Thursday, June 25

Internets, Come Back!

Sorry for the absence. Unfortunately, (for me at least) I'm not here to say I'm back. I only got to stop by my home-- WITH INTERNET-- for a brief moment and now I'm headed back out. We're house-sitting for my in-laws, which is really only necessary because we're dog sitting for them too. This dog is like a little baby: she eats people food, she takes special beauty products everyday, and she can't be alone. Like, at all. She's been sulking this entire week so far. She won't play, she barely eats, we're just lucky she's not making herself throw up like last year.

This image is only relevant because it's so flippin hot outside... and, it's pretty hilarious.

So, I'm off to the land of no internet, but I promise to come back with some photos of our not-so-exciting stay, and the custom job I just finished on Hope's Blythe-- she's sooo pretty now! Have a great weekend. We're playing a show tomorrow night, so it should be a busy one!

Tuesday, June 23

Title and Registration

Death Cab for Cutie - Title and Registration

This video captivated me. It may just be that I'm running on 0 sleep, but... no, scratch that. I love this video. The end.

Sunday, June 21

Oh Yeah, One More Thing...

Happy Father's Day to the coolest dad I've ever met. Sometimes I wish I could be a kid again and he could be my dad... is that weird? :D Just kidding, but he really is a super good one.

P.S. We renamed Father's Day *F-Day. It's just funnier that way! :D


Okay, so I LOOOOVVVEEEE this dress:

So much, that the next person to spend $50 or more in my shop gets a bonus animal. Probably a swappie or snail or something. Yep, that's what you get for supporting my habit. :D I love you!

Thursday, June 18

Work Up to Your Reward

I'm running on E. Seriously. I was talking to my friend Tara yesterday, and we were realizing how old we are getting. I used to run on 2 and 3 hours of sleep a night, but anymore it's gotta at least be 5 and I'm still overly emotional. So that's me right now-- Miss Cry at the Drop of a Hat. That's ok though, just a couple more nights of working and staying up till 4 and I'll be all caught up and I get my reward. Guess what it is. It's work. Hee, hee. Not really. I got this in the mail today:

Apologies for the dolly nudity. It didn't even cross my mind until now, but we're all grown-ups so it's prolly ok. :D I can't wait to start customizing her. I think she's going to be a beauty. My family has been so patient with me, but is starting to nudge me toward cleaning this up:

Katie, the kitchen table is for eating, not customizing Blythes... or eating Blythes... I guess I need to move it into the studio. If you're finding yourself in the market for one of these dolls, soon I'll have two for sale. Plus, Hope's doll (the blonde one) is getting new makeup.

I'll be carving her lips and making her even prettier. She's always my guinea pig. Poor thing. So far everything I've tried on her has gone smoothly. So, as soon as I finish up with my orders I'm rewarding myself with dolly customization, and a super fun time with some friends Friday night. That's right: cards, fireworks (which I don't really fancy, but oh well...), and lots of laughs. I guess now I need to get myself to work. Have a lovely weekend! xoxo Katie

Wednesday, June 17

For the Love of Cute

I discovered this sweet little blog today called For the Love of Cute. I'm the featured artist of the week. Yay! Thanks so much, Anna!

For the Love of Cute

Monday, June 15

I Heart Jennys

Sorry I've been so hit and miss lately-- I ended with a crazy amount of orders last week (yay!), we're still recording and it was my turn to cram in as much piano as possible because of the portability of my rig, and somehow I came down with a summer cold. Blek. I did have some great things happen, though, so I'm here to share:

First of all, I GOT TO SEE JENNY LEWIS LAST NIGHT! She and her band were completely impressive-- the ins and outs of songs, the various players, and she's one of the best singers I've seen live. The whole show (minus the opening bands, of course) was amazing! I was sent to the merch table with a wad of money and came back with no change. Hee, hee. She played a lot of my favorite songs, but this one may have been one of the best. It was completely unexpected, and totally beautiful.

It was pretty great- definitely the highlight of the day...


