Monday, September 30

New Makeup Staples

I like to try new products as much as the next gal, but I typically find myself returning to old favorites.  A few new products have made my favorites list semi-recently, so I thought I'd share them all with you!  (You can revisit my favorite makeup products here, if you'd like.)

1.  It's Potent! Eye Cream by Benefit
I love this eye moisturizer for daytime.  I still use the Clinique cream at night, but I find this one is less thick and heavy and goes under makeup a little bit easier for me.

2.  Stila After Glow Lip Color
I love this lip crayon!  I have it in Rave Red and in Party Pink.  The pink is the only wearable "everyday" pink that I've felt comfortable in so far.  The lip color stays put and isn't gummy, so I love it!

3.  Blemish Be Gone by Juice Beauty
This is my new magic weapon!  You just roll on blemishes that are forming and it shrinks/gets rid of them.  I have a weird problem area on my chin from snuggle time/book time with Poe-- when I rest my chin on her little head, it makes my face very unhappy (but it's totally worth it).  This has been almost a miracle product for me.

If you are wondering where I found these, I purchased them all through Birchbox.  Here's my invite code in case any of you are interested in signing up!

Do you have any new makeup products you've been loving long-term?  I always love hearing about the good stuff!

Friday, September 27

H&M Giveaway from All Things Lovely-- CLOSED

All Things Lovely is a daily deals site with unique products at discounted prices.  There is something for everyone-- vintage, giveaways, and featured bloggers.  I love their Halloween section right now!  I'm starting to get really excited for October!!

All Things Lovely is offering you the chance at a $75 gift card to H&M!  There are a few ways you can enter:
Register on their site
Follow on Instagram
Like on Facebook

Winner for this giveaway is:

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.  The winner will be drawn on Friday, October 4th and announced shortly after.  Good luck, friends!

Thursday, September 26

Weekly Wears: Nerding Out

I was like a child at Christmas on Tuesday.  The new Mazzy Star album was finally released and I rushed over to pick it up as soon as I possibly could.  There aren't a ton of things in life that I totally nerd out about, but this is definitely one on my short list.  I've been listening to this band since I was a young high school kid, mine and Johnny's song is "Flowers in December", and my kid is named after Hope Sandoval.  I just laid all my dorky cards on the table for you.

Dress: Onze;  Shirt: c/o ModCloth;  Knee Socks: H&M;  Boots: c/o ModCloth;  Glasses: c/o BonLook (Martha in Olive)

Anyway, this album is gold (well, really it's purple).  I am a happy camper.

Wednesday, September 25


Floral boots // Dinner pals // Custom cake owls I dropped off for some friends earlier this week // Early morning park with Poesy // Skirt blowing in the wind

I hope your week is lovely so far!

Tuesday, September 24

Mother, Daughter

Sometimes your camera is on the wrong settings and your dress is actually glowing, but it doesn't matter because these are precious moments.  Plus, we had just eaten pizza, so I have good feelings about these photos.

Find them here:  boots, glasses, backpack, dress

Monday, September 23

Win A Mini Kersey From WFT-- CLOSED

If you'd like to win a Mini Kersey of your own from White Faux Taxidermy, you're in luck!  All you have to do is 'like' White Faux Taxidermy on Facebook!
**If you'd like an additional entry or don't have a Facebook account, visit the WFT site and leave a comment here sharing your favorite!

Please leave a separate comment for each entry, and please make sure there is a way to get in touch with you in case you win (email linked in your name, leave your email address, etc).  The winner will be drawn on Monday, September 30th and announced shortly after.  Good luck, friends!

White Faux Taxidermy

I've been wanting to switch up my mantle a little for some time now, but I really haven't been sure of what I was looking for.  Do I want bright colors?  Do I want something darker and more Autumn-like? Do I have any clue what I'm looking for?  Enter: Kersey bison head from White Faux Taxidermy.
Okay, now I know what I'm looking for.

I really loved the Kersey in white, but I was afraid it would blend right in with my white walls.  I decided to back the head in green velvet, but it ended up making the mantle much too drab.  Some things are better in your head than in real life, you know?  I marked that on my running list of DIY fails and opted for a more colorful and textured floral backdrop.

I drew out and cut the shape I wanted from white foam board.  I bought a ton of flowers from the dollar store (much more cost effective than most craft stores) and hot glued them around where the bison head would sit.  I was careful not to get any flowers under him because he needed to sit flat against the board.

In the side view photos you can still see the white board, but with the way our living room is laid out, you don't really see it in real life.

Check back a little later for a chance to win a mini version of the Kersey for your home!

Sunday, September 22

Cider Days

There was a little Fall festival called Cider Days a couple streets over from our house this weekend, so we figured there was really no excuse to miss it.  Poesy had her first sips of apple cider, Hope had a replica of her hand made from wax, and we were all just happy to be soaking up such amazing weather.

We met Dani of Good Natured By Dani and got to peep all of her sweet little animals.  Hope was smitten with a tiny mouse, I loved the sleepy little fox, and Poesy was really into the business cards.  ;)

I really hope Fall sticks around for a little while here in MO.  You kinda just never know when the weather is going to turn, so we take advantage when we can.  What did you do this weekend??

**Poe's sunglasses are Tumbleweeds and my backpack is from ELF.

Friday, September 20

What's Your High and Low of the Day?

I can remember the first time we were sitting around with a group of pals and my friend Brittany leans over and says, "Okay.  What's your daily high and low?  What's your high moment of the day, and what's your low moment of the day?"  Then everyone went around the table and recognized their great moments and their not-so great moments. Now whenever we all get together, everyone goes around the table and we all share.

I love this so much for so many reasons.  What better way to really get a glimpse into someone's life AND really get to know them than to listen?  It makes me feel so loved when all my friends are willing to listen to the important things, but also the things like "I REALLY stubbed my toe on my bike that was sitting in the living room and I saw red for a minute!"

It's also a good reminder to not just put on a happy face and clothe yourself in all of the "good" things, but to be real and acknowledge that life is life and it's healthy to recognize all facets.  Out loud.  Whoa. ;)

So... what's your daily high and low?

Thursday, September 19


Hope working on her piano homework and little sis always by her side // A pocket full of ponies // Playing catch in the nicest weather ever created // A special handmade doll for Poe // Poesy is my goofball.  She has SO MUCH personality these days // This was my favorite doll when I was a kid.  You crank her arm and her hair gets shorter and lift the other arm to make it grow.  We found it while thrifting and Hope snuck back over to grab it and Johnny helped her buy it for me with her own money.  A true tale of her genuine sweetness.

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far!