Wednesday, September 30

This One's For You...

Happy Birthday, Berecca. You are a wonderful BFF and
crafty companion. I loves you.

I mean, really... who else is gonna act like an 8th grader with me?
No one. That's who. :D

Tuesday, September 29


I've been meaning to thank some of the people who have been so kind to me over the past month or so... compliments, treasuries, that sort of thing... but I haven't gotten around to it, mostly because I'm easily side tracked. It always leaves an impression though, when someone you admire gives you some blog love. Today my heart is full. You can see a write up about me over on The Constant Gatherer blog. Katie Runnels' art is so beautiful and inspiring. I'm completely honored.

This is my favorite piece from her shop. It's so pretty, and I just love swans. Anyway, a big thank you to Katie. Pop over to her blog and shop and spread the love, if you get a chance. :)

One more bit: thanks to Elsie for featuring Ghostie on her super cute blog. If you haven't been to Elsie's blog, check it out. You won't be sorry. I think I'll be taking Rebecca by her shop on Thursday.

Don't forget the giveaway, and have a sweet day. I know I will- it's so cold here! xoxo Katie

Monday, September 28

Giveaway Again!!!

My BFF Rebecca's birthday is on Thursday and I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway in honor of her! Sign your name in the comments section, because Thursday October 1st I will be letting her draw the winner. Here's what you are playing for:

Yep, it's Ghostie!!! Sign up!

Weekend Treasures

Here are a few of the thing I picked up this weekend:

Not really from this weekend, but awesome anyway.

When I was little I had a pair of red corduroy overalls that my mother made me. They were my favorite thing to wear, and I did so until I couldn't fit in them anymore. This dress makes me feel like I'm wearing those overalls again, which makes it the best dress I could ever have. Happy Monday. <3 Kate

Sunday, September 27

Adventures in Photo Journalism

Okay, not really. I would never claim to be any sort of Photo Journalist. This will be a heavy pic post, though.

Our weekend was disappointing, yet very fun. Every place we were looking forward to going was a disappointment, and all of the fun surprises came as, well, surprises. Here's a glimpse of what we did:

My new friend Robin. She is so super sweet!

Overcame that pesky Alpaca fear. :)

This girl went crazy once she saw our Blythes and asked to hold them. She was a lot of fun.

And, yes, this boy was there, too- even though he hates getting his picture taken, I snapped one anyway.

The end. I'll share my wares tomorrow-- I think that's enough pics for tonight. xoxo Katie

Friday, September 25

It's Strange Folk Weekend!

We are taking hope to face her greatest fear this weekend... Alpacas. That's right, my child is terrified of Alpacas, but it's really not her fault. We took her to the Strange Folk Festival last year, and while in the pen with the gentle beasts, somehow she got kicked. I snapped the picture right as it was happening (an accident, I promise).

My pictures should be happier this year. :D I'm off to finish packing. The Blythes are waiting patiently...

Have a fantastic weekend!!! xoxo Katie

Tuesday, September 22

Things to Get

A list of things to get... you know, when I become rich and stuff... ;)

This coat:

These curtains:

This dress:

This bag:

Off to eat some homemade apple pie! Have a cozy night!!!


Happy Monsters of Folk day! If I lived in a town with a decent record store (or one at all, really) I would have already purchased the new album. Friday, Friday for me.

P.S. Happy Autumn!

xoxo Katie

Monday, September 21

Hello, Monday!

Hello, Monday! You've been a fun day filled with lunching with friends, buying new blinds, flea marketing just a little, and drastic changes in weather. I love you. Thanks for chilly rain and delicious tea.

These friends are now in the shop. Just thought I'd let you know! Also, I have a new shop banner, so any comments would be appreciated. Have a lovely evening!

Sunday, September 20

A Ghost, A Ghost!

I kept brainstorming about what specialty item I wanted to make for Halloween this year, but couldn't decide on anything concrete. I really liked the idea of a black owl or a revision of Ghost Kitty, was was being really indecisive. Then this happened!

I'm so excited! I love Ghostie more than any Halloween thing ever. She will be in the shop tomorrow if you want to get one of your own. Happy Sunday!

Friday, September 18

Yay! Friday!

Really the only thing different about weekends in my home is that Hope doesn't have to go to school. Otherwise, I'm still working and J's still working... I still love them though. Having the girly around is always great!

Here's the result from the "poll" yesterday:


I love her now! I knew she still needed something that I couldn't figure out. This suits her very nicely. Thank you all so much for your help! (Still needs a name, if that's not asking too much...)

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know I've been talking a lot about spray paint lately. Here's what I've been up to:


Sorry my head has to be in this shot. It was the only picture of the cabinet I could find. Not so great at remembering the "Before" pictures...


I sanded all of the old dark brown paint off of the legs and found this pretty natural wood underneath. $10 cabinet, you look pretty! I still need to line the back in vintage paper, but you get the general feel for now. I've been on this quest to brighten up my living room-- tired of the whole cave thing. Even though sometimes that is still super cozy...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I will be doing a little bit of traveling and preparing my downstairs for a very wonderful set of house guests! <3>

Thursday, September 17

I Could Really Use Your Opinion

I mostly finished this fawn last night, but it still needs something. I just can't decide what it should be. I'm pretty sure I know which one I am going to use, but the opinions I've gotten from others so far make me doubt my own. This is where you come in. Which do you like best?

Your comments are very much appreciated! xoxo Katie

Wednesday, September 16

Oh Boy, It's Wednesday

I don't have anything new to share today-- I got caught up in finishing season 3 of Dexter last night and didn't finish what I was working on. Just know that soon a little fawn will be gracing this blog. Until then, some Etsy favorites!

The prettiest vintage baby dress from Pony Party.

Perfect art from Oh My Cavalier.

Amazing fabric from Lisa Congdon.

Adore this romper from Lulu Finder.

Albino squirrel from Sleepyking!

I'm off to finish spray painting a shelf and then make some homemade pizza. I hope your Wednesday is just dandy! <3 Katie

Tuesday, September 15

Monsters of Folk

I am SO EXCITED about Monsters of Folk. SO. EXCITED. I've been listening to some songs on their myspace page today, I just can't wait till it comes out. Sept 22, Baby!

Oh, and btw, Dot the Snail is in the shop, in case anyone wants to snatch her up! I'll be working on some more new stuff tonight, so wish me luck! xo Kate

Monday, September 14

These Busy Fingers...

It's true. I always, always, always talk about how busy I am-- whether it's with work, life, or music, you can bet it's something. September is no different... except that I'm building myself a sweet little bit of stock. Here are some friends that have kept me busy over the past couple of weeks:

My studio is getting happier and happier. :D I wish they could all come alive and dance or something. Here are my two newest friends:

Size reference.

You have already seen her, but she got some new rosy cheeks and a better photo shoot.

And, here's another size reference. I get to see them in person, so I know just how big they are, but I realized this weekend that I should give some sort of reference point so that you will too. Hope this Monday is treating you well. See you soon. <3 <3 <3 K