Thursday, December 31

2009, You Were a Good Year

I've already done my year in review, but I just wanted to give another "Thanks" to 2009.  I think this was a very good year for me.  One in which I grew tons, learned tons, and was given a much more positive outlook on life in general.  I'll be back tomorrow to welcome 2010 (it's weird typing that), but for now, I just want to wish  you a great New Year's Eve!!!

Have a wonderful night, lovelies!  xo Katie

Tuesday, December 29

Warning: Gratuitous Gear Pictures

So, there's a little geek in all of us, right?  I am one who subscribes to that philosophy.  I think most crafters or hobbyists have a little bit of ultra geekiness to them.  I kinda have lots.  I have the crafty stuff, and the Blythes, and the books, but also the music stuff.  And not just talking bands and whatnot (which I LOVE), but sitting around and talking music gear with people.  And, I have to say, it's kinda hard to find people who want to sit around and partake in this sort of conversation for very long.  I can't really blame them, either.  So, sorry, but you said you wanted to know me, and this is a big part.  So, here is your warning:  gratuitous pictures of my gear ahead.  ;)

I heart my jaguar.  Like, heart it, heart it, heart it.

This accordion is almost too heavy for me to handle.  I can hardly pick it up at times!!!

Mmmm... drawbars...

Yep.  I told you...

My first baby...

Very delicious treats for lots and lots of playing...

This is my "it's 1 o'clock in the morning and my fingers are totally sore" face.

So, thanks for sticking around.  :D  Our drummer moved to AZ last July and is in town for Christmas with his family right now.  Finding opportunities to play is challenging, hence the 1am reading on my clock when I got home (I used to be more used to this late night stuff).  I'll share more gear pictures one day, but of course I'll post another warning... just in case you'd appreciate one.  ;)  You're the best.  xoxo Katie

Sunday, December 27

Alright, Snow...

Dear Snow...
      Please come to my area.  Pleeeease???  I reeeeeally want to go sledding, and have hot cocoa as I watch you fall, and eat lots and lots of soup to stay warm.  Pleeeeease?  I know you are visiting nearby areas, so I think it is only fair that you pay me a visit.  I look forward to your arrival.

Sincerely, Katie Shelton

Saturday, December 26

Happy Happy

It was a very happy Christmas, indeed!  My family is tons of fun and I got to give and receive some exciting things.  Plus... it snowed!  We never see the white stuff on Christmas, so that made it even more special.  :)

Remember this?

Well, she got it.  :)

I did get surprised with this dress:

from this shop.

And this pretty bag:

from this shop.

And Hope and I got matching (hee hee) capes in grey tweed, very similar to this one:

All in all, it was a fantastic holiday.  I hope yours was pretty perfect as well.  :)  xoxo Katie

Wednesday, December 23

Merry Christmas!!!

So, to ensure that we get our very own special Christmas morning together, we always do ours on Christmas Eve morning.  You know what that means... Santa comes tonight!!!  Okay, now you are saying, "Katie, haven't you been talking about alllllll the presents you have to wrap???"  Well, that is a good point.  I just wanted to stop by and say Merry Christmas!  I'll tell all about the shopping craziness and fun day with friends soon, but for now it's wrapping and prepping... and turning off this Alice Cooper radio show.  Ugh.  How did this happen?  Anyway, holiday excitement is taking over...

I hope you all have the best holiday ever, whether you celebrate Christmas or not!  Happy holidays from my family, and thanks for your support this year.  :)

*hugs and kisses and all that jazz*  Katie

Tuesday, December 22

Things I Love from 2009

Making a "year in review" post seems like a daunting task, so I thought I'd keep it simple and just state some things that I've loved from this year.  That way, if I forget anything important it won't matter, and, if I feel like adding anything after the fact, I can do so.  Here goes...

Making new things!

Playing shows.


Making new friends, and loving the old ones.

Living room dances parties.

Vacation and new tattoos!!!

Funny random pictures that Johnny saves in the computer.
(this one terrifies me)

Hanging with my best friends.


Turning 2.

I feel like it really has been a big year for me.  My craft is looking more and more cohesive, I feel like I'm finding my footing, and I have the best companions to keep me company along the way.  Thanks for reading.  :)  *loves*Katie