Tuesday, June 30

Make A Little Something For Yourself Sometime

Dress Making Dress Making
Here's a little peek at what I'm working on this week.  I snagged this lightweight cotton fabric (first photo) many months ago, waiting for the perfect time to use it.  (I'm a fabric hoarder, what can I say?)  When I ran across the Lilou Dress from Tilly's book, Love At First Stitch, I knew that would be just what the doctor ordered.  I plan to use the scalloped neckline hack because it's just so sweet!  I can't wait to show you guys my "after" photos!  It feels good to get some sewing in.  I haven't really sewn much clothing since Rachel and I wrapped up our ecourse, Sew With Us, and I've been itching to make a little something for myself lately.

I'm off to get sewing.  Happy Tuesday, friends!

Thursday, June 25

Steal Time When You Can

Day Dates Day Dates Day Dates Day Dates Day Dates Day Dates Day Dates day date
Johnny and I go through stints where we're so good at making time for dates, movie watching, quiet time, etc, and other times where life gets busy and we forget.  We hadn't been out just the two of us in months (and months), so this week (after weeks of talking about it) we finally stole some time and went out for a day date to one of our favorite restaurants, Cafe Cusco.  The food was superb, the company was delightful, and we both felt refreshed when we got home.  Gotta nurture that relationship, man.  It really makes a world of difference.  Now, we just need to keep this plastered on the backs of our eyelids so we're better at remembering it!

**Dress from ModCloth.

Tuesday, June 23

5 DIYs I'm Dying to Try

Here is another round of awesome DIYs I'm hoping to try this summer!

Hosting a game night with mini donut games and free printables from Aww, Sam sounds like the best time ever!

These diy flamingo pull toys from This Little Street would be such a fun gift to take to any little one's birthday party!

Poesy's just about ready to graduate from her toddler bed and this diy Mid-Century daybed from Sugar and Cloth would be the perfect addition to her bedroom.

I love the idea of dressing up a basic beach bag with tassels like the BlondieLocks did in her diy tassel tote tutorial (try saying that 5 times fast!).

How sweet is this diy custom paint job in this tutorial from Lovely Indeed??  I love the splash of yellow and gold!

Well, now that I've pinpointed which DIYs I'm dying to try next, I suppose I should get on it, huh?
Happy Tuesday, friends!

Friday, June 19

A Photo Challenge for You and Me

Home is Where the Heart Is Home is Where the Heart Is
I just love these photos Johnny shot this week.  As someone who INSISTS he has no eye for photography (yeah, right), he sure does capture a lot of great moments.
I'm challenging myself this weekend to bring my camera along on ALL of my adventures.  My goal is to try my hand at shooting new angles and perspectives.  We all need a little stretch of our creative side now and again, don't you agree?

I'd love to encourage you to get out whatever camera you have, and shoot photos in a new way this weekend.  Let's share what we found next week, shall we?  I can't wait to see what we find.

Happy Friday, friends!

**Top and dress from Schoola.

Wednesday, June 17

Give Back

Schoola Schoola Schoola
A few months back, I shared a little bit about how you can raise money for schools while shopping for your kiddos with Schoola.  I'm excited to be working with Schoola again, as they've just announced the launch of their women's section!  Now, you can shop for yourself AND help raise money for schools!

Right now, Schoola is having a $100K challenge.  The goal is to help raise $100,000 for schools in June when you shop the new women's apparel category.  For every $5 spent, Schoola will donate $2 of that to schools, in order to save things like art, music, and P.E.  You can check out the selection right here!

Schoola Schoola Schoola Schoola Schoola Schoola
Dress: Schoola;  Top: Schoola;  Shoes: ABM for Swedish Hasbeens;  Cat bag: c/o ModCloth;  Necklace: Danny Brito

I'll be the first to admit that I had a lot of hard years in middle school and high school.  I honestly don't know what I would have done without outlets like art class and choir.  Supporting these types of classes is something very near and dear to my heart.  I'm thankful for companies such as Schoola, that not only offer affordable clothing for all ages, but give you the opportunity to help out schools at the same time.

If you are interested in checking out Schoola's women's apparel category, you can use the code SKUNKBOY to receive $15 off your first order!

Monday, June 15

June Garden

June Garden June Garden June Garden June Garden June Garden June Garden June Garden June Garden
I love documenting my garden this way.  Logging the things that are flourishing monthly is taking my "gardening season" from a warm-weather blur, to a journal with actual chapters.  This month, the blackberries are ripening, bell and banana peppers are starting to produce, and the cucumbers I planted from seed are flowering.  The sugar snap peas (which were also from seed) are popping up, and we have tiny green tomatoes.  There has been quite a bit of rain and my basil is still doing great outside, but it's been pretty hot so my cilantro is starting to bolt and flower.  Strawberries are no longer flourishing, and the jalapeƱos are beginning to bud.

All-in-all, June has been a pretty rewarding month as far as gardening is concerned!  I'm looking forward to logging my garden adventures in the coming months!  Happy Monday, friends!


Friday, June 12

Poesy's Instagram

Life through the eyes of a 4 year old Yep.  You read that right.  My four year old has an Instagram.  She's been asking for her own for about a year now, so we dug out Johnny's old iPhone and created an account for her.  I only allow close friends and family to follow along (sorry, blog friends!), so here's a little peek at what IG looks like through the eyes/fingers of Poesy Wren:

Life through the eyes of a 4 year old Life through the eyes of a 4 year old Life through the eyes of a 4 year old Life through the eyes of a 4 year old Life through the eyes of a 4 year old 5 copy
One of my very favorite parts of her account is the captions.  Poesy can't really read, but types out very convincing captions such as: "ajsihyeajeqjnakljhanseuiasg".  I usually comment in emojis so she can get the full experience.  ;)  It's been fun seeing what she photographs... and seeing my piles of laundry in my IG feed.  (ha.)

Well, I can't believe the weekend is here again, but it is.  I hope your days are filled with something you love.  xo.

Wednesday, June 10

Summer Jamz Playlist

Summer Jamz Playlist
I thought it would be fun to share a little of what I've been listening to lately, so I made a playlist!  You can listen right here!  Happy Wednesday, friends!

(Photo from our Costa Rica trip last year.  Can I please go back?)