Tuesday, October 27

Well, Lookie There

Yep, lookie there- I have 200 blog followers. That is pretty amazing,
really. You guys are very cool. Thanks for reading my ramblings.


I know this is sort of random, but I've been obsessing over pretty
paper cranes lately. I REALLY want to do something like the last
picture in my home. I think it could be really great, only problem is,
I live in a fairly small house with lots of covered area. I'm not sure
where I would put it. I may have to rework a few
things... ;)

I meant to take some photos of my narwhal brigade, but I was busy
taking photos for a different project. A secrety one. One of those
things that makes you wish you'd thought of it first because it's so much
fun. I'll tell you more when I can. For now I must go- carpal tunnel is
showing its ugly face and I need to curb it. You know, with all the sewing
and whatnot that I need my hands for. Nighty night. xo Katie


  1. Hi! I just wanted to let you know I featured some of your cute little guys on my blog.
    I'm a big fan! :)

  2. Aw, thanks! I hope you get all of it (dreaming for you)! ;)

  3. How about using your cranes as a kind of window shade rather than hanging them mid room...that way when the window is open they'll take flight a bit.

  4. I used to make those cranes obsessively when I was at school. I never knew what to do with them though. If only I'd seen these beautiful hangings 10 years ago!