Friday, June 29


These are snapshots from the past week or so.  Little pieces of our world.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, June 28

Hello. A DIY

For the sake of the blog, we'll call this a DIY, but really it was just a fun project Hope and I whipped up.  She's been very interested in foreign language lately, so yesterday as we were reading into "hello" in different languages, we came up with a way to incorporate them into a little art piece.

Supplies:  Pretty paper.  Window crayons.
*We used window crayons because they are very gummy and easy to spread around the paper.

Steps:  Write on pretty paper with window crayons.
*See?  This is less than a DIY.

When we were finished Hope said, "Can we really hang this in our house?"  Yes, silly girl.  Of course.

Side note:  I cannot wait to be rid of these brown walls.  The count down to moving has begun. (!)

Really, if you decide you don't want to write on your pretty paper you can always write the words on the outside of the glass.  The window crayons are removable on slick surfaces, so you could always change it up.

Tuesday, June 26

Weekly Wears: Sunshine is Delicious

I think I own more shorts this year than I ever have in my whole life.  Have I just gotten better at wearing shorts?  Nah.  It's probably that it's easier to find cute shorts these days.  These shorts are about the best thing ever for summer.  They are breezy like a dress, but they don't fly up around my middle when a gust of wind makes an appearance.  That's never very fun.

 Shorts: c/o ModCloth;  Tank: Marshall's;  Shoes: c/o Ugglebo Clogs;  Tote: c/o Alphabet Totes;  Scarf (worn as belt): thrifted;  Necklace: c/o Shlomit Ofir

Thanks, guys, for your sweet comments on Hope's blog post.  She really is SO into gymnastics right now.  It's really adorable.  I do wish she would post more, but I don't want to be pushy.  I want blogging to be something she enjoys, and not have it turn into a chore.  That's mostly why we don't hear much from her these days... probably after summer is over and life slows down a bit Hope will make a more regular appearance again.  Right now there is so much swimming to do and ice cream to be consumed.  ;)

Okay, I am taking a little day trip tomorrow, so I need to go pack up some things.  I hope you have a lovely rest of the night and a wonderful Wednesday!!


Guest Post: Hope Hearts Gymnastics

**Just in case there are any newish readers out there who may not know, my daughter Hope used to guest blog bi-weekly here on my blog.  It doesn't happen as often these days, but when it does it's always a sweet treat (at least for me).

Hi, everybody!  Long time no see!  I've been really busy so I haven't been writing much.  Anyway, today I want to talk about gymnastics.  I started gymnastics about a month ago and I REALLY like it!  Last week I got to do a gymnastics camp which means a 2 hour class for 4 DAYS IN A ROW!!  I just graduated from Level 1 and I will be starting Level 2 on Wednesday.  I don't mean to brag or anything, but my coach said I'm almost ready for Level 3!

My favorite parts about gymnastics are:
*the bars
*the balance beam
*the trampoline

I'm learning to walk backwards on the balance beam and do cartwheels on it.  We also started working on back handsprings last week!  I still need to be spotted but it is lots of fun!

Poesy can't wait until she is big enough to do gymnastics.  She is always running out on the mat and doing somersaults and jumping around.  My parents are constantly chasing her around.  She is very determined to do what the big kids are doing.

Oh!  Another favorite thing about gymnastics is being in class with my friends.  Two of my friends in my class I've known since I was a baby and they are home schooled too.  After class every week we go out and grab dinner and sometimes they come too.

Okay.  Thanks for reading.  You guys are good blog friends!

Friday, June 22

Weekend Roundup

Hello, friends!  This week has been extra crazy (good).  Let me just pause and be a super proud parent for a second.  Hope started taking gymnastics about 6 weeks ago and has fallen deeply in love.  She had gymnastics camp all week this week (which is why I've been running around like crazy and been extra quiet over on Twitter and Instagram), and has powered through the Level 1 class.  We'll be signing her up for Level 2 tomorrow and she's all kinds of excited.  It makes me so happy to see the joy in her eyes when she talks about it, or when she is (CONSTANTLY) showing me this or that flippy flip.  It's adorable!

Okay, I'm here for a weekend roundup, so here we go:

Lucky Jackson is starting her author week soon and I'm so excited to see what she comes up with!  If somehow you haven't heard about the 365 Lucky Days project, I would recommend reading up on it.  She is an artist I have endless admiration for.

If you were to ask me for a list of favorite blogs, Pacing the Panic Room would be somewhere near the top.  I especially love, love, loved reading about this family's new wall garden.  I can't wait to have a place where we can do something similar in the near future. 

For those of you who mentioned they were looking for a bigger bag that would easily hold a camera, look at this one from ModCloth!  I'm fighting with myself right now because I JUUUUST bought a bag, but this one is pretty much perfect for me.  Sunshiney, pockets a-plenty, and shoulder strap = yes, please.

 My lovely sponsor Ugglebo is having a great sale that has been extended through the weekend.  From now until the 24th everything is 30-50% off!  This is my favorite pair of clogs on sale right now.  Also, can someone please take me to one of these sweet Swedish Midsummer's Eve celebrations?  I think that would be so much fun.

Speaking of Ugglebo, here is the winner of the Ugglebo Giveaway:
Congrats, Gwyneth!  You will be contacted shortly.  :)

As for the rest of you, I hope you have a marvelous weekend!  We have gymnastics bright and early in the morning, and plan to do a little more swimming, eat ice cream (seriously, my family needs an ice cream intervention), and maybe hit the movies... not all in one day, though.  That would be quite ambitious.  ;)

Thursday, June 21

Snapshots: Patio Party

I blogged recently about carrying my camera around more and just enjoying the little bits of life captured in photos.  So far it's been amazing and I've been loving it.  I have folders and folders of everyday life, and I know I will cherish these pictures in the future.  Here are some snapshots from a little spontaneous patio party we had.

Before you get all excited (Vanessa), no, we didn't get a dog.  We are dog-sitting for Johnny's mom right now, so Miss Carly has been joining in on our family fun.

Poor Poe needs a trim so badly, but I just can't bring myself to cut her hair!  I keep it pulled back as much as possible, but she loooooves to rip barrettes right out.  She doesn't seem to mind the hair in her face, so maybe we'll just power through.  ;)

I hope you are having a lovely week so far!