Monday, October 26


Once upon a time, we were recording some songs in a studio not too far from here. Hope was with us that day, and being incredibly patient. We decided to go outside to get some fresh air, because this studio really was more like a cave, and sunlight sounded refreshing. As we were enjoying the outdoors, a dog came up to us. As Hope was petting it, the dog realized Hope looked like a tasty snack and ATTACKED her. By attacked, I mean jumped up and bit her throat! Ferociously. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. That dog's name was Rosco.

There is this game that Hope loves to play now. She will say, "You be Rosco and I'll be Hope," and Johnny will pretend to be that dog, jumping up and biting her throat. It's a little disturbing and demented, but also slightly humorous. I tell you this, because A) this game was happening in my house last night (yet, again) and B) because I am in love with a band called Midlake. I listened to this song today, and just laughed. Oh, Rosco(e).

Have a great day! <3 Katie

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