Thursday, October 1

Winner Time!

Rebecca did her random pick tonight (I love when the fates of all non-winners don't rest on my shoulders). I know you are wondering who won, and while I was pulling for all of you (maybe a little, very, especially much for Karey and/or Mathyld), randomness has spoken and has declared the winner:

...which I am still thrilled about, btw. Congrats, Melissa! Send your address over to Nighty night, everyone!


  1. Aw, you know what ?
    What you just wrote ... THAT was my gift !
    You are so sweet ♥
    x x x

  2. i politely disagree with mathyld. and would very much appreciate this melissa's address.

    {i tease. who knew that these little sweetheart-tragic creatures could bring out my non-existent competitive side? not to mention murderous threats. eek. xoxo.}

  3. Well, I'm ready to take on all comers in order to claim my prize! ;-) Thanks, Katie!

  4. Haha- so happy for you, Melissa! I love you all!

  5. Congratulations Melissa! You won such a cute little stuffie. So jealous. ;)