Saturday, April 30

Things Are Happening

Things are happening in the ol' Skunkboy world-- I'm getting a blog redesign!  Yay!  I seriously could not be happier about this, and I can't wait until you all can see it.  Hopefully the new design will be launching sometime next week.  My sweet friend Thursday has been working hard, but I'll tell you more about it all when the time comes!  :)

Today is for work, work, work, but first I thought I'd show you a couple of peeks at some of the customs I've been working on lately.

ringmaster giraffe cake topper

spotted horse (named Hershey!)

owl wedding cake toppers

I hope your Saturday is great, great, great!  It's time for me to get my fingers busy!  xoxo Katie

Thursday, April 28

Weekly Wears: Denim Days

Sometimes holding onto clothes forever is a good thing.  I've had this denim jacket for a LOOOONG time, and I just never had any good reason to get rid of it... you know, other than the fact that it takes up space in my closet and never gets worn.  Actually, I've rediscovered it recently and I love it.  I'm so tired of wearing cardigans all the time-- cardigan over dress... cardigan over dress... it's kind of refreshing to have something a little different.  :)

Denim Jacket: Abercrombie circa 2000
Dress: Gift from Elsie
Tights: Target
Boots: UO circa 2004

What is your favorite Spring wardrobe staple?  xoxo Katie

Wednesday, April 27

Wednesday Wishes

Today I wish to live next door to a bookstore.  Not a junky bookstore, though... I'd like to live next to a grand bookstore that would house every single book I could ever want to read.  Sounds nice, huh?

We live in a cluster of three small towns.  These towns, neither singularly nor combined, can sustain a bookstore.  Our nearest (big) one is about 45 minutes away.  I know... it's sad.  Now you have the background for my wish.  ;)

(I cannot find a source for this photo-- if you know, could you please let me know?)

Happy Wednesday, friends!  xoxo Katie

Tuesday, April 26

Easter Fun.

Easter was fun, but such a whirlwind!  Hope woke us up at 2am, Poe got up at 6am, and then there was church.  Oh, and then there was family lunch/dinner, easter egging, and a couple changes in wardrobe (for the lil' gals).  The weather didn't cooperate, I was more tired than I can describe, and I'm lucky to have gotten any pictures, really.  All-in-all, it was still perfect.  I was with my family, Hope was ecstatic, and Poesy snuggled in for a 2 hour nap on my chest.  Like I said:  Perfect.  :)

I hope your Easter was wonderful, as well!  We are getting our first bit of sunshine in more than a week, so I'm hoping to get my Weekly Wears photos taken today!  Hooray for sunshine!  xoxo Katie

Thursday, April 21


In a half an hour the shop will be updated with some new friends!  I hope you will pop by and check it out!  :)

I'm off to finish up!  xoxo Katie

Wednesday, April 20

Shop Update. Take Two

Apologies for the postponement of the shop update last week.  I'm rescheduling for Thursday at 3pm CST.  This will just be a small update (can't keep those customs waiting for long!).  I hope to see you there.  :)

You can check out more pictures of these bunnies on my Flickr page.  xoxo Katie

Tuesday, April 19

Weekly Wears: Park Day

The weather has been quite lovely around here lately... with the exception of Saturday, which was 40 degrees while we were riding on a parade float.  Brrrrr.  
We had a little park time last week, and this is what I wore:

Shirt:  Vintage handmade
Necklace:  Handmade by me
Belt:  Thrifted
Jeans:  Levis
Shoes:  Urban Outfitters

Also, there's a little bonus this week.  I was featured on the Pamplemousse blog yesterday for a sweet blog baby shower.  If you get a chance, you should check out all of the posts from the day.  It was fun, fun!

You can see more photos of me with the girls on Maryam's blog.  

I'm off to work for now.  I promise to set a new date for the shop update in the next day or two!  xoxo Katie

Monday, April 18

Music Monday: Pomplamoose

I randomly discovered this girl/boy duo the other night, and after I was done
watching their videos I made Johnny come in and watch them with me.
They are so much fun!

Their name is Pomplamoose, and if you like these videos you should
definitely check out more of their stuff!  The last video is
my favorite!  Happy Monday!
xoxo Katie

Friday, April 15

Pretty Hair: Week 3

I've been a super slacker at this "Pretty Hair" stuff, and really the only reason I'm doing another one of these posts is because some of you asked how I did my hair in the "Weekly Wears" post.  I'm just so lazy when it comes to fixing my hair!  Anyway, I did a little video to demonstrate.  It's super easy and stays all day, which is especially awesome when I'm walking around with dirty, second day hair.

