Friday, July 30

Packing My Bags...

It's true... I'm packing our bags because we leave for vacation on Sunday!  Wow, I can't believe it's almost here.  I know as soon as my friend Julie reads this, she's going to be shaking her head at me for telling people we'll be away from our house (you know, because of robbers and bad guys), but don't worry.  We'll have people here, so there won't be a vacant house for anyone to rob.  ;))  Haha- I got scolded when we were house sitting, for telling everyone that we were alone out in the middle of nowhere.  Sorry, mama Julio.  ;)

I'll be updating the blog while we're away, I'm sure, so I won't have to miss all of you toooooo much.  For now I have to finish cleaning my room... I don't know why I can't just put my clothes away, but I have 3 different MOUNDS to pick up.  Do any of you do that?  I can't figure it out.

Have a wonderful Friday!  I'm hoping to score another piece of my new favorite pie: peach-raspberry.  Yum!  xoxo Katie

Thursday, July 29

Workin' Hard or Hardly Workin'?

The answer to that question would be a very big, "Workin' hard!"  Though I don't have much stock built because I've been working on lots of custom orders, here's what I have built for Renegade so far.  There are actually a couple more pieces... wall hangings to be exact.  For some reason it didn't cross my mind to photograph them until now.  Anyway, I love doing updated pictures like this and watching the numbers grow.  They go from a small family to a very large one!

Aaaahhhhh... my little family.  :)  I'm going to TRY to have a few little fawns with me at Renegade (and probably keep the original), and after September I'll put some in the shop.  Also, here's a little fella who's getting ready to travel around the world:

Jules, I can't wait to see your pictures! 
Jules is a lucky duck.  She got the last monkey from my last bit of found fabric for this guy.  Until I find fabric that I find suitable, there will be no more monkeys.  

That's all for tonight.  Time for me to enjoy a slice of pie and work on my next newbie.  :) 
xoxo Katie

Tuesday, July 27

Things to Come

As I'm looking toward the end of the year and mapping out what will be taking place, I'm doing my best not to get overwhelmed!  There are so many out of town adventures, new and old friends to visit with, and work to be done, it's hard not to get a little excited.  My default setting seems to be panic at times, but I'm not going to get overly stressed.  I'm only going to do the amount of work my body can physically do, I'm not going to worry about not knowing where we'll be living, I won't even let myself stress about meet-ups with new friends and first impressions.  I'm going to be a calm, cool, and collected version of myself.  At least, that's what I've promised for today.  ;)

(This video doesn't really relate to this post.  We've just been enjoying the new Kula Shaker album immensely, and I thought I'd share a bit.  :))

For now, I'll focus on this week, which is full of birthdays, cleaning, and packing.  We leave for vacation in 5 DAYS!!!  xoxo Katie

P.S. Thank you, THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments about the fawn.  It really warms my heart.  <3

Saturday, July 24

My Sweet (New) Companion

Hours... hours... hours were spent on this little sweetie.  I guess with the amount of time I spent on her, I feel like I can be more than a bit proud.  :)  It's not very often that I work something out in my head and it turns out exactly as I had planned, but this is one of those very rare times.  I love her!  She'll be traveling to Renegade Chicago with me in September.

I'm so happy to finally feel like I had my creativity back again!  I have so many things in the works... I can't wait to get some more new things made up!  I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

xoxo Katie

Thursday, July 22

A Morning Full of Shrinking

Hope and I spent the morning making Shrinky Dinks, and I have to say, watching plastic shrivel is A+++ fun!  We made presents for cousins, necklaces for ourselves, and everything else we could think of!

Photo via this Flickr

We had quite the grand time.  Do any of you still Shrinky Dink?

 xoxo Katie

Monday, July 19

Music Monday: Local Natives

...Because I seriously CAN'T get enough of this band.

Happy Monday!  xoxo Katie

Thursday, July 15

Closet Clean-Out!

