Friday, August 29


I just got a convo from a girl who said she saw one of my little creatures in Small Magazine. Of course I was excited and had to check this out, so I Googled Small Magazine and was blown away. The pictures are so beautiful... I just want to live in them. I can't believe I've never heard of this lovely magazine. Then, I found the page where Suzanna was residing, and it was kind of like living in it. Obviously I'm just a tiny, tiny drop in these very amazing pages, but I'm just elated to play a part. So, thanks, Heather. You've made my day.

Wednesday, August 27

Everything is Cuter in 2s

Seriously, everything is cuter when you have multiples. Example:

These are new in my shop. They were actually a custom order for a really nice girl, but then I thought-- hey, why not offer custom owl couples to everyone? So these are entirely custom to the buyer, meaning they pick the color palette for accent fabrics, or even specific fabrics they may have seen on other creatures in my shop. It excites me.

Quote of the day

Okay, so I realize to have a quote of the day means, in theory, that I should be posting one everyday. Nope. Here's my quote of the day:

"If we can't fit a baby, we definitely don't have room for James Spader."

Tell your friends, say it lots.

Tuesday, August 26

Every Nephew Needs a Pirate...

My nephew Chase's birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I thought I'd share the little pirate I made for him. He's a little Metro... and maybe there's a hint of sailor... but I think his chest hair really sells him...

Speaking of birthdays, Hope's 6th birthday was this weekend and she had a blast! It was almost all little girls, so as you can imagine, there was A LOT of squealing and screaming.

My father-in-law's birthday is today, so I made him this:

He's WAY into deer hunting... he'll probably be horrified by this... I don't care, Johnny and I think it's hilarious... probably because we can imagine the face he'll make... hee, hee...

Monday, August 25

Shop update!

Today is the perfect day for a shop update. It's beautiful outside, my page is mostly empty, and I've added a new friend. Meet Camille:

She's pretty and sleepy and I'm quite fond of her.

Friday, August 22

Plushie flowers and beautiful vases...

Here's the flower I made for this beautiful vintage vase. It will be for sale in my shop on Monday when I do my update... that is, if I can force myself to part with it...

Thursday, August 21

New in the shop

This is Simon. He was inspired by a very nice girl named Angela. He's my new friend and I'm a bit sad to see him go... sniff, sniff...

Tuesday, August 19

Finds at the Flea Market

I love flea markets. I mean, how could you not? I was wallowing in self-pity yesterday and decided to treat myself to fun times at one of the best flea markets I've been to.

First, I found this sweet little bird whistle.
I have these vague memories of a whistle
I used to toot over and over from when I
was young, and this excited me.

Next, I found these cute kittie pictures. At the time I was wishing for a nursery to decorate (not one of my own) because these would be so perfect.

Johnny spotted this jewelry box, siting that it looked
like something I would love. And, while it was cute,
I wasn't sold until I realized it was a music box. When you
open the drawer the it plays a song and the tiny bird
swings back and forth. It is so beautiful.

This enchanting vase will soon be listed in my shop under my new line of plush flowers in vintage vases. She is so lovely... Hope thinks we should keep her...

Monday, August 18

The worst day... EVER.

Today really felt like the worst day ever. Nothing bad actually happened... that is, unless you count sending your one and only baby nugget off to the time-sucking black hole otherwise known as KINDERGARTEN!!!

This is Hope. She is my favorite and my best.

This morning I had to drop her off in sea of kids to spend 7 hours in a sing-songie, primary-colored prison. Okay, so I'm exaggerating a tad... it can't be that bad, right?

An unassuming, happy face on her way to school...

then realizing what's going on. I want to reassure her that I'm not purposefully abandoning her, the state is making me. And, I realize home school is an option, but she's quite socially awkward already, I fear holing her up in the house with no friends or siblings... just MOM... hee, hee, hee... would allow her to be entirely reclusive. I know, I know, not all home school kids are odd...

I suppose this is just a bit of venting after a day of change. I spent most of it with that pukey feeling in my belly, wishing the time would pass faster... holding back the tears. It sucks when you're little one is, by definition, no longer little and shipped off for a good chunk of the day.

Lesson learned today: when life gives you lemons, you turn right around... and punch it in the face!

Saturday, August 16

More Beautiful Things...

These are some more wonderful things I've found on Etsy...

I love this print by Ashley G. I've renamed it "Katie and Hope: quality time"... hee, hee...

This dress from Wear It is so cute and looks totally comfy.

These sweet hair pins from Cookoorikoo are already on their way to me. Check out her blog... you won't be disappointed.

This little mushroom from Little Love Blue is so darling.

And this is the necklace I HAVE to have. It is so amazing. Laurel Hill has really outdone herself with this piece. As soon as I figure out what text to have stamped on it, it will be mine.

Thursday, August 14

YAY 100!

I honestly didn't expect it to happen so fast. I'm notorious for getting overly excited about things and ultimately being let down... but not this time! I hit 100 right on the head! Yay!!!!

So, a big thank you to Lemon Pizza for her purchase! And, Sweet Baby Jackalope is my 100th sale, which is wonderful because I love him so! Thanks to everyone who has helped me get here (is it just me or is this beginning to sound like an Emmy speech?), I love you all!

Wednesday, August 13

Skunkboy is so close to 100!

I'm a sentimental person... my family knows this. They bought me cake and threw me a mini party when I hit 50 sales. So, now I'm 2 away from 100 and I'm so excited! I know everything will be the same once I actually hit 100, but I don't care-- I can't wait! Maybe there will even be a trophy...

Tuesday, August 12

She works hard for the money...

I wish I was going to be selling at Renegade. But, I'm just a baby. A "newbie" if you will. I think I may crap my pants when I see all of the awesome art that will be at this place and the overwhelming punch of experiencing it in Chicago... well, it just may knock me to the ground. If you have ever known me, you know about Chicago. If you don't, just know that I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE Chicago. And, yes, I do have a bad habit of idealizing places... you know, like Pennsylvania... but I'm very excited to be going. So, hopefully I'll be meeting some new friends in person and I'll come home with the experience of going... and some awesome loot. And who knows? Maybe I'll be selling there someday... when I grow up.

Thursday, August 7

I got a Rhodes, I got a Rhodes, I got a Rhodes, hey, hey, hey...

So far I'm not ultra good at keeping this as a crafty blog. Today I don't care. Today I bought myself a Fender Rhodes. Yes, it's true that I already own one vintage electronic piano, but the Wurly and the Rhodes have very different sounds, and this one was 15 or so miles from my house and just the right price. So there you have it... I now own a Rhodes... please address me as
Gene Eugene.

I'll be wrapped in super mellow diddies and chocolatey sweet melodies for the next 20 years or so... please do not disturb...

A new friend...

I rarely have time to make anything new right now, but every now and again I put responsibility on hold and do something a bit more inspired. Here she is:

Her name is Lotta and she is for sale in my shop.

Saturday, August 2

I love my accordion.

I really do love my accordion. Plus, being a girl in a band means you have all of these preconceived notions to overcome. It gives me some sort of credibility I suppose. I mostly just love it because it's fun.

I'm in love with this print from Roadside. I am this guy... only with pigtails.

The accordion necklace is from The Sparrow Fist. I need it to wear with my tiny harmonica.

And this guy is boss.

My accordion and I are very happy together. I love you accordion!

Growing... evolving... getting better...

I've always been the type of person who learns by doing. That's how I learned to play piano, make jewelry (when that was happening), and sew. So, I thought it would be fun to see how my creatures have evolved over the past year.



Gallop used to be named A Good Horse after the Cardigans song.

I'll share more then and now pics as my blogging life continues.