Wednesday, March 31

Adventure Time

Ah, I love this weather! It's gorgeous and 80 degrees here!  It makes even sleepy days seem incredibly happy.  :)  We had the privilege of going into the studio with Jeremy yesterday to finish up a bit of mixing, and I have to say, we had a wonderful time.  Now we are back home with Hopey and I'm trying not to pass out and sleep this lovely day away.

It was a fun night full of homemade lollipops (from Elsie), brinner, yummy coffee breaks, and productivity.  Not to mention, Elsie's house is like the most fun house with the most fun treasures!

Hope yours was delightful as well!!!  xo Katie

Monday, March 29

Music Monday: Ray Lamontagne

Oh, Ray Lamontagne.  That voice, those lyrics, that emotion... wrap it all into one pretty cd and you may be crying by the end.  Ray's music is very personal and special to me.  Sometimes I feel embarrassed saying that because he's a perfect stranger (besides the time I saw him in concert), but his music can evoke such strong feelings in me.  I guess that is proof of a really great songwriter. 

If Ray Lamontagne is new to you, I would suggest starting with 'Til the Sun Turns Black.  It's definitely my favorite.  Have a great night, friends.  :)  xoxo Katie

Friday, March 26

Exciting News!

Okay, well I am excited.  I hope you will be, as well.  I have decided to do an owl-only update!  Yes, that's right!  My next update will be 20 owls!  This makes me pretty happy.  I don't know if themed updates will be a trend or just a one time thing, but I can't wait to get started.  I'm thinking 2 weeks from now, but will set a specific date next week.

  Can't wait!!! 

Also, now through Sunday tshirts are 10% off in the shop!  
(use the code:  spring has sprung at checkout)

Have a lovely weekend!  xoxo Katie

Thursday, March 25

Rain, Rain...

I'm not one to sing the "Rain, Rain, Go Away" song.  I kind of love the rain.  Rainy days are the best for reading books, listening to music, sipping tea, taking naps, watching movies, crocheting, and computering.  Honestly, one of my favorite things to do on a rainy day is just sit in the car and watch the rain.  I love feeling like I'm in a bubble or a pod with drip-drops falling all around me.  It's so peaceful.

How do you spend your rainy days?
xo Katie

Wednesday, March 24

Rewards for Hard Work

I was way stressed yesterday.  Like, WAAAAAYYYY stressed.  I wasn't properly prepared for my update, so I ended up cramming 3 days work into one.  After the update, J promised me something fun.  I picked breakfast.  :)

We went on a breakfast date this morning.  It was lovely!  We had some yummy food (Oatmeal! I can't help it, I love it!) and yummy drink, did a little shopping, realized the weather was perfect for tennis, and went home and changed so we could play!  At this point I'm thinking, "I ADORE THIS DAY!"

(This is my new dress I promised a picture of.  Red and white gingham.  Sigh.)

We picked Hope up from school, decided to have a picnic at the park, and basically had the perfect day.  I want to marry this day.  ;))

I do want to thank all of you for helping me out with ANOTHER successful update!  You are the best!  Also, if anyone is interested, the dino is left.  He could use a loving home.  <3

You guys are fantastic.  Thanks for being my friends.  xo Katie

Tuesday, March 23

Update at 7:30!

The update is tonight at 7:30 CST!  Here's what you will find:

Hope to see you there!!!  xoxo Katie

Monday, March 22

Music Monday: The Shins

Ah, the Shins.  If I ever need some music to get me motivated, or make me happy, this is it.  Wincing the Night Away is my very favorite!  It's one of those albums that I can play and play and I never grow tired. 

James Mercer also has another project with Danger Mouse called "Broken Bells".  I love it.  Like, love, love, love, love it.  Enjoy!  xo Katie

Sunday, March 21

Oh, Dolly

I kind of love Dolly Parton.  Lately, I've been noticing that my dresses are resembling her more and more.  I think I secretly want to be her... minus the back aches, if you know what I mean.

For me, red gingham = love.  I don't know what is happening to me.  ;)

Here's a little proof:

One of my most favorite dresses right now!  I also scored a vintage denim and red gingham dress from RVA recently, and it fits like it was made for me!  I adore it.  I'll post pictures of it soon.  In the meantime, just call me Dolly...


Friday, March 19

This Lovely Day

So, I'm just popping in to wish everyone a happy Friday.  I'm currently out of town, spending a GORGEOUS day hanging out with J, and then some sweet friends later.  I'm contemplating a tattoo today, but we shall see.  In the meantime, I will leave you with more elephant spam.  :))

I love his polka dotted side!  Anyhow, have a good one!

Love you.  Katie

Thursday, March 18

Sneak Peeks and Other Things

Because I just spent 2 days on one silly elephant, the shop update will be Tuesday (March 23rd) night.  Let's plan for 7:30 CST.  That way, hopefully everyone can get home from work and whatnot.  Here's a peek at the elephant.  Honestly, I'm still contemplating keeping him.  His embroidery and cheeks and... HAT!  I friggin' love his hat with the little braided bow!  I feel like we should run off together and join some sort of magical circus (even though I hate the real life circus)!

I'll take better photos soon so you can really see him.  For now, I think these happy photos should suffice.  ;)  I'll leave you with this bit of wonderful:

Have a super evening!!!  Loves*Katie

Wednesday, March 17

Wednesday Wishes.

Ugh, I have such a bad case of the wants right now.  It would be so much easier to shop if I wasn't browsing online all the time.  Don't you agree?   Here are some things I'm wishing for:

 I adore this girl.  I thought I wanted Nostalgic Pop.  I was wrong. 

Summery shoes.

What are you wishing for today?

I'm aiming for a shop update sometime this weekend.  I'll keep you posted on date and time.  Happy Wednesday!

xoxo Katie