Thursday, April 30

The Jitters

It's been about a year and a half since my band has played live. Our drummer set up a home studio a while back, and since then recording has consumed us. Here's the honest-to-goodness truth: I'm nervous. Nervous, and anxious, and excited. Man, this feels more like a journal entry than a blog post, but just getting it out there makes me feel a bit at ease. We have quite a few friends coming... friends we haven't seen in years. I can't decide if this makes it better or worse. Only time will tell, I suppose. Hopefully I'll come home with grand tales of musical magic and glorious photos. Hopefully.

Every blog post needs a picture, right? She has nothing to do with this one, but I like her anyway. Here are my well-wishes for your weekend a bit early! I'll be consumed with emotion tomorrow. xoxoxo-- Katie

Wednesday, April 29

Enough With the Owls Already!

I do apologize. This blog has been a bit owl-centric these days. One last custom order, then I promise I will be sharing something different.

The owl babies are size/age appropriate. How sweet is this family? I think I may need one for my own...

Tuesday, April 28

Yay, She Loves It!

I made this for the lovely Jayme McGowan A) because I adore her work and wanted to congratulate her on a full year of being awesome, and B) because she made me this awesome piece of art that made my heart feel so full it could burst. I've been waiting for her to get him... he was so cute I had troubles parting with him! Now I can share his pictures with you!

He's albino (swoon) AND linen (double swoon), so of course I thought he was the most handsome gent! I'm glad he's spending a happy life in California... he'll just need A LOT of sunscreen!

The Swappies are Taking Over!

Okay, not really. But I did have 9 of them in my possession today. Two of them were wedding cake toppers, three of them were BFF Swappies, and four of them are part of a family that I've almost completed.

It was fun having them all together. They were like a little (peaceful) owl army. Plus, they are a great fit for the vintage doll house that was acquired this weekend. Does anyone remember the Littles? I don't, but they sure are cute.

Lucy has been really sick (throwing up) for the last couple of days. She is very weak and only musters up the strength to take a little walk around the room about once or twice a day. I feel SOOOO sorry for her. :(

We are currently feeding her baby food and snuggling her lots. That's all we can do for now. Any prayers would be really sweet. xoxo

Friday, April 24

I'm Taking My Banana Shoes and Calling it a Weekend

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I sent out some surprises in the mail today, I can't wait until they reach their recipients so I can share pictures!

Happy Etsy Day!

Happy Etsy Day everyone! Take some time and spread the love of Etsy to everyone you see!

Thursday, April 23


Even though I do like a good plush every now and again, I'm not a "plush person." It doesn't take a lot for me to oooohhh and ahhhhh over something cute, but it takes something special for me to bite the bullet and buy it. This could be one of those special things.

So, maybe he won't walk on his own, but a Golden the Pony Boy look alike in my home? Yes, please.

Wednesday, April 22

Happy Earth Day!

I like Earth Day. It's a day where everyone at least pretends to love and take care of the earth, and there is a peacefulness. Turns out April 24th has been deemed Etsy Day. I will take part in this because A) I love Etsy B) I love holidays and C) Buying handmade is an important thing to encourage. So, great idea, Etsy. Can we have a Katie Day next? *I realize that technically my birthday is Katie Day, but if I had 2 magical days a year, that would be even better!

Oh, so... the point. Happy Earth Day. Let's encourage each other to take care of the planet we've been given, and seek out friends that can help us explore more ways (mine: Rebecca).

P.S. Thanks, thanks, thanks for all the zebra love! You all really made my day-- I LOVE feedback! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

Tuesday, April 21

Sunday, April 19

I'm in LOVE With This Doll

Look, she's sooooooo cute. She's my favorite and my best... not to make it sound like I made her. I wish. She comes from this brilliant shop.

I'll have pictures of my weekend soon. Ugh, loading and editing. Something I'm not great about keeping up with. Also, I'm getting ready to start a custom order that I'm SOOOO excited about. I can't wait to show you pictures!

Friday, April 17

Wedding Cake Toppers

I'm now taking custom orders for owl wedding cake toppers. There is a couple in the shop, or you can email me for more details!

Thursday, April 16

Looking for Something to Read?

The second issue of Antler is out. I like it.

The First Bit

Well, my first bit of newness to share is for Mother's Day, mostly. I know it may seem a bit premature, but Mother's Day is less than a month away, and I thought this could be a really sweet way to show your mom how much you love her!

