Thursday, May 29

Pizza Night At The Farm

Last week we made it out to Millsap Farm for pizza night.  Every week they put on an event where they use fresh ingredients from their farm to make wood-fired pizzas in their big ovens (pictured above).  I expected to like it (because look at these pizzas on their site), but I was surprised at just HOW MUCH I loved it.  There were kids playing everywhere, there was live music in the background, and there were even teeny tiny little kittens (!) you could pet.  A bunch of our friends met us out there and I was completely charmed by it all.  I can't wait to make it back out there for another pizza night!  So fun!

Have you discovered anything special in your area lately?  I love finding new ways to love my town more.  xo.

Wednesday, May 28

Picture Party Pt 2

As promised, here are some more photos from my time with Allison.  She really wanted these photos to reflect my personality, so she had me bring some of my instruments and had me pick my own clothes and accessories.  I think that was really smart because I feel like even though these photos are entirely her art and style, they still feel like "me" in a way as well.

The lap steel photos are some of my favorites, just because I'm still having a budding romance with this instrument.  Watch out, Ryan Adams, I'll be beating down your door any day now to join your band.  ;)

These photos are such a good reminder for me to step out of my comfort zone.  It's easy for me to get stuck in a rut of doing things that are safe and familiar, but I'm really glad to have been a part of this.  Going through these photos is like seeing myself in a magical fairy land (especially the photos with the bubbles)... and I'm pretty into that.  ;)

You can see more photos on Allison's blog if you are interested.  xo.

**My orange dress is vintage from Exile Vintage, my blue shoes are Bali ELF, my flower piece is vintage, my green dress is vintage from Lantana Vintage

Tuesday, May 27

Planning Ahead for Father's Day

I've been thoroughly enjoying our Family Portrait Challenge this year.  It's nice to have ACTUAL pictures of our WHOLE family (not just 2 or 3 of us) to share with friends and relatives.  My extended family hasn't had a full picture of my little family since, well... ever.  That's not true if you count the Christmas cards we sent out (late) last year.  ;)

Anyway, Father's Day is coming up, so this year the dads are getting these wood prints from InstaThis. We already have several in our home and love them, so I know the quality is good.  I'm thinking Johnny's dad will especially like that the woodgrain peeks through.  He appreciates little details like that.

InstaThis is running a pretty sweet Father's Day special right now.  You can get 35% off your order with the code INSTADAD35.  Also, our first round of wood prints with them were simply Instagram photos, so you don't have to have a bunch of high quality portraits laying around to have prints made.  The print of Poesy in her Mickey costume is one of my absolute favorite things ever and that was just a fuzzy IG pic.

Anyway, have you started thinking about Father's Day yet?  Johnny's already seen the wood prints (he's getting the bed flying kids one), so I have to think of something a little extra to throw in there.  After all, he is the best dad EVER.  xo.

Monday, May 26

Weekend Projects

This weekend I crammed in a little project that I've been meaning to do for some time now.  Last year, I re-covered our patio seats with some pretty vintage fabric that I had stashed, and though they lived under a covered porch, the fabric didn't last.  I'm guessing the culprit was most likely the humidity, but the fabric ended up molding.  It just wasn't made to live outside.  Anyway, I needed something that could hold up outside, so oil cloth was the solution!  (I believe this oil cloth was from JoAnn online)

I wasn't even planning on blogging this project, but I always enjoy seeing the simple ways people update the things in their home, so I figured maybe some of you were the same!

This is where you will find me working today because it is absolutely gorgeous outside (minus the crazy allergy attack I've been having this weekend).

Do you have any simple home projects or updates you've been working on lately?  Leave me a link in the comments-- I'd love to see!  xo.

Friday, May 23

Weekly Wears: Kite Season

It's been a pretty windy spring around these parts, so we've been making the most of it and taken to flying kites quite a bit.  I came upon (read: sought out on Amazon) this butterfly kite and it's just about the most fun thing ever.  It's like a giant beautiful butterfly is soaring and gliding all around you.  I'm pretty sure no matter how old I get, I'll never stop enjoying simple pleasures like flying kites.

Dress: c/o Family Affairs;  Shoes: Bali ELF;  Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (last year);  Kite: Amazon

You may recognize this dress/outfit from my Easter post, but this dreamy frock is too good not to give it a solo spot here on the blog.  Whenever I wear it I just feel like twirling/jumping/skipping-- it's a mood booster to say the very least.

Happy Friday, friends!  Our band has a break from shows this weekend, so I'm planning to fill every second I'm not working on blog stuff and sewing stuff with friends and friend stuff.  Have a great one!

Thursday, May 22


Life has been pretty nonstop lately.  I've been working on so many projects simultaneously that my bedroom/studio space looks like it threw up all over itself!  That's the only accurate description of how messy it is right now.  It's crazy.  My goal is to clean a little each day for the next week to get it to a manageable place again.   Baby steps, right?  ;)

*Late afternoon pizza date
*One of the only plants I'm keeping alive right now
*A sweet gift from Allison for my skunk collection
*Fabric I chose for a project that may be alllll wrong.  We'll see!
*The girls having pizza with Laura at our friends Sarah & Josh's new home.  Poesy is enamored with Laura and calls her "the girl with the lello hair"
*Happy mail from my sweet friend Shana

How is your week so far?  I can't believe it's Thursday already, but we are looking forward to pizza night tonight!

Wednesday, May 21

Summer Vacation Wishlist

Holy cow, guys!  Our summer vacation is coming up so soon!  I've been having too much fun browsing all the summer suits and sunnies and sandals lately-- there is a lot of really cute stuff out there this season.  I am a high-waist bikini lover through and through, so I'm really happy they are in style and there are so many adorable ones to choose from.  I've bought a couple for our trip, so I'll show you my favorites as soon as they all get here!  

swimming suit, clutch, sunglasses, shoes, hat

Thanks for all of your kind words about Allison's photos yesterday.  She's a real talent and I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to work with her!  Happy Wednesday!!