Monday, October 26

A Short Post

A little post because I just can't stand NOT to share my new friends. I was working on ornaments last night, and I accidentally made a pattern too large. Here's what happened:

Mini narwhal and mini narwhal girlfriend! I loooooove the girl- she is so sweet! By the time I'm done tonight, I'm hoping to have a dozen of these made. It's my first real factory day in preparation for Renegade. I'll shoot a pic of my army-- hopefully tomorrow.

I had a lovely evening with my mother-in-law. A little dinner and shopping for kiddo clothing. We never get to spend quality time together anymore, (we just stay too busy) so it really was nice getting to chit chat and reminisce. Johnny should be home at around 3 in the morning, so I'll be working until then (if I can stay awake). If you aren't too busy, you should pop over to my friend James' blog. She's having a wonderful giveaway. Sleep tight. *love and kisses* Katie


  1. Oh I want them! Sooo cute! I wish I could visit you at Renegade! :)

  2. I love your little guys, they always look so happy :)

  3. Oooooh! I want 'em!! I would so name the gilfriend Annie. How sweet looking can they get? :)