Monday, February 28

Wonderful Weekends

We had another lovely weekend.  The weather was crazy-- extremely cold one day and 70 degrees the next, but if Mother Nature wants to give us a taste of spring, I'm not going to complain!

Little Poe got weighed today.  She's up to 10lbs, 8oz.  That's 8oz more than Hope's birth weight.  Yep, it only took Poesy 7 weeks to catch up with newborn Hope.  I think that is soooo funny.  ;)

I hope your weekend was lovely as well!  I'll be back tomorrow with another Pretty Hair post.  xoxo Katie

Friday, February 25

Things to Make Me Happy

I'm not going to lie, it's been kind of a rough week.  I can't be totally specific
(which is annoying, I know), but it's just been one of those.  In times like
these, you've gotta search for the happy.  You have to push out the negative,
and find some sunshine.  Here are some things that are helping:

 Naps.  Oh my gosh... naps.  They don't happen very often, but when they do it's amazing.

New dresses on the way.  Shallow, I know.  Who doesn't love a pretty new dress, though?

Date nights... complete with unhealthy food.  Sometimes you just have to.  ;)

 Pretty babies snuggled up in slings (and NOT crying).

This song.

Tonight I plan to relax, play cards with friends, get a little extra prettied up for 
no reason, and remember all of the good things in life.  I hope your weekend 
is wonderful.  *hugs* Katie

Thursday, February 24


I got to preview this a couple of days ago.  It makes me so, SO happy.  Like, I kind of want to live in this little video!  The colors... the dresses... the styling... PERFECTION.

Red Velvet Lookbook // Spring 2011 from elsie flannigan on Vimeo.

Time for me to get prettied up for a date!  xoxo Katie

Wednesday, February 23

The Juggling of Things

I have not gotten a decent amount of work done all week.  Why?   

She gives a pretty convincing "feed me or die, woman" glare.  I don't know, maybe she's just bitter about balding... whatever the case, I'm hoping tomorrow is more productive.  I'm sending all of my productive wishes your way this week (we all know they'd be wasted on me ;))!  xoxo Katie

Monday, February 21

Music Monday: Shell Games

Today's pick is "Shell Games" from the new Bright Eyes album.  I get a lot 
of guff for liking Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst, but I can't help myself.  
"I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning" and "Cassadaga" are such great albums.  
I don't care for the albums before these, but the love I have for them 
makes up for it.  ;)

I hope you enjoy!  Happy Monday!!! xoxo Katie

Sunday, February 20

Pretty Hair: Week 1

 I've decided to name this great hair experiment "Pretty Hair".  Here are a couple of pictures of my hair effort from this week:

I haven't ventured out into the world with the milkmaid braids like I had planned... I feel a little too much like a... well... milkmaid.  I'll have to try again soon, I guess.  ;)  I'll be back tomorrow with my first Music Monday post in forevvvvvvver!  For now:  working on custom wedding cake toppers.  xo Katie

Thursday, February 17

A Little Something...

I was planning to save this for the update (whenever that happens ;)), but it's going in the shop tomorrow.  What's better than a deer bust backed with a chalkboard plaque?  I'm excited.  :)

It will be there sometime in the morning... you can follow me on Twitter to find out the exact time if you are interested.  *hugs* Katie

Wednesday, February 16

The New Hair Venture

I just (finally) decided on a New Year's resolution last week.  I am going to make an attempt to "fix" my hair more.  Not just wash and blow dry, but actually style.  I've gotten so lazy about this for some reason!  So far it's going well, but I'm in the first week of it.  I'm thinking some hair inspiration is in order:

Images via

Danielle posted a cute video for milkmaid braids today, and I think my hair might finally be long enough!  I'm cursed with very thin, slow-growing hair... I find myself constantly envying girls with thick locks.  The grass is always greener, huh?  Anyway, I'll do my best to document this new venture.  Are there any other style you can recommend to me?  I definitely need ideas!  xoxo Katie

Tuesday, February 15


I'm just popping by to say hello.  Life has been extra busy (tiring) lately since Poesy's had a little cold, and I haven't even had the energy to open my computer and blog.  I have such a crazy respect for women with twins or triplets!  I can't even imagine...

Before the cold, we had been having lots of fun.  Here's a peek into our weekend:

 Yup... she was spelling what you think... ;D

I spent ALL of Valentine's Day stitching orders for people (locals).  It was exhausting!  Johnny did take me out that evening, and it was SO nice to relax.  We sleepily chatted and stuffed ourselves silly.  It was pretty perfect.  I hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful, too!  Did you do anything special? xoxo Katie

Thursday, February 10

Little Poe: 1 Month Old

My dear little Poesy (aka: Poe, Poe Poe, Poe Bear, Jelly Bean, Little Bit, etc...) is 1 month old today!  In celebration I snuggled her extra lots today.  ;)  I plan to document her growth monthly, so here's the 1 month installation:

Here's a little bit of photo honesty for you.  Having a newborn around is like this a lot of the time.

Having a newborn around is also like this a lot of the time.  The best.  

Happy 1st month, Poe!  xo. Mommy

Valentine's Bunny

Dear Valentine's bunny, please bring the following:

These shoes.

This print.

This dress.

And this necklace.

What?  You say there's no Valentine's bunny?  Don't be ridiculous.  xoxo Katie

Wednesday, February 9


Remember a while back when I won a giveaway over on the Bleubird Vintage blog?
I've been so anxious to receive our custom portrait from Pop Pop Portraits.
Helena sent me this yesterday, and now I'm about to jump out of my pants in
excitement!  I can't wait until it gets here!

 We're snowed in (AGAIN) today, so I'll be working more on some special 
projects for the shop!   xoxo Katie

Tuesday, February 8

Tuesday Treat

Tuesday Treat: I found this over on the Elsa Mora blog the other day.
It's just too adorable.

Back to sewing for me.  :)   Happy Tuesday!  xoxo Katie

Monday, February 7

How We Spend a Weekend

Here's a little peek into a typical weekend with the Sheltons:

Starbucks.  Hope made this terrible mess... ahem, art... with one of the employees.  See the honey?  I gasped when they got out the honey...

Spending time with friends.  Believe it or not, we are crazy for ping-pong.  :)

Baby bath time (knocks her out every time)!

 And, LOTS of playtime with Hope!

Life is a little bit slower (and sleepier) around here these days.  What's a typical weekend like at your house?  
 xoxo Katie