Wednesday, June 29

Summer Playlist

Hi, friends!  Here's my little summer playlist-- enjoy!

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xoxo Katie

Monday, June 27

My Friends Make Pretty Things

I have met so many talented people through the internet, sometimes it's mind boggling.  I just felt like sharing:  my friends make pretty things.

Chelsea has a knack for making things that are somehow cool, edgy, and adorable.  I'm in love with this dress!

 Danielle has opened a lovely shop called Flourish.  Her bracelets are so pretty!  Keep your eyes peeled, you just might see me wearing mine in my next outfit post!  ;)

 Jayme has just done a Roald Dahl series.  You should check it out, it's completely impressive... as always.

Shana has started making bracelets and I adore them!  She makes some of my absolute favorite jewelry.

Vanessa has just started producing her own line of dresses.  She's leaving for tour again soon, but I will eventually get my hands on one.  ;)

See what I mean?  Talent.  xoxo Katie

Working, Working... More Progress

A couple of weeks ago I finished the tiniest thing I've ever made.  It was a bumblebee brooch with a very special story, and I was so happy to be a small part of it.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of it fastened to my purse!  It made me want one for myself!

I also had the privilege of working on a very special request for a little girl.  Her nickname is "Ruby Bird".  :)
One little note:  this bird does have wire and will be set on a high shelf for her.  Don't worry!

Happy Monday!  xoxo Katie

Friday, June 24

Little Poe: 5 Months Old

Wow.  I am SO behind on posting Poesy's 5 month pictures!  We took one set of photos already, but this girl has such sensitive eyes AND allergies that she can hardly open them when we go outside right now!  I had to scrap the whole first shoot because she just looked miserable.  Poor baby!

This month Poe is laughing a lot, FINALLY sleeping in her bed instead of her swing, talking a bunch, and rolling like it's nobody's business.  She's becoming especially easy going and generally happy.  As far as baby months go, 5-6 months is my favorite age.  There is so much sweetness and personality, but they are still immobile!  Once she starts moving around, it's all over.  Have I mentioned that my oldest girl likes to collect teeeeeeny tiny things?  Oh yes, baby proofing is going to be a challenge!

She is NOT fond of swimming.  She does, however, like drying off and having some mama time while the others swim.  I'm okay with it.  ;)

 Whew, that was a lot of family-bloggy stuff this week!  I hope you have a great weekend, friends!  xoxo Katie

Thursday, June 23

Sponsorship For July

For the first time ever, I'm offering sponsorship for Skunkboy Creatures!  This is something I've thought A LOT about (I've actually been throwing this idea around for over a year!), and I really feel like offering advertising on the blog will open even more opportunities for my readers!  If you are interested in sponsoring, you can check out my Sponsor page.  That's right, I have a page!!!

My large sponsor ad is already taken for the month of July, but I still have medium and small ads available!  Oh, and if you have any questions feel free to email away!  xo. Katie

Wednesday, June 22

Guest Post: Hope and Hamsters

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means:  it's Hope's turn to blog!  Yay!

Hello again!  Today I'm going to talk about the story of when my hampster died.  Wednesday I was watching tv and my mommy told me to pause it.  (I was watching Hey Arnold)  She asked me if I wanted the good news first or the bad news first.  I said good news, but she said that that was only a curdisy question, so she she told me the bad news first.  My hampster Spritz died.  I cried a lot but she told me that I was going to Big Surf the next day (that's a waterpark) and I cheered up.  (That was the good news.) 

 (This is me with Spritz.  I got him for Christmas.)

A few days later we went to the pet store (it was Petco.) to look for a new hampster.  I found one I really liked.  I named her Pearl.  She is tiny and fast!

The next day we went back to the pet store.  The first day we went there were two hampsters in the cage.  One of them was Pearl.  I decided to go back to get that other hampster because it was Pearl's sister.  I named her Coconut.  I bought her with my own money.  Pearl, Coconut, and me lived happily ever after.  -- Hope

***This is a video from when we brought Pearl home.  These tiny hamsters really are fast!!!***

Tuesday, June 21

Summer Hair DIY

Sometimes I feel like I spend Summer trying to figure how out to save my hair from the humidity.  Here's a style that pretty much kicks humidity's keester.

**First, separate the front part of your hair into one section and pin a piece of lace or ribbon right behind it.  Using the lace as one of your strands, braid the front of your hair and pin behind your ear.

