profiles and blogs. It's very nice to get a little insight into who you are, what you do, and what kinds of things you love. My light bulb has clicked. Giveaways are great, but random surprises are so much better. I now have an email address completely dedicated to you and your addresses (send them to me), so I can randomly go in, get an address, and send out a gift whenever I feel like it. Thanks for being you. You're great.

Thursday, January 22

Ahhh, Makeup...

Isn't makeup remarkable? I mean, really. I've been sick... very, very sick... for two weeks now, and today is the first day in a long time that I don't feel entirely like an ogre. Put on a little mascara, some concealer on those gross purple under-eye circles, and on your splotchy red under-nose, and baby you've got a stew going (sorry, Arrested Development...). Point being, I look less like death, and at times today I feel less like death, so I've decided to shout the praises of makeup from the rooftop! Or, at least scare my family a little less...

My Valentines will be in the shop tomorrow right about 5 pm (central time). I'm hoping to generate a bit of money because in my misery I decided that buying slightly too many pieces of Free People clothing might make me feel better, so I did, and now I would like to give that chunk of $ back to Johnny who is, at the moment, in turmoil about a specific guitar he may (or may not) acquire. Not that that was a sales pitch. Please don't hear a sales pitch... I feel less than articulate at the moment and can't decide if I was indeed spewing out "feel sorry for me and buy my stuff" salesy things...

Oh, one more (self-promoting, ugh) tidbit, I finally made it to one those Etsy voting pools. For me this was, like, some sense of accomplishment for just a moment, because Katie and her super-sensitive wittle feewings have been crushed a time or two by NEVER, EVER MAKING A VOTING POOL (did I mention ever?). So, if you'd like to vote for me, you can and I will appreciate you immensely, but if you see someone else fit to win, I surely do not blame you. I love you just the same (and that is lots).

For now I will go, I should be doing sewing (as Lola would say it) so I can make my deadline for Valentine updates. Thank you for reading my ramblings today. Tomorrow I may read back over and feel very embarrassed about not being entirely coherent...

Tuesday, January 20

Valentines in the Shop on Friday!!!

I will be filling my shop with Valentines on Friday. Hopefully I'll have the rest of the flower collection done by then. I'm still working on my "sweet" and "my all." vases. I also had to make some new sweetheart owls for this occasion, so you will also find them in the shop on Friday. Without further delay, here are some pics that I promised:

The picture above is from earlier today. Hope said I should share it because they look like they're having a party when they're altogether. And here's an image of how my day is going:

Taking pictures is never easy, because Lucy has developed into a full-blown kitten and she's nuts! Hope and I are both home sick, trying to relax, and Lucy has been terrorizing us all day. I'm hoping to get better soon. It's been about 2 weeks of being sick and I'm just sick of being sick! Anyway, enough pouting... have a lovely day!

Monday, January 19

Sneak Peek

Here's a little sneak peek of what I've been working on:

I'll have more info (and happier, brighter pictures) very soon. I think they're the perfect balance between Valentine's Day, and an everyday I love you.

Sunday, January 18

Top Secret

Oh, I am hard at work on a top-secret Valentine's project! For this holiday, I'm just making a limited collection, so when it's gone, it's gone. I can't wait to share it with you!!!!

Pic from Lauri Faggioni.

Saturday, January 17

Fleeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttt Foxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxeeeeeeessssssssss

My favorite photo today:

Oh, yes... and my favorite band today. SNL tonight!

Friday, January 16

Wedding Narwhals

Here's a custom order I've been working on:

Thursday, January 15

It's Been a Long Time Comin'

I feel like I haven't gotten to work on anything new in a while, even though I'm overflowing with fresh ideas. Last night (this morning) I decided that I just needed to make the time, so here's my 3 o'clock in the morning sweetheart:

I'm currently in love with her-- the mix of grey and purples and her freckles... well, it's mostly her freckles. I can see Frank and Baby Jack will be fighting over this friend.

Oh, yes, and I've named her Lydia.

Monday, January 12

Pics From the Studio!

I've been working really hard on my studio, and, while it's not complete, I thought I'd share some photos.

My curtains showed up today and are lovely, now I'm waiting on a few pieces to complete my frame wall. The green garland is from my Christmas tree... I saw a video on one of the blogs I frequent (for the life of me I can't remember which one) about hand weaving, I did it, loved it, and decided it was too pretty to put away for a year. The same thing happened with the little Fern animal, he was an ornament but I couldn't part with him for a year. I think all of these items have a special little story, but I won't elaborate at this time. Maybe I'll save it for another post. I'll have more pics soon!

Saturday, January 10

Why, Baby Jack! You're Softer!

Baby Jack now has plush antlers. I've been meaning to do this for so long.

The Little Red Suitcase

There's a little feature on my shop over at The Little Red Suitcase blog. I had a lot fun (sort of) answering the interview questions-- I hate reading back over stuff... you can never escape yourself... but the questions were interesting and the blog is lovely.

Thursday, January 8

A Little Splurgie-Splurge

I promise I'll have pictures of this studio I keep talking about very soon. I'm just waiting on curtains and a couple of other pieces to show up on my doorstep. Guess what I splurged on! It's this:

Everyone knows Abigail Brown is amazing-- now I get to have one of her pieces in my home! It's going to be perfect for my studio. I also couldn't resist this:

It's so lovely-- and slightly funny. My father-in-law is a BIG hunter, so I can't wait to have him over to see my mounted deer head. It's much kinder. It's from a shop named Nice, who makes the sweetest shades out of vintage doilies.

When my finishing touches show I'll put everything together and snap some pics to share.

Wednesday, January 7

On my Seventh Day of 2009...

I should be sad. Really, I should. My favorite blogger Karey M. is quitting her wonderful blog Mackin Ink. I should be sad. But I'm happy. I understand needing to let go. She is such an awesome writer. I wish she would stay. But she has to go.

If you have time, you should go through and just read her posts. I'll miss you Karey M.

This card is from Roadside.

Tuesday, January 6

Oh, This Day!

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I love today. It was a wonderful day-- I don't love getting older, but you can't ruin a birthday with numbers. You just roll with the punches and soak it all in. And that is exactly what I did.

The only unfortunate thing (which isn't all bad) that happened today was breaking into the LOAD of Polaroid film we got off of Craig's List, and realizing that it isn't all that fresh. Oh, well.

I'll share more tomorrow (hopefully). Opening the shop back up has been crazy, I may be busier now than before Christmas. Probably just a freak week... (fingers crossed)

Oh, yes... if anyone knows how to copy Etsy pages to paste to blogs and such, please let me know. I'm usually good at this stuff...

Monday, January 5

I Heart Tomorrow!!! (tuesday)

Why do I heart tomorrow? 'Cuz it's my BIRTHDAY!!! I love my birthday! It's so much fun-- we always do wonderful things and have wonderful cake. Ooooh, I can't wait! I'm borderline giddy now...


Apparently, today is the last day we can get our comments into the CSPC about the regulatory testing that will be going into effect in only 35 days. In a nutshell, a law has been passed to protect our children from toys with dangerous tiny parts and high lead contents, but this law has overlooked handmade toy makers in the US, Canada, and Europe who have a respectable record. I don't want to sound all "doomsday", I just fear the extinction of great, unique handmade wonders. Please go HERE to get your voice heard.

Saturday, January 3

Shhhh... I'm Open.

The shop is open, but I'm still very busy, so I thought I'd keep it a little hush-hush.