Thursday, February 28

Weekly Wears: Darling Duds

Dress: Darling brand c/o Emerging Thoughts (it's on sale!)  Shirt: Marshall's;  Tights: Target;  Shoes: c/o Elf;  Necklace: gift from Moorea Seal 

I haven't mentioned anything quite yet, but my family and I are currently on much snowier grounds.  We are in Colorado, to be more specific!  We took a spontaneous short trip out to see our dearest friends and we are loving every minute of it.  I'm sure there will be plenty of photos to share once we are home, but for now I'm off to soak up the rest of our stay.  I hope you all are having a lovely week!

Wednesday, February 27

I Am Collecting A Collection: Lenticular Art

This collection of mine is growing, but is still modest.  If you aren't familiar with lenticular photos, they are those 3D pictures that sometimes make your eyes go crazy.  I've been slowly adding a piece here and there, and I'm finally to a point where I'm ready to share my beginnings.  It all started with the Goldilocks picture, the smaller ones trickled in one by one, and the Little Red Riding Hood was a Christmas gift. (<--the best="" br="" christmas="" gift="">
I'm excited to add my newest piece to my collection!  It arrived in the mail this weekend.  :)
You can see my other Collection posts here.  Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 25

Music Monday: A Camp Covers Bowie

A Camp

I got a real kick out of this.  I hope your week is great so far!


reading together/favorite skunks/embroidered flowers/BonLook glasses/tiny collectibles

These are snippets from our weekend.  It's been chilly and snuggly and pretty darn good.  :)

Saturday, February 23

52 Treats: V.7

Week #7: we used a variation of this recipe.  These girls are loving baking together every week.  :)

Friday, February 22

Giveaway With Renewed Upon A Dream-- CLOSED

Remember my New Years Resolution to start a journal (and how I never did that)?  I started last night!  I think it's important to document life, even if i don't stick with it every single day.  I'm pretty sure doing that in one of these beautiful hand-bound journals from Renewed Upon a Dream would make it even more exciting!  If you would like to win a journal of your very own, check out Sarah's lovely shop and pick a favorite.  Leave your favorite item in the comments here.

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The winner will be chosen on Thursday, February 28th and announced shortly after.  This giveaway is for the black leather hand-bound journal shown.  Please leave a separate comment for each entry.  Good luck, friends!

**You can find the StickyGram winner right here!

Wednesday, February 20

Weekly Wears: Bundle, Baby

Sweater: Target;  Skirt: c/o Lulu's (similar);  Coat: Vintage;  Purse: Adele Shop;  Boots: c/o Sandgrens;  Socks: c/o Three Bird Nest;  Barrettes: freebies from ModCloth;  Bangles: Vintage

It's cold.  I know it's winter and everything, but it's cold and I'm getting a little grumpy about it.  I'm sure people north of me are rolling their eyes big time right now, but it's my party (blog) and I'll cry if I want to.  I'm pretty ready for Spring at this point in the year, every year.  I guess that makes me somewhat of a one-trick pony, but I don't care.  I'm yearning for some sunshine!

Also... I've learned you can layer all the tights and socks your heart desires when you drape a long skirt over them.  I'm not really certain why this took me so long, but it is awesome!

**I'm the guest pinner for Sandgrens this month!  You can follow my board titled "The Chosen One" right here.  :)

Etsy Love

This "Rock, Paper, Scissors" pull down from Gritty City Goods is too fun!

This vintage dress from Shop Exile puts hearts in my eyes.

I'm in love with this old toy I found in the Antiques BG shop.

This charm bracelet from Paper Cherries is so sweet!

These are some of the things I'm loving over on Etsy right now.  Have you found anything amazing lately?

Tuesday, February 19


I wanted to let you guys know about this awesome cause.  If you haven't already heard, check it out.

Monday, February 18

Snapshots: Studio

Confession: I've been tanking when it comes to my new year's resolutions.  It happens every year.  It's a thing.  I never started a journal, I've had about 2 dates so far (counting the one happening later this week), and cutting back the sugar?  HA!  What was that even about??  One thing I have invested time in, though, is the one about total studio organization.  Whenever I get a chunk of free time, I tackle a little bit of my studio/bedroom in hopes that one day it will be totally tidy, organized, and worthy of photos.  I'm gonna make this one happen... even if it means actually taking care of those additional coats of paint I've been avoiding.  ;)

Friday, February 15

Oh, Valentine

If you've been reading my blog or following me on Instagram for any amount of time, you probably already know that Hope can take ANY holiday and make it fun.  The girl lives for celebrations and giving.  I've never been a Valentines Day hater or anything like that, but she really took this day and made it something special.

We started the day with brunch and came home to handmade gifts she had thoughtfully put together for us.  She made me a ring from a bead and twist-tie.  In amazement she asked, "Can you believe I found that bead in the fireplace?!"  Cool.  And gross.  Johnny got some awesome customized socks and Poe got a heart bracelet Hope gave up from her personal collection.  Each was wrapped carefully with a different hand-drawn Valentine card.

Johnny and I went out for fancy-ish dinner later that night, and I have to say, the best part of Vday wasn't being out and about with the (stuffy) adults.  Don't get me wrong, I DO enjoy some adult time and don't get it quite often enough, but the best part of the day was being showered with love by two little girls.  Oh, and pie. 

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