Friday, March 29

Tiny Treasure Hunt

If you have a kiddo of your own (or a niece or nephew), I totally recommend this Tiny Treasure Hunt kit.  It's definitely for the older kids who can read and write, but Poesy would have fun following Hope around while she bounced from clue to clue (if she would have been awake).

I hid all the clues while Hope was playing outside.  When she walked in and noticed the clue on the front door, I handed her the hunting tools and she excitedly began trying to decipher the first one.  She had a blast with this and we saved everything so we can use it again... with a different treasure at the end, of course.  The tiny magnifying glass in the kit was my favorite part... it is so adorable.  Thanks to our friends over at Tiny Treasure Hunt for sending this over to us!  We had a great time with it!

Thursday, March 28

Weekly Wears: Mint Chocolate

Dress: c/o ModCloth;  Tunic (worn as a shirt): Ruche;  Tights: c/o ChicWish;  Shoes: ShoeMint;  Purse: Adele Shop;  Necklace: c/o Maya Brenner

I'm totally smitten with this Maya Brenner state necklace.  I've been wanting a Missouri necklace for a while, and this might be the prettiest one I've seen.  Plus, I like a piece of jewelry that goes with pretty much everything.  I always gravitate toward the daintier pieces for everyday.

In other news, Easter is around the corner and we are diving in head-first!  Today we have egg dyeing and Easter crafts on the agenda.  The girls are excited to wear their new dresses and my fingers are crossed for lovely weather on Sunday. 

I hope your week has been great so far!

Wednesday, March 27

Custom Possum

When I started sewing animals, I had no idea that I would get to be a small part of something so special and sacred as a wedding day.  Making cake toppers (and in this case wedding cake toppers) makes me happier than I can describe.  I love hearing the story behind every set of animals and knowing they represent two people who are completely in love.

This possum is extra special.  She will be hanging from a bouquet held by one of my favorite customers.  Oh, and I guess possums are way cuter in Australia than in the U.S.  If they looked like this here I may not have minded the little fella who used to come around at night hiss at our kitty.

Tuesday, March 26

Out To Work

Shirt: c/o ModCloth;  Sweater: ModCloth (last year);  Tank: Marshall's;  Jeans: Levi's;  Boots: Hunter;  Glasses: BonLook (La Marquise)

Here's a big fat living room spoiler.  I've been waiting for the sun to show its face so I can get some good photos of our living room, but when your work outfit matches your home decor, you kinda have to show it off.  This is what I wore to work at ABM this week.

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Shopping with Hope// Vintage dress// Grey days// Hope style

Well, it's still winter here in MO.  The snow just doesn't seem to want to leave us, though we are ready to say our farewells for a while.  We spent the majority of last week locked up in our house with a sick and feverish baby, but Poesy is bouncing back now and we sure are ready for some sunshine.  We will be patient and enjoy our last little bits of snow... it has overstayed its welcome at this point, but it sure is beautiful.

Sunday, March 24

Home School Diaries

This is actually from earlier in our school year.  We've learned over the past couple of years that Hope is a hands-on kind of learner.  The more projects and experiments we do, the more excited she becomes and the easier it is for her to really remember the information.  It was a Saturday when she came over to me and said, "I can't wait until school on Monday!"  I (of course) looked at her a little dumbfounded.  She then explained the process of growing mold and how Monday was when she got to pull the various foods out to see what had sprouted.  I just remember thinking < Holy cow.  This is working.  She likes learning. >

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Friday, March 22


I'll slowly be adding new items to the shop here and there over the next couple of months.  I've officially entered back into "wedding season" which means I'm making a lot of custom cake toppers, but I do enjoy making an animal "just because" periodically.  These buns are in the shop now.  :)

Life Is Beautiful

Life isn't always perfect, but I wouldn't trade these three for anything.  They make life beautiful.  Thanks, iPhone, for the reminder.
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 20

Weekly Wears: A Touch of Sparkle

Coat: c/o Tulle;  Dress: Dear Creatures c/o Ever+Mi.Crush;  Shirt: Marshall's;  Purse: ModCloth;  Knee Socks: Tabbisocks;  Shoes: c/o Elf;  Starlette Sparkler: gift from Giant Dwarf

You may have noticed this dress sitting in my "mend pile" in my Snapshots post yesterday.  It is such a lovely dress, but I knew I'd get more wear out of it if I just removed the cap sleeves and made it a sleeveless dress.  I have a confession to make: I'm terrified of cap sleeves.  Sometimes a person can say something to you and it sticks with you forever.  This is the case with me + cap sleeves.  Plus, I have too many sheer floaty tops that would look perfect under it.  It had to be done.

In other news, Twitter told me today is the first day of Spring.  I was pretty bummed that the first day of Spring was so chilly (AND WINDY) until I realized that I am totally in love with this coat.  Spring duds under a pretty coat is something I can totally live with... that is, until Spring weather is really here.  I am VERY ready for picnics and park dates!

Tuesday, March 19


Finished items from my mend pile// Ballerina hair almost everyday// Custom lion// Jukebox Jamboree record player// Family style (minus Johnny)

I hope you all are having a great week so far!