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Monday, June 23

Garden Soulmates

My friend Michelle is kinda my gardening soulmate.  She has a pretty impressive garden and whenever I have questions about my own, she's the first person I ask.  It's nice having someone like that around-- especially since I think gardening is one of the most fun things to talk about.  You have to be able to release that somewhere, otherwise you may just exhaust the rest of your friends who don't really care about gardening.

In celebration of summer, we took a little trip out to Funtiques at Green Gallery for some plant and vintage shopping.  We came out with almost identical boxes of plants and a few little vintage pieces (I bought a hamper).  All in all, it was an excellent morning.  You can see more Funtiques goodness on the Great Dates post I did with Elsie.  It's a wonderful place!

I hope you all had a super weekend!  We had a weekend packed with friends and BBQs and concerts.  A+++!

Necklace: Shlomit Ofir; Backpack: Bali ELF;  Dress: Urban Outfitters

Tuesday, April 8

Baker Creek Seed Festival

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to an heirloom seed festival this weekend.  I'd honestly never heard of such a thing before, so it was all a bit of a learning experience for me.  There were pretty plants and old-timey shops (I bought the girls bonnets OF COURSE) and cinnamon rolls the size of your face.  We spent the day strolling around and soaking it all up.  (Michelle took that top photo)

I got to watch a rug making demonstration, we stopped in the opry house for some sweet music, and I zoned out for a LOOOOONNNGGG time choosing seeds from the many, many varieties. 

It was a really good day.  If you want to see a better, more beautiful version of our trip, you definitely need to check out my friend Katie Day's blog.  That girl has some serious photography skills that I can't even begin to understand.  (She took the above photo of me with Michelle.)  After I saw her post I thought, "This day was good, but I didn't realize it was so MAGICAL."  She's got the eye, I tell ya.

If these people look a little familiar, maybe you remember them from my mom group posts.  We've been terrible about getting together throughout the winter, but now spring is here and we are planning all the mom/kid hangouts!  

Monday, March 31

Let's Go On An Adventure

Recently, Johnny and I had the pleasure of taking a couple days out of the week to travel to St. Louis.  We don't travel much unless there is a reason, and the reason for this trip was seeing Dr. Dog live.  Here are some photos from that (awesome) trip:

Remember when I was talking about how good-crazy the internet can be? Well, we made some internet-turned-real-life-friends that day.  Plus, I got us lost in a scary part of town, did some vintage shopping, dumped pizza all over my lap, watched sound check, stayed at one of our favorite places, and hung on a tour bus belonging to one of my very favorite bands.  There is so much more I could say about the day and how fun and surreal it all was, but I'll let the photos do most of the talking this time around.  Thanks to my pal Gowa for making this trip the absolute best!  Oh, and Dr. Dog has an Etsy shop which I think is the cutest thing ever.

Happy Monday, friends!

Thursday, March 13

Good Crazy

Johnny and I were having this conversation recently about how crazy the internet is.  Good crazy.  Sure it has its share of bad crazy, but let's not focus on that right now.  So, yeah... back to the good crazy.  That whole making friends off the internet thing?  Good crazy.  You know, like, the "meet them on Twitter or Instagram and become real life, face-to-face" kind of friends.  Sometimes I step back and think, "My younger self wouldn't even understand this world we live in now."  It's cool.  I remember the first time I had an internet meet-up… explaining to your friends and family that you were going to meet up with someone you met online was not easy… and they looked at you like you had just lost your mind.  Sure, you should still be really careful, but my mind is blown at how many real life friends in different states (and even countries) I've met through online interaction.  So yeah… totally stating the obvious here, but sometimes it's crazy (good) to just step back and let yourself smile and be amazed at this new way to find kindred spirits.  I have the internet to thank for so many forever friends.  :)

Monday, October 21

Colorado Travels

We have been enjoying some time in Colorado Springs with Rachel and Holly, and Emma and Elsie.  It's been fun and relaxing (and a little chilly... brr).  We fly back home tomorrow, so for now we are soaking up all the time we can!

Friday, September 20

What's Your High and Low of the Day?

I can remember the first time we were sitting around with a group of pals and my friend Brittany leans over and says, "Okay.  What's your daily high and low?  What's your high moment of the day, and what's your low moment of the day?"  Then everyone went around the table and recognized their great moments and their not-so great moments. Now whenever we all get together, everyone goes around the table and we all share.

I love this so much for so many reasons.  What better way to really get a glimpse into someone's life AND really get to know them than to listen?  It makes me feel so loved when all my friends are willing to listen to the important things, but also the things like "I REALLY stubbed my toe on my bike that was sitting in the living room and I saw red for a minute!"

It's also a good reminder to not just put on a happy face and clothe yourself in all of the "good" things, but to be real and acknowledge that life is life and it's healthy to recognize all facets.  Out loud.  Whoa. ;)

So... what's your daily high and low?

Tuesday, September 10

Playing Photographer

A couple of weekends ago I helped my friends Brittany and Summer (who is also the bass player in my band) shoot the Fall line for their t-shirt company, Culture Flock.  We rounded up a bunch of our friends on the hottest day of Summer (seriously) and pretended the weather was much cooler and we were much less sweaty.  ;)

I'm not really a pro photographer, but it's fun to help out friends when I can.  I was amazed at how dang photogenic our friends are.  They all did so well!  Oh, and if you are wondering-- just like outfit photos, Johnny shot all the pictures of me.  He has a little practice.  ;)

If you have a sec, pop over to Culture Flock and have a look around.  I love those girls to pieces!

Tuesday, September 3

Labor Day

Our Labor Day was a good one.  Some of our friends invited us over for swimming and grilling, and it was so nice to just relax by the pool all day.  There were some intense games of Bagg-O (we always called it "Cornhole"-- who knew?), a squirt gun fight, and maybe even a ghost story or two.  Actually, I think there were a lot of ghost stories-- Hope set up her own haunted house under a raft in the pool and brought people in one by one.  ;)

Did you do anything fun over the holiday?  Leave me a link if you blogged about it!

**My sunglasses are from BonLook, and my suit is pieced together from UO and H&M.  :)