(I forgot I had iTunes going, so you got a little music bonus.  The song I was listening to was by Dawes.)
There you have it!  It's super easy, right?  All you need is couple of ponytail holders, some bobby pins, and hands to make little buns.  :)

If any of you try this style, be sure to drop me a link so I can see!  Also, I've been enjoying your outfit posts.  I have some VERY adorable readers.  ;)   xoxo Katie

Wednesday, April 13

Weekly Wears: Bowling Trip

I'm starting a new weekly post called "Weekly Wears".  I'm hoping
this will challenge me to have at least one outfit photographed a
week!  Here is my first installment:

Dress:  vintage
Belt: old UO
Tights:  Target
Backpack:  Rusty Cuts
Mocs:  AE

I love outfit posts, so if you have some on your blog, make sure and
leave me a link in the comments!

xoxo Katie

P.S.  I killed it in bowling that night!  I only had 3 frames that
weren't filled with a strike or spare.  I <3 bowling.

Shop Update!

I'll be having a little shop update this Friday morning at 11:00 CST.  I'll have new post cards, a bunny or two, some mini mounted deer, and anything else I can cram in before then.  ;)  I hope to see you!

xoxo Katie

Tuesday, April 12

Baby Poe: 3 Months Old

Aaaaahhhh... babies grow too fast!  Poesy has just turned 3 months old, and boy-oh-boy is she fun.  ;)  We have had a few grumpy baby days lately, but for the most part she is happy and smiley and as sweet as can be.

(Feel free to click on the photos to view them larger.)

Did I mention that she is becoming quite the little character?  This month Poe's favorite things are:  eating her fists (and clothes), sitting on laps so she can see what's going on around her, and being sung to.  She thinks singing is hilarious.  :) 

I hope your Tuesday is everything and more!  *hugs*Katie

Saturday, April 9


A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon the most gorgeous shoes.  Then I got this:

(I do believe it's valid even with a typo. ;))
 And I thought, "Yes... yes, I will..."

So, I bought myself the shoes.  Also, I'm totally and completely smitten.

 Aren't they so pretty?  Aaaahhhhh.

This cat is the reason I never do outfit photos.  She's such an attention hog.

Elsie recently wrote a really good post on work and motivation, and I totally agree that it's good to treat yourself when you've been working hard.  Maybe not always with shoes (<--- that was just for the husband's benefit ;)), but rewarding yourself leaves you feeling accomplished and ready to get back to work.  And, every once in a while, I think everyone is entitled to something a little fancy.  For me, it was the shoes.  They make me feel lovely.  And tall.  ;)

Have a great weekend, friends!  We are getting out of this house to soak up all of the gorgeous weather we can.  xoxo Katie

Wednesday, April 6

Pretty Pretty Banners

Caitlin from Nice makes such pretty things, but her banners are my favorite!  I'm pretty sure I need one for Poe's room.  ;)

Today our windows are open and there is a beautiful breeze blowing through.  I swear, this is the absolute perfect weather!  Happy Wednesday!  xoxo Katie

Tuesday, April 5

What's in My Bag

I don't believe I've ever done a "What's in My Bag" post before, but I just got a new purse, and I think it deserves such a post.  I recently fell in total love with a Rusty Cuts backpack purse, and then I justified buying it because it "freed my hands" for shopping with baby.  Sometimes baby is the perfect excuse.  ;))

(Click to Enlarge)

1.  Wallet-- That one's pretty obvious.
2.  Gum-- I always try to carry gum with me.  There's nothing worse than coffee breath!
3.  Business Cards-- I keep a stack of business cards in this 
little pouch for all of those networking opportunities.
4.  Phone-- Also a no-brainer.
5.  Kid's chopsticks-- We eat A LOT of Asian food and Hope has a really hard time with the chopsticks, so we got these kid friendly chopsticks and now everything's grand!
6.  Tattoo Goo-- I always keep a little tin of this on me.  It's so great for 
brightening up the ol' elbow hearts whenever I need it.
7.  Lip Gloss-- Lip gloss or chapstick is always a must for me.  I never leave home without one of the two.
8.  Vintage Scarf-- Keeping a scarf in your purse for those not-so-great hairdays, or the extra windy ones is a must for me!
9.  Glasses-- I have stopped wearing contacts for the time being, so I carry around glasses everywhere I go.
10.  Mirror-- A mirror is a necessity.  Also, it's a great crying baby distraction.  ;)
11.  Coin Purse-- I actually only carry bobbypins in this little pouch.  They are so handy to have, and get lost if they just float around in a purse.

I hope you enjoyed my first "What's in My Bag" post!  I'm a little curious, if you could only carry one thing in your purse, what is your most important item (excluding wallet & phone)?
xoxo Katie

Saturday, April 2

Weekend Hijinx

How do you remedy a hard day?  Get out and have some fun!  Friday, we decided to get some coffee and then go bowling.  I have to say, in my family I'm pretty much the master at bowling.  Never mind the fact that Hope is 8 and Johnny has always been terrible.  I rule.

See?  Fun, fun!  On top of all of this bowling bliss, I also:

*Made a new friend this week (This is big for me. I am shy.)
*Completed some very special custom animals.  :)
*Listened to the new Radiohead album.
*Found a place that has half price sushi on Thursdays (which is official date night).
*Acquired pretty vintage saddle shoes from Johnny's mama (thank you, Vickie!).

Happy weekend!  *hugs and bugs*Katie