Friday, April 30

Friday Smile Makers

Happy Friday, friends!  We have a fun night planned with our besties, but first, I want to share some smile makers from my week.  :)

Hope lost a tooth at school, sold it to the tooth fairy, and then decided she wanted it back!
She got it back, too!  ;)

This pretty face surprised me this morning:

Making things I love is so satisfying:

This album:

My happy kitchen:

What's making you happy this week?

xoxo Katie

P.S.  I am sloooooowly sending out pen pal partners, so if you haven't received yours, don't panic!  It's coming, I promise!  :))

Tuesday, April 27

Cheerful Kitchen

So, I accidentally skipped Music Monday yesterday.  Oops!  I was busy giving my kitchen a slight makeover.  I love walking in and being pleasantly surprised over and over...

Yay!  It's so happy in here.  :)  Now I just need to make the rest of my house this cheerful!  I plan to take more pictures soon when I can find my CF card + reader (this is an iPhone pic).  They are currently missing.  Anyway, happy Tuesday!  xoxo Katie

P.S.  I may post  Music Monday a little later tonight.  :)

Sunday, April 25


Okaaaaaaay... here are the winners for the giveaway:

Casey said...
 Wonderful giveaway!

Me said... 
Hi! Thanks for this great giveaway!! 
I wear a small :)
You have both won mirrors!!!
Anonymous ashley nicole said...
Adorable! Thanks for the giveaway!  I wear a  small! :) Hope I win! ;)
You've won the t-shirt!!! ***Winners, please email me your addresses at  Congratulations!   I'll be back tomorrow for Music Monday.  Until then...
...many hugs. :)  Katie

Saturday, April 24

Girl Date

Hope and I had a special date planned yesterday.  It was LOVELY.  We had dinner, shopped for a new dress (for her), and went for ice cream.  It was pretty perfect.  :)

J was out of town for the whole day, so I was double surprised when these pretties showed up at my house.  Very sweet.  :)  (it's not my bday... my last card said, "You're a girl!")

Here's the rest of my day according to my phone:
(Tights shot... not other shot...)

We finished the night watching this:

A very happy ending to a very tired Friday (oh, yeah... we fell asleep at 9:00).  :))

I hope yours was great as well!  xo Katie

Friday, April 23

Giveaway Time, Once Again!

Here is what we are playing for:

One lucky person will win a t-shirt!

Two lucky people will win a cupcake mirror!

Leave a comment including what size t-shirt you wear.  Easy peasy!  Good luck to everyone!!!   I will draw the winner on Sunday night.  :)
xoxo Katie

Wednesday, April 21

Lovely Inspiration: Seablanket

I've just recently become familiar with Chelsea's blog Seablanket, and I have to say, I love everything about it.  She has great style, so I love her outfit posts, her DIYs are adorable, she has impeccable taste in music, and she is terribly sweet.  All-in-all, I'm so glad we're new internet friends.  :))

 (Did I mention she has the prettiest tattoos?)

Some of her cute DIYs:

You should stop by her blog and give her some love!  xoxo Katie

Tuesday, April 20

Weekend Recap

I thought a little weekend recap was in order, since we had such a busy one.  Our weekend started on Thursday, where we did an exhausting amount of this:

After the update on Friday, we left town to go see Jeremy play.  It was a great show!  I'm not usually one to be focused on vocals, but Jeremy's vocals were completely captivating.  When Sleeping At Last started, their singer Ryan was just as impressive (the band was great as well).  :) 

Elsie's photo
(not to mention I got to see Rachel and Ruby for a bit... this one is also Elsie's...)
(She dresses better than half of my friends... and, yes that is a tiny Skunkboy shirt she is wearing...  ;))

Saturday was Parade Day and an alllllllll afternoon/evening Birthday party:

Sunday was... something busy... who can even remember?  ;)))

So, anyway... what did you do this weekend?  I feel like I've been running ragged for almost 2 weeks now, and I'm so ready for that point where stuff slows down.  Fingers crossed...

Oh!  And there is something new I'd like to start doing...  I'm going to start featuring one shop or blog on my blog per week.  I have so many talented friends online, I'd like to share them with you!  My first post will be tomorrow.  Also, I have a giveaway coming at the end of the week.  :)  Busy, busy...


P.S.  There are 3 owls left if you are wanting to snag one!  <3 <3 <3

Monday, April 19

Music Monday: Jeremy Enigk

Jeremy Enigk.  You are the voice of my young adulthood.  Your songs are, and were, the soundtrack to so many major happenings in my life.  You are magic.

I got to see Sunny Day Real Estate play in a small club back in 2000.  We stood in the rain for an hour and a half waiting for the doors to open.  I have to say, it was one of the most amazing shows I've ever been to.  Every single person in that club was there to see them play.  There was no talking, or sloshing drinks around, just people intently focused on the band playing their songs, and inadvertently tugging on the heartstrings of every person in the room.  It was so special.

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Oh, and remember this picture of mine?

It's Sunny Day Real Estate's LP2 (or "The Pink Album").  Wonderful.  Have a great night!  I hope you enjoy this edition.

Saturday, April 17


I just wanted to stop in and say THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you for being so supportive.  It's so important to me to be surrounded by positive, encouraging people.  I appreciate you.  I'll be doing a little giveaway next week, so keep your eyes peeled for that!  All I have left to say is: sometimes you just need a little Seabear.

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As I was searching for Seabear videos, I came across this video.  I really like it.

Sin Fang Bous.  You learn something new everyday, huh?  :)

Have a great weekend.  Hope is in a parade in the morning, so I really should get some sleep.  Night night.  xo Katie

Friday, April 16

More Peeks!

A few more peeks at friends that will be in the shop at 4:00 CST today!!!

I like this:
Aaaaahhhhhhh... accomplishment.  It feels good.  I hope your weekend is delightful.  I'm around for the update and then I'm going to RELAX.  I can't wait... :))
xoxo Katie

P.S.  I lowered Monty's price, so hopefully he can find a happy home!  <3