It's a draw between that and this:
I haven't done a craft fair yet. I've attended one and it was really fun, but I've never gotten the interaction with customers (potential friends) and gotten to see many reactions to animals that people order. Well, yesterday I had the honor of hand delivering a custom owl wedding cake topper set, complete with baby owl, and it was joyous. Jenny (the receiver) loved them and it was very touching. I adored seeing the sincerity in her eyes and actually getting to talk to her about her family and wedding. It was really wonderful to meet her. It makes me look forward to doing a craft fair or two this year. I can't believe I didn't snap a picture of that family set before I handed it over... oh, distractions.

I'll try to be more post-eriffic this week. Have a good night!

Tuesday, June 9

Facebook and Movies.

So, I have a fan page on Facebook, thanks to Etsy. I mean, they had a tutorial basically spelling it out for me, so how could I refuse? Well, I couldn't. So I'm there. I hope you'll visit if you're an fb-er, too.

Now for the movie bit. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS:

...even though that trailer is the slightest bit of cheesy...

Saturday, June 6

Someone Ate a Tooth

That's right. My little one has been hanging on to her first loose tooth for weeks now. She's been so afraid of pulling it and having it hurt, that we just let her take care of it on her own. Hope's solution was leave it in until something chewy pulls it out, then swallow whatever the "hard thing" was in her mouth. Yep, she ate it. Luckily, there will be plenty more to come...

Now I can't stop watching her talk because SHE'S SO STINKIN' CUTE.

Friday, June 5


I recently became reunited with an old friend from high school. We had lunch and talked as if nothing had changed... you know, except for the whole being adults and having kids and whatnot. So, her daughter is turning 1 this weekend and she asked me to make her a special unicorn. She turned out so fluffy and charming! I think every baby girl needs one of these in the nursery.

Honestly, it feels good to be uploading some pictures of a new(ish) animal. AND, I'm loving the fuzzy yarn for horse mane that I may be changing some things up in the shop. If this one gets posted, she will be named Isabelle, after the sweet baby for which she was made.

Thursday, June 4

More Cake Toppers!

I realize it is major wedding season. Soooooo... in celebration of super duper wedding extravaganza season, I just posted more cake toppers in the shop. In addition to these:

You will find these:

And these:

Hooray! I'm attending/shooting a wedding on Saturday and you know what that means... lots of yummy cake to eat! Mmmm...

Monday, June 1

I Love Surprises!

I loooooovvvve surprises! So, imagine my excitement when I received this in the mail last week:

Hooray for dream dresses! THEN, imagine my surprise when this came today:

Super duper, wonderfully cuter in person. I adore it-- I'm feeling so spoiled! Johnny takes pretty good care of me, I'd have to say. :) Tonight I broke out the slouchy summer boots, braided my hair (yay, it's finally long enough!!!), and enjoyed my new dress hanging with someone who has become very dear to me. I love her.

Then, another friend made us the yummiest dinner. I ate too much, got a tummy ache from too much dairy (so worth it), and finished my day with Super Mario 3. My very dull start this morning ended up being a pretty wonderful day. I hope yours was just as lovely. xo Katie

Oh My Summertime

I'm still working on those cabinets. Sad, isn't it? I'm so motivated to start things, I just have a hard time finishing them. Take my Blythe dolls for example, they've all been sanded and they are still beautiful, but I've never finished the new makeup or sealed them. Maybe I need less motivation. You know, then I don't start so many things. :)

I'm at a sort of turning point in my life. It's the point where I love weekends. I used to hate them... EVERYONE was out, doing their weekendy things... I just longed for the weekdays when everyone was at work and there was a bit of solitude. Now I'm finding myself longing for weekends. We keep having these awesome weekends with fantastic friends and I catch myself looking forward to the next one. Silly.

My summer has been fairly regular: saving for vacation, eating lots of ice cream with Hope, listening to tons of music, too much texting... I like it very much.

I'm off to play, play, play and work, work, work. If you have any awesome summertime music suggestions, do share. I haven't had much time to search out new music lately, but I am super excited that Wilco's about to release a new album this month!