Saturday, October 10

Down Time

I'm so thankful for this second. I'm sitting in bed, no expectations for the moment, just soaking it in. Ahhhh. I got up way too early this morning, went thrifting with a gal I know, had some lunch with her, came home and sewed this:

Wrapped it up, then dressed like this:

Went to this:

And stayed until our toes were frozen. Whew.

The green thing is a potty reward chart. The apples come off, so that the little cutie can stick an apple every time she goes in the big potty. Once all of the apples are on, she gets a prize. Yay!

We had on our VERY last minute costumes. Hope was a Powerpuff girl, which was a costume from a couple of years ago, and I was an extremely sad looking polar bear. It's the best I could do on a whim. ;)

The party was fun, everyone had a good time, and Chloe loved her present! When I explained what it was, she ran to the bathroom tearing her clothes off shouting, "Potty! Potty! I go potty!" She sat there until she went so that she could put up an apple. It made me very happy.

I hope your weekend is just peachy. Relax a little... for me. xoxo Katie


  1. Love your creation - and your outfits are awesome!!

  2. the potty chart is adorable! I used stickers with my girls, we just came across their 'potty posters' last week moving stuff in a spare room - they got a kickout of them. You might consider adding that to your line - especially after that reaction, what an endorsement!!

  3. Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog via A Beautiful Mess blog and thought I'd say hello! Your animal creations are beyond adorable! Love love <3

  4. Thanks for the potty chart love~ I don't want to become the girl who only makes animals, so it was good for me to break out the sewing machine and go at it for a while.

    We just used a sticker chart, too. I always MEANT to make something more, just never got to it. :)

    Hello, Rachel-- so glad you came by! Yes, yes, I love Elsie and she is so sweet to have featured my little animals on her blog. xo