Tuesday, November 30

The Tiniest Deer

A little while back I mentioned that I was making something for my dear friend Elsie's birthday, and I promised to share photos.  Well, it turns out I don't always forget EVERYTHING I promise on this blog. (wink, wink)  It's the tiniest full-bodied deer I've ever made.  It took me SO LONG, but it was so worth it.  I love that girl and wanted to show her by making something extra magical.

I love his freckles most!  He's about the right size to go on top of a wedding cake, so maybe one day I'll find myself making something this size again... you know, after I forget the sore fingers.  ;)  

I'm off to finish packing orders and then back to stitching.  Have a great night!  xoxo Katie

Monday, November 29

Christmas, Come Soon!

Okay, I realize that it isn't quite December, but I'm all amped up for Christmas!  I've been listening to Christmas music nonstop, doing tons of Christmas shopping, and drinking way too many Starbucks holiday drinks.  This is our last year as a family of 3, so I've been browsing pretty stockings for when our family becomes 4.  These are my favorite:

Of course they're hanging out over at Anthropologie.  That place always has the most beautiful everything.

We put up the tree two weeks ago.  I love laying on the couch and staring at the tree and unwinding.  It's so relaxing.

I also made a short little Christmas playlist.  I hope you enjoy!

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xoxo Katie

Friday, November 26

Thank You!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!  I CANNOT believe the ornament response I got today!  I figured everyone would be out shopping and the ornaments would at least last through the weekend.  You all show me (and my animals) so much love all the time.  I appreciate it SO MUCH.

I've gotten lots of emails throughout the day asking if I'll be posting anymore.  I'm so sorry if you missed the one you wanted... I promise that after I get all of these sent out and I find myself with extra time, I'll see what I can do about getting more made (especially the penguins).  For now, this is it, friends.  I'm off now to work these fingers.  Have a great night!  xoxo Katie

Ornament Update Today!

You can check my shop at 1:00 CST if  you're in the market for a handmade ornament!

Because the holidays are getting SO CLOSE, I don't foresee myself adding anymore after these are gone.  If you are wanting to snag one, now is your chance.  <3 Katie

P.S.  I hope your Thanksgiving was just lovely!!!

Friday, November 19

Oh, My Creatures.

It's crazy how fast time can go.  At this time last year I was frantically stitching things for my first Renegade.  I was so nervous and scared... it's really a surprise I made it there.  Once I was set up and the flood gates opened (and I RELAXED a little), it was a really great experience.

If you would have told me last year that I'd be 8 months pregnant in November of 2010, I'd have told you were CRAZY.  Haha... and how wrong I would've been...

As I've been spending my time on various custom orders and tons of ornaments for the update next week, I can't help but feel really lucky.  When I started doing this I didn't even know how to sew.  Now 3 years later it's my full time job.  Could I make more money being a professional something else?  Probably.  But I like this.  :)
Thanks for listening today.  I guess I'm just feeling super sentimental.  After the weekend I'll show you what I made for my sweet friend Elsie's bday!  I kind of love it... ;)
xoxo Katie

Wednesday, November 17

All Wrapped Up

Sorry I've been a little quiet lately.  With baby, holidays, and work I've been all wrapped up in my little world.  I thought I would pop in tonight and share a few things around the web that I've been loving as of late.  :)

Gorgeous dresses like this from ModCloth.  I cannot wait to wear little dresses again!

I drooled over these all summer and when they came back into stock I HAD to snatch them immediately!

This vintage lovely tops my Christmas list.  I love it!

Annnnd... more pretty shoes.  Can you tell I'm a preggie longing for comfy shoes???

I'm off to work on more customs and ornaments.  1 week and a couple of days until the ornament update!!!

xoxo Katie

Friday, November 12

Holiday Excitement!

Since I announced the ornament update, I've been doing my best to only work on new ornaments here and there... though, I am losing this battle.  I just want to stitch up sweet ornaments all day and night!  Alas, I have many, many custom orders to work on, so this isn't possible.  I do, however, have a little peek for you today!  I hope you get as excited as I have over them!

There you have it!  I've been giddy over these little guys for days now.  I am sad to say that I won't be making as many this year, just because they are so detailed and time-consuming.  I will be keeping one or two for myself, though. *wink, wink*  Have a lovely weekend!  xoxo Katie

Wednesday, November 10

Ornament Update!

I've had a lot of you emailing me about ornaments already, so I've decided to set an update!  On November 26 (the day after Thanksgiving) I'll be doing an update that is strictly ornaments!  Here's a little reminder of some of the things I had last year:

I plan to have lots of new stuff, so I'll hope you'll pop in and take a peek!  xoxo Katie

Tuesday, November 9

Baby Shower!

This weekend my sweet mother-in-law threw me a baby shower!  It was so great to have so many friends and family come together and celebrate with us... not to mention there were treats galore!  Hope had a big sister shower with games while the "big girls" chatted and ate tons of food.  It was a really special time!

We skipped the presents and opted for a money tree.  Now we get to do some fun shopping for all of those necessary baby items!
These were the centerpieces at each table.  Aren't they adorable???
Typically, it's "NO BOYS ALLOWED!" but I needed a cute photographer, and he was a terribly good sport about it.  ;)
Now we're on the countdown!  I have approximately 8 or 9 more weeks, depending on what the good ol' doc says when I go back in 2 weeks.  This baby is BIG already, and I'm hoping to meet her as soon as possible!  ;)  xoxo Katie

Thursday, November 4

Etsy Favorites

Oh, Etsy... I love your:

Vintage lovelies...

Furry friends...

Delicate change keepers...

Happy Thursday!  hugs*Katie

Tuesday, November 2

What I Wore: Fall Days

I learned a new trick yesterday... once sweater/cardigan weather rolls around, pregnant girls can squeeze back into some of their pre-pregnancy dresses.  You may be wondering how... well, I just didn't zip the back of my dress!  Haha!  It totally worked, though I did have J pin the loose parts to my under shirt in the back.  So, here's what I wore yesterday:

 (Yep, we still have Lucy, and she still likes to suckle Hope's earlobe.  Ugh.)
xoxo Katie