Wednesday, December 31

Handmade Gifts

Handmade Gifts Handmade Gifts
I really didn't make the time for a lot of handmade gifts this holiday season.  I gave out some solid perfume and custom scented soaps, and of course I HAD to make the time to stitch up a little piggie ornament for Elsie's birthday (it's a birthday tradition- I make her an ornament every year).  One giftie I was really proud of was this ornament I made for my dear friend, Chris.  I tried a different sort of technique and was pretty pleased with the way it turned out.  I mean, not to pat myself on the back (pat, pat, pat), but IT LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM.  I used my sewing machine to "draw" the lines of his beard, hair, and eyebrows, which is something I hadn't tried much.  Anyway, making people is a lot of fun.  I may need to do a tutorial for it next year.

Well, we're gearing up for a big New Years Eve show tonight, so it's time to brush up on songs and get myself ready.  Happy last day of 2014!  I hope you have an amazing night!

Monday, December 29

A Very Merry Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014
We had another wonderful family Christmas this year.  Hope accidentally slept until almost 8am, which was great for me.  That kid is usually up at 5am every Christmas morning.  We opened presents, had cinnamon rolls, and listened to all the records I got.  Johnny's big gifts were a Louisville Slugger baseball bat with "Johnny Baby" carved in it, a handheld Super NES device, and a heavy duty backpack to hold all of his cables/tuner/picks/slide/music junk.  Hope's big presents were mostly Lego sets and the complete Harry Potter collection.  Poe's big gifts were a wooden dollhouse (yeah, we so need another dollhouse ;) ), Equestria Girls ponies (she calls them "Egokes Girls"... I dunno where she got that but it's really cute), and this "spiky hair" Lala Loopsy mini she's been asking for.  Everyone was excited and pleased with their gifts and we spent the rest of the day relaxing until we had to pack up and drive to Johnny's parents' house.

Here are a few highlights from Christmas morning at my in-laws' house.  Poor Poesy did NOT want to wake up, but the cousins were ready and roarin' to rip into the presents under the tree.

Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014
After Christmas there, we went to my mom's house and had another Christmas with my family.  This is what life looked like once we got through the holiday extravaganza and made it back to our home sweet home:

Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014
If you celebrated Christmas, I hope it was a great one!  If not, I hope it was a wonderful day regardless.  :)  xo.

**My "hermit" sweatshirt is from Kinship Goods and my "I'm so tired" sweatshirt is from Hello Apparel.

Tuesday, December 23

Christmas Playlist

christmas google
Christmas-y Things by skunkboy on Grooveshark
Here's a Christmas playlist I threw together to listen to while wrapping presents and baking with the girls.  Happy Tuesday, friends!

Monday, December 22

Snapshots: Growing Poe

Poesy Poesy Poesy Poesy Poesy
Lately I've been spending quite a bit of time looking through photos, trying to find the perfect ones for various gifts we have planned.  It's crazy how fast time can go and how quickly kids change.  I found the top photo of Poe from last fall and really can't believe how much older she looks and acts this year.  She is definitely no longer a baby, but she's still full of that magnetic personality.

**Photo from our outdoor scavenger hunt last year.
**I love how much my girls love books.  It seriously makes me the happiest.
**You saw the photo of the girls in the tree last week, but I couldn't resist this close up of Poesy with her little legs crossed.
**Falling asleep at sister's piano recital.  I love that she can still conk out anywhere.
**I have about 30 of these in various poses.  She LOVES to pose for photos.

We spent the weekend throwing a Christmas party, traveling to play a show, and then at the ballet last night, so I'm drinking coffee coffee coffee and getting this Monday knocked out!  I hope you all had a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 17

Weekly Wears: Tis the Season

Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears
All of the smells, sounds, and tastes of this chilly season really make my heart happy.  I know I really didn't want summer to end this year, but almost-winter is one of my favorites.  Bundling up in cozy things, sitting by the fire sipping tea or hot chocolate, listening to Hope playing Christmas songs on the piano downstairs while I'm upstairs working... these are all the special little things that remind me to let go of stress and just ENJOY.

Coat: c/o Dear Creatures;  Pants: borrowed from my sweet Gowa;  Shoes: c/o ModCloth;  Hat: H&M;  Tote Bag: Culture Flock Clothing

I'm currently wrapping up all my last minute gift-buying... and paying all the extra shipping to make sure things arrive on time.  ;)  Soaking up the holiday season is finally in full swing in our house.  Baking with the lil gals and having a Christmas carol sing-along around the piano are the next things on top of my to-do list.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Tuesday, December 16


Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Skunkboy Creatures Ornaments Snapshots
December has been a whirlwind of a month.  I've been working, working at getting all my ornament orders sewn up and getting everything shipped out (and they are and it's a huge relief), we traveled last weekend for Hope's first gymnastics competition of the season, our band has still been playing most weekends, and I've been squeezing in Christmas shopping when I can.   All good things, right?  I can't believe Christmas will be here next week.  How is that possible?  I'm going to take a little time to myself over Christmas break and read a book (WHAT?) and make something for fun.  It's good to reenergize when you can.

**Hope loves to read in her tree and Poesy wanted to be just like sis.
**Sometimes in life you steal your kid's Kin Ship Goods (we love them!) sweatshirt and wear it because it's cute and you can.
**Driving past KC, MO
**Hope on the balance beam
**Hope on the floor (I'm not super at action shots, but I love to have these to look back on)
**Cutest little spectator
**A little batch of guys going to their new homes.  I wish I had an entire group shot.  Maybe next year.
**Hope at her piano recital.  She's got nerves of steal, I tell ya.  With all of this competing and performing, I just grow prouder and prouder.  That stuff isn't easy!

I hope your week is off to a great start!  I'll be in the studio sewing all day-- I'll be sharing more about that soon!  xo.

Friday, December 12

Kids DIY Gift Idea Roundup

DIY Projects for Kids
I've done quite a few kid DIY projects over the years.  They are one of my very favorite types of DIY, not only because are they fun to make, but you get to gift the product to excited little faces.  Here are a few past projects you might be interested in working on for the holidays.

DIY Projects for Kids
Make your own drums

DIY Projects for Kids DIY Projects for Kids
Plantable garden box

DIY Projects for Kids DIY Projects for Kids
DIY stick horses

DIY Projects for Kids DIY Projects for Kids
DIY lacing cards

DIY Projects for Kids
Custom painted ukele

DIY Projects for Kids
Traditional rag doll

DIY Projects for Kids
DIY kitchenette

DIY Projects for Kids
DIY felt doll family

DIY Projects for Kids
DIY memory house

DIY Projects for Kids
Secret notes monkey

DIY Projects for Kids DIY Projects for Kids
Build your own doll house

DIY Projects for Kids DIY Projects for Kids
Customized library book totes

I hope these give you a little inspiration if you're looking for handmade ideas for kiddos!  Happy weekend and happy crafting!! xo.