I have decided to part with some of my precious things.  Hopefully they can find loving, new homes with some of you.  Instead of opening up a new Etsy, or dealing with Ebay, I'm going to just list the items here.  If you are interested in one or more, please email me at  This is a first come, first serve basis, so please be sure to use the proper email address.  :)

 Piece #1 (Boutique Dress)- $60.00  SOLD
bust: 17 inches
waist: 15 inches
length: 36 inches

Piece #2 (Urban Outfitters Dress)- $40.00 SOLD
bust: 13 inches
waist: 15 inches
length: 31 inches

Piece #3 (Vintage Dress)- $30.00  SOLD
bust: 16 inches
waist: 14 inches
length: 32 inches

Piece #4 (Free People Shirt)- $40  SOLD
bust: 13 inches
waist: 11 inches
length: 19 inches

Piece #5 (Vintage Dress)- $25.00  SOLD
bust: 13 inches (unstretched)
waist: 9 inches (unstretched)
length: 37 inches (unfinished hem)

Piece #6 (ModCloth Dress)- $25.00   SOLD
bust: 16 inches
waist: 16 inches
length: 33 inches

Piece #7 (Vintage Skirt)- $20
waist: 13 inches
length: 24 inches

Happy shopping!!!  xoxo Katie

Tuesday, July 13


Sigh.  I sure adore daisies.

They're my favorite.  :)  xo Katie

Monday, July 12

Music Monday: Noah and the Whale

I've decided to take some wisdom from my sweet friend Liz and
just post a song for every Music Monday (can we say smart cookie?).
That way I (hopefully) won't feel so overwhelmed by sharing an
artist every week.

This week, it's Noah and the Whale.  :)

Happy Monday!  xoxo Katie

Friday, July 9

Friday Peeks

Hooray, it's Friday!  For me, Friday means frantically cleaning, because I have house guests coming tomorrow!  It's okay though, I'm really looking forward to having this specific company staying at my home.  While I'm breaking, I thought I'd drop by and give you a sneak peek at my closet clean-out.  I haven't forgotten about it... my partner in crime has been a tad busy and has not yet brought my dress form from the basement so I can take pictures.  Fingers crossed for next week!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!!!  xoxo Katie

Tuesday, July 6

Things I Love About Summer

Summer is definitely in full swing around here!  While I'm trying to stay caught up on orders and prep for Renegade Chicago, life is charging around me.  Lunch dates, pool time, house guests, vacation planning, last minute drives to Branson to pick up dream guitars, and friends, friends, friends... it's great.  :)  The best part is the amount of time I get to spend with my little Hope.  There is always such a change in her personality over summer.  Less negativity, less shyness and inhibition... it really gives me perspective and reminds me of how hard school can be... even in elementary school.  Anyway, as this is a happy post, here are a few pictures of what we've been up to lately:

I made my own tags with some linen and a typewriter.  I love them. :)

Fireworks watching.

Sadly, I did forget my camera, but we still haven't shot off the $20 worth of fireworks we bought, so who knows... maybe more fireworks pictures to come.

This cutie sloth is on her way to her new home. :)

Road Trips.

Lunch dates.  :)

Summer days and dream guitars. 

I hope your Summer is beautiful.  xoxo Katie  (P.S. Sorry about the weird spacing with the text.  I'm having a lot of problems with Blogger lately.)

Monday, July 5

Household Favorite.

Most of you already know of Heidi Kenney.  She is Hope's absolute favorite.  Absolute.  Here is another great example of why:

Can I please live in this?  Go see more photos of this here.  xo Katie

Thursday, July 1

Cookie Party!

In my circle of friends, there are only a couple of ways that I'm "famous".  Okay,
so famous may be overstating it, but if you ask my pals, I'm usually known
for cooking or baking, and my silly love for dresses.
(also, some of them would share that I'm highly opinionated
when it comes to music, but we'll skip that one)  ;)  Today I'm going to share a
recipe that seems to be my go-to cookie.  There are very few ingredients, and these
cookies are seriously SO YUMMY!

Katie's Peanut Butter Cookies

1 cup peanut butter
1 cup brown sugar
1 egg
sprinkling of sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Mix ingredients well in large bowl.  Roll dough into
1 1/2 - 2 inch balls.  Using a fork, scoop a bit of sugar and press fork into ball to flatten. 
Repeat, crossing the opposite direction.  Bake for approximately 8 minutes.


These cookies are SUPER rich, so even though this recipe only makes about a dozen,
they still go pretty far.  The picture above doesn't have the sugar or Xs on top, because
these were for my step-dad for Father's Day, and they had added Reese's Peanut Butter chips. 

If there is a recipe you'd like to share here on my blog, please email me at  I'd love to have you!

Have a lovely day, Friends!  xoxo Katie