Wednesday, October 14

I Love the Gloom

I know a ton of you are just like me-- you looove the rainy, dreary days, especially when it's chilly. I've been loving this weather... EXCEPT... I cannot get decent pictures of my new snail brooches for the shop. I had 2 different photo shoots today and had to just delete everything because they looked so bad. If you are someone who is waiting for me to post them, please email me and we can talk. So, for now, no snail pictures, but here's a bit of eye candy while you wait:

I totally, completely, fully ADORE this dress. I'm not sure how or when, but someday it will be mine. Bundle up your toesies if you are in my region... it's another chilly one! xoxoxoxo Katie

1 comment:

  1. You might see about purchasing a light box. I ended getting one last winter because of the same problem! There's lots of tutorials online on making your own as well. Hope your snail sees the sun soon :)