Tuesday, November 14

Champagne Tort is Here!

Champagne Torte champagne tort Champagne Torte Champagne Torte
Today is the day that my "Skunkboy" frames come out in a new color: Champagne Tort!  I love collaborating with BonLook, and this color scheme might be my new favorite!  (Well, if I'm being honest, they're probably tied with the pink ones.)

Many of you have been asking about a restock of the other colors and I'm happy to announce that Twinkle Tort and Panda Pearl are back!  Those of you wanting the pink or blue ones might be waiting a while, but hopefully there will be more fun colors coming in the near future.  For now, you can visit the BonLook website if you're interested in some new specs!

Monday, November 13

Tom Petty Tribute (and video clip)

Back Tattoo
("and the days went by, like paper in the wind"-- To Find A Friend // Wildflowers)

Johnny and I finally finished this Tom Petty documentary yesterday.  It was so good, but it was so long that we had started it so many times before actually making it to the end.  After we finished it, I felt even more of a connection to his music and an all new level of respect for his songwriting.  There aren't a lot of songwriters out there that stood the test of time like good ol' Tom, in my opinion.

After Tom Petty passed away, some of our friends got together to put on an epic tribute show.  They pulled in a rotating cast of musicians from our area (Springfield is saturated with great musicians in the best possible way) and we all poured our hearts into celebrating his legacy.  It was a wonderful night and we raised a bunch of money for Care to Learn, a charity that I love.  Johnny and I were honored to be a small part of the show, and since Poesy's favorite song long before she could speak words has been "Free Fallin" we figured it would be so fun to let her join us onstage to help out.  She's been around enough Tom Petty music to hold her own.  ;)  Here's a little video clip from that night:

She took her tambourine job very seriously.  I hope to continue to encourage her dreams of being a musician and being onstage.  Oh, and I'll just keep exposing her to as much golden music as she'll allow.  :)

Wednesday, November 1

Happy Halloween 2017!

Halloween 2017
I hope you all had the best Halloween!  This year was my easiest Halloween that I can remember.  Most of the girls' costume pieces came from various stores, and there was little that I had to make.  Poesy wanted to be a glittery witch, and Hope scraped together a fox costume the night before.

Halloween 2017 Halloween 2017 Halloween 2017 Halloween 2017 Halloween 2017
Poesy REALLY wanted to put our black cat, Teddy, in a harness and take him trick-or-treating with her, so Johnny bought a cat mask and surprised her by being her black cat.  Teddy is an adventurous kitty and there is no way we could have taken him out of the house and into that chaos!  He would've bolted for sure.

Halloween 2017 Halloween 2017 Halloween 2017 Halloween 2017 Halloween 2017
We enjoyed the Rountree parade like we have in years past, scored way too much candy, and scarfed pizza when we were too cold to trick-or-treat anymore.  After we got home and finally wound down, Johnny and I binge-watch/finished the second half of Stranger Things 2.  Don't worry- you won't get any spoilers from me.  Honestly, I'm a little glad to be done with it so I might actually go to bed at a decent time tonight.  Those dang suspenseful shows!

I really hope you all had a wonderful night!  xo.