 **Take the remaining ribbon and wrap it around your head, and then again half-way.  Stop at the back and tie it up.

**After the lace is secured, separate the remaining hair into 2 sections.  Using bobby pins (and pony tail holders, if needed), pin up into messy buns.  When you're done it should look something like this:

This style is so great for humid days, dirty hair days (wink, wink), or just any old day you feel like wearing your hair up.  If you give it a try, be sure to leave me a link in the comments.  I'd love to see!
xoxo Katie

Monday, June 20

Reloved Update

I just updated the Reloved shop with a few more things!  There are a couple of dresses that would even work for pregnant ladies!  :)

Pop by early for the best selection!  xoxo Katie

Friday, June 17

Etsy Love: Summer Style

It's time for another addition of Etsy Love!  This time I'm focusing on Summer, but don't worry if it isn't Summer where you are.  These items would still be fabulous in any season!

This cropped tank is wonderful!

This is the sweetest tape.  :)

I'm in love with these twisted headbands.

These watches would be the cutest Summer accessory!

I'm pretty sure any drink would feel like Summer love with these straws!

Happy Friday, friends!  Today is kind of my day off, so I'll be soaking up some family time and taking Hope to get a new hamster.  Thanks for all the hamster love on Twitter.  <3  
xoxo Katie

Thursday, June 16

Weekly Wears: Circus Shoes

When I was a little girl I had high hopes of being two things.  The first one:  a professional rollerskater.   I would spend my summers rollerskating around my basement in my swimming suit (you know, the kind with the skirt that made you feel EXTRA fancy) and practice my acceptance speeches for the rewards I would be receiving.  Oh yes, there were MANY speeches. 

The other thing I wanted to be as a little girl looking to the future was:  a hula hoop girl in the circus.  I would hula and hula and hoop and hoop all day (okay, probably just between snack times) in hopes that one day I would be the best in the world!  Hula hoops would twirl from my neck, arms, and legs all at once... while on fire!  And, of course I would have a magnificent, sparkly ensemble, and the shiniest red shoes! 

Enter:  shiny red shoes.

And just for good measure, a close up of my beeeeeautiful rings:

Dress:  UO
Shiny Red Shoes:  borrowed from a friend
Bow:  found in shoe that was borrowed from a friend and attached
to my dress with a handy little safety pin
Tights:  Target (where else?)
Rings:  {1. vintage ET: thrifted}  
{2. awesome bug: cookoorikoo (she makes THE BEST!)} 
{3. vintage turquoise ring: my mom}  
{4.  other ET ring: thrifted on a different occasion}

Okay, maybe I didn't need to spell out where all the rings were from, but how random is it to find two different ET rings at different places and different times?!  It's a thrifting miracle, I tell you!  Needless to say, I was pretty dern excited.

So now that I've shared my failed childhood dreams with you (don't feel bad, I'm pretty sure my childhood self would think this plush gig I've got going on is thumbs up), tell me:  what did you want to be when you were a wee one?   xoxo Katie

Wednesday, June 15

Working, Working...

Custom orders have been keeping me crazy busy lately, and I'm really so thankful for that!  I'm also SO thankful for the patience my customers grant me.  As I'm trying to juggle life AND business, there they are, so willing to wait another day or two (or four) because baby had a rough day and I didn't get a chance to work at all.  They are the greatest.  Here are a couple of things I've been working on lately:

  I haven't made a panda in a really long time!  It was a lot of fun getting to see him come together!

I also haven't made a fawn in a long time.  Actually, before this one I had only ever made one!  I now have a pattern for the laying fawn and that pleases me!

I'll be back tomorrow with a Weekly Wears post.  Have a great Wednesday!  xoxo Katie

Friday, June 10

Weekly Wears: Red, Red, Red

****Blogger is being WEIRD, so please ignore this post at the top and scroll down to see the newest one.  <3

 Love me or hate me, there is something you should know about me:  I have a serious love for the color red.  A small conversation about what I am drawn to in a dress a couple of weeks ago led me to assess my closet and realize just how many red dresses I have.  It's okay.  I've already come to terms with it.  ;)

Tank:  old
Necklace:  vintage
Skirt:  vintage
Shoes:  Swedish Hasbeens

I have to mention HOW MUCH fun it is to twirl in this skirt!   I'm like a little kid in this thing.  ;)

I'm curious, do any of you have wardrobe guilty pleasures like I do?  I can't wait to hear!  xoxo Katie

Wedding Weekend: Part 2

Here's is my part two of the wedding weekend.  It's taken me quite a while to sift through all the pictures, but I finally did it!  Here we go:

*pause*  I have to stop right here.  How cute are these friend babies?!  Poesy kept grabbing his hand and Max kept trying to eat her dress.  BFF.

Also, I have the most helpful husband in the world.  He was on baby duty the whole weekend.

This was my heartfelt gift to the newly-weds.  I love those guys.

Happy Friday, friends.  *love*Katie*