I especially love this little gal. I'm thinking about offering her in my next set of Swappies, as well. So, now I'm off to pack some things to ship, and then I'll be on my way to a carnival! Have a lovely evening! xo

Wednesday, April 15

The Little Things

Today is a good day. The sun is beautiful, tennis felt extra great today, and I did hit my 400 mark in the shop. The best part? Hope's gasp when I mentioned it in passing to Johnny. She makes me giggle.

Today I'm brainstorming about new ideas for the shop. I have one nailed down, and I'm just starting a zebra (which is a custom order, but may be available in the shop soon), so hopefully I'll have even more plushie goodness to offer in the very near future. I'm off to eat some delicious broccoli and take some pics of my Blythe with her new eye chips. Happy Wednesday! xoxo

Monday, April 13

A Blissful Weekend

Well, I have to say, it was quite the delightful long weekend. Our friend Justin came in from Indiana, on his way to Alaska, and a great time was had by all. We went to a huge Easter egg hunt, played some giant frisbee and a lot of Whiffle Ball, watched Amelie, ate way too much food/candy, and wished we had more time.

Hope and Justin

Easter egg hunting in the freezing cold

Hope letting her personality show

I got my skates the night before Easter, and Hope was a little jealous. She didn't know that the next morning she would be getting some too, so it really was great timing. We spent a good portion of the day (after doing the extended family thing) skating around. We took Justin to breakfast at a little cafe this (late) morning, and he has since headed on his way. We all miss him already for our own reasons; Hope misses a playmate, Johnny misses a playmate, I miss a playmate... wait... :) ... I hope your weekend was wonderful as well!

Wednesday, April 8

Some Things I Love Continued.

Okay, so I'm not really going to make another giant list of things I enjoy. Though, I will say that the weather warm up has been a very welcomed thing, because I love to get out and get a daily game of tennis in. Tennis seems to have gotten a bad rap as a yuppy sport, but when you're as bad as I am, it's so hard! There's so much running and so much to learn about placement. These old, fat guys showed up on Saturday at the courts and they were amazing! They didn't even move an inch-- they would just smack the ball back and forth, over and over. I prefer my spastic, exhausting games any day.

Anyway, I have VERY, VERY special company coming in tomorrow, so blogland will be quiet for a bit. I did want to share one more thing I love:

Effunia makes THE CUTEST mushrooms, so how could one resist THE CUTEST tiny smiling mushrooms? I love them. Happy Easter-- hopefully I'm doing Hope's Easter pics today or tomorrow and I'll have a bit to share. xoxo Katie

Monday, April 6

Some Things I Love.

The weather has been gloomier than gloomy (I know a lot of you can relate), and I feel like I'm running out of steam. I'm chugging hot tea to stay warm and refusing to clean my house (which is silly because I have a house guest for the weekend-- can we say PROCRASTINATOR?). Anyway, I thought this would be a good time to be positive and share some things that I love. Here we go:

1. Watching my cutiest little girl's school musical.

2. Unicorns.

3. Awesome plush artists.

4. Recording.

5. Watching little ladies play croquet with proper etiquette.

6. BFF necklaces.

7. Bunnies!

8. Awesome art.

9. Arrested Development and Flight of the Conchords.

10. Polaroids.

See? I'm super cheery already. Anything great that cheers you up instantly?

Sunday, April 5

Looking for Me?

Oh, sorry, I'm off skating on my SUPER AWESOME NEW VINTAGE ROLLER SKATES!!! They're 70's unworn deadstock, and I'm the proud new owner! Now, if we could just do something about this snow...

Saturday, April 4

Guess What Happened Last Night!

So, last night I scored some Jenny Lewis tickets! I'm super excited about seeing her, I think she's going to be amazing live! The show isn't until June, but now I'm on the countdown. *Special thanks to Johnny (of course!) and Ryan! This is gonna be fun!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! I'm off to work on a couple of orders so I can get them shipped out in plenty of time for Easter.

Thursday, April 2

My New Favorite Blog

My new favorite blog? Craftastrophe. Why? This:

Okay, so you have to go here to read the article and see the full pic. But I just wanted to give warning about the nakieness, since some people don't find it hilarious (like I do!).

Wednesday, April 1

Easter Basket Surprises

I just shipped out these bunnies yesterday-- they are a custom order for a mother of 3, who will be placing these in Easter baskets.

I don't know if you can tell right away, but the one in the middle has faux button eyes. He is for a little guy who's mommy wanted him to be safe, so he got felt eyes instead. I never really thought of offering that before, but it is a really good idea!