Monday, March 31

Let's Go On An Adventure

Recently, Johnny and I had the pleasure of taking a couple days out of the week to travel to St. Louis.  We don't travel much unless there is a reason, and the reason for this trip was seeing Dr. Dog live.  Here are some photos from that (awesome) trip:

Remember when I was talking about how good-crazy the internet can be? Well, we made some internet-turned-real-life-friends that day.  Plus, I got us lost in a scary part of town, did some vintage shopping, dumped pizza all over my lap, watched sound check, stayed at one of our favorite places, and hung on a tour bus belonging to one of my very favorite bands.  There is so much more I could say about the day and how fun and surreal it all was, but I'll let the photos do most of the talking this time around.  Thanks to my pal Gowa for making this trip the absolute best!  Oh, and Dr. Dog has an Etsy shop which I think is the cutest thing ever.

Happy Monday, friends!

Friday, March 28


*Instagram life
*We lost our practice space for a while, so there has been a lot of this in my house lately
*The warmer weather has felt amazing after this long, long winter.  I know two girls who have been extra excited.
*New thrifted record player
*This picture kills me.  Poe sits on Johnny's lap every morning to eat her cereal and I just happened to catch her sweetly holding her daddy's hand.  Oh, man.

Life has been going full speed in our house lately.  Sometimes I wonder how we will fit everything in during a packed week, be we always seem to make it work.  Burger dates and ice cream trips are necessary, no matter how busy!  Seriously, though-- I can't believe it's almost April!

Happy Friday!

*Shirt in the top photo from Stay Home Club and jeans from ModCloth.

Thursday, March 27

Weekly Wears: Sunshine Days

I'm partnering up with ModCloth today in celebration of their pretty new Festival Style Section.  Normally when I think of "Festival Style" I think of lace, crochet, and muted colors, but to break the norm of the style "boxes" that we can get stuck in, I went for a more colorful and breezy outfit!

Now, if I were actually going to a festival there would be NO WAY you'd catch me in heels.  I would, however, be toting around this apple purse, because I'M IN LOVE, I'M IN LOVE AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT.

Skirt: ℅ ModCloth;  Shirt: similar;  Purse: ℅ ModCloth;  Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

There hasn't been much sun around these parts this week and these photos are making me yearn for sunnier days!  What are you looking most forward to right now?  I have a blog re-design in the works and I've started working on an e-course, so I'm feeling pretty pumped about all of it!  This is my first e-course and I know it's going to be a lot of work, but a lot of fun!  Now, if that sun would just come back and give me that extra little boost of energy!

**I'm still using and loving the new ABM Actions.  These were edited with Lux from the Signature Collection.  Just thought I'd share!

Wednesday, March 26

New Stuff on ABM!

(photos by Sarah Rhodes)
I have some new stuff up over on A Beautiful Mess, so I thought I'd share here as well!  I haven't stopped talky-talking about this Garden Box DIY since it went live yesterday, but I love it so much!  Even more than that, Poesy loves it so much.  Some of you saw a peek of it in her room tour from the other day-- now you can make your own if you want!

I did a post on making your own Dry Shampoo.  Hope said, "Are you gonna put that cinnamon in your hair?!"  Yep. I totally did.

I made a pattern for this traditional style rag doll.  Poesy is loving all of these kid's posts I'm doing lately.  "Is that for meeeeeee???  Aw, Mama, you are so nice."

A little bit of here, there, and everywhere, right?  If any of you ever make anything from my DIYs, I'd love to see! Please be sure to leave me a comment or Tweet at me or something!  I LOVE seeing photos on Instagram.  :)
Happy Wednesday, friends!

Sneaker, Sneaker

Here's a random fact about me:  I have an extensive sneaker collection.  I went through a serious colored sneaker phase lots of years back and have yet to part with any of them.  They're all pretty cool-- maybe I'll get back to wearing them this spring and summer.  I love the look of a t-shirt dress with a cute pair of sneakers... and I'm doing a pretty good job of acquiring all the t-shirt dresses a girl could ever need.  ;)

Dress: ℅ ModCloth;  Denim Jacket: old;  Gola Sneakers: ℅ ModCloth;  Glasses: ℅ BonLook;  Tote Bag: Culture Flock Clothing;  Heart Pin:

I definitely wanted to title this post "Sneaker Pimps" but I figured most people would have no idea what the heck I was talking about.  For those of you who remember that song 6 Underground: high fives!  We cover that in our band and almost no one remembers it.

I hope you are all having a great start to your week!

Monday, March 24

Keeping Up With Poesy's Bedroom

I've been having this constant battle with Poesy's bedroom lately.  The room gets trashed, I clean everything up and tell her she needs to do a better job of picking up her toys, repeat.  The problem was mine, really.  I can't expect a 3 year old to magically pick up toys and put things in their places when they don't have places to begin with.  I've been too busy with going, going, going to put the hours into rearranging her bedroom, so I finally made the time this weekend.  Here's pretty much where I started (minus already moving the bed and a few other things.  I never remember those before pics right at the beginning.)
Hey, people always ask for the uglier side of blogging.  There you go.  ;)

The little sock doll was what Hope made Poesy for Valentine's Day.  So sweet.
This is the biggest (little) toy station.  These baskets hold tons of My Little Pony, Lala Loopsy, Kawaii Crush, etc.  I took the time to separate all of the teeny tiny guys and accessories she plays with constantly, and gave each its own place.  That way, when Poe is finished playing with something I can say, "Okay, clean up time" and she can easily do that.  (The Goldilocks & 3 Bears was needle felted by the very sweet Miss Zali.)
She's really into dress up right now, so a dress up basket and mirror were necessary!
Here, Hope is being Poesy's doctor (she's in the hospital with a broken leg) and Poe is nursing her cat back to health.  Her beautiful quilt was handmade by LWPH Sews.  Such a talent, she is.
I try to do a good job of rotating her toys so things stay exciting and new.  The cardboard playhouse left the bedroom this round (even though it was hard for me to see that go) and the baby dolls have come back upstairs.  She got the puppet theater for her birthday in January and I really wanted to put it in a place that daily shows would be encouraged.  She had been asking for her little table recently, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to subtract the trampoline (which is a complete eyesore) and put up a little table station.  I tried to take the kitchenette out to stick a comfy chair in the corner, but both girls opposed.  That's fine by me.  I love that thing.

Poesy is elated with her room now and keeps saying, "I WILL pick up all my toys, Mama."  I believe it, because now she has a place to put things.  You can see her first bedroom tour right here.  We've acquired so many more play things since then.  Sheesh.  Also, she was still in a crib at that time.  *sniff*

I always want to keep this room filled with the things she enjoys.  Even though I may prefer a perfectly curated room with beautiful wooden toys over lots (and lots) of My Little Ponies, it's her space and I do my best to keep that in mind.  :)