Thursday, November 28

Recent Things

Instagram is so much like mini-blogging that I often forget that they are still separate things.  So here's a little of what we've been up to lately:

*Hope has brought home a first place trophy from her first two gymnastics competitions this season.  The look on her face when they've called her name is so amazingly priceless.  
*I did a little rearranging in Poe's room and moved the big cardboard house into her closet.  (Her quilt is from here.)
*A very sweet friend sent me a package of goodies from the Dr. Dog Etsy shop and it was like Christmas.  How adorable is it that they have their own Etsy shop?!
*I have been spending lots and lots of extra hours sewing, but the shop update was great and I hope to have all of your ornaments shipped out super fast!  Thank you guys again!  I appreciate you all so much.

For those of you celebrating, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We'll be traveling back to our home town for some family time, but first I'll be running a 5K verrrrryyyyy early (for me) in the morning.  Eek!

Wednesday, November 27

Ornaments Are In The Shop

All of the ornaments are now in the shop!  The narwhals are sold out, but if I get all of these orders packed up with time to spare, I might make another batch.  Thank you so much to everyone who has bought one already-- you guys are amazing!

Tuesday, November 26

Weekly Wears: Winter Uniform

Coat: vintage;  Dress: F21;  Sweater: Urban Outfitters (mens);  Tights: c/o ModCloth;  Knee Socks: Tabbisocks;  Shoes: ModCloth (similar);  Necklace: Olivia Mew

This has pretty much been my uniform since the weather has turned cold, cold, cold here in MO.  Grab a dress, layer some tights and knee socks, throw on some boots, and don't forget to swipe one of Johnny's warm sweaters.  I don't know what it is, but his sweaters are just waaaay cozier than mine.  ;)  A warm, fluffy coat is the icing on the cake, and now you're ready to brave the chilly air.  No kidding, I've worn so many versions of this outfit.  My favorite fluffy coat is this one from Family Affairs.

I've been shopping a ton for a New Year's Eve dress because our band just got booked for a fancy gig.  If you guys come across anything show-stopping, let me know!  I've checked the usual places: Urban, FP, 80s Purple, Emerging Thoughts, ModCloth, etc and haven't found THE dress yet.

Monday, November 25

Decorating for Christmas

We pulled out all the Christmas decorations this weekend!  It's a little late for us, but honestly, I've been dreading that mess that comes with getting all the boxes out and getting everything in place.  It usually takes a few days to find a home for everything and get those boxes back downstairs.

I've been laughing extra hard at Facebook lately, because every time I pop over there, someone else is ranting about when it is or is not okay to put up Christmas decorations.  Here is when it is okay:  WHEN YOU WANT TO.  Do want you want.  It's your house, your family, your traditions.  People are crazy/hilarious on Facebook, right??!!  There's always some really dramatic thing happening.  ;)

What did you do this weekend?  It's snowing here today, and though I may not feel ready for it, it sure is pretty!  Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 24


I haven't shown a "real" picture of the finished flamingos yet, because I wanted to give the first one to Elsie for her birthday.  I make her an ornament every year (I guess it's sorta become a tradition) and I didn't want to spoil any surprises.  The flamingos are one of my favorites this year-- the velvety bodies and soft feathers are what my vintage ornament dreams are made of.  Plus, that picture of their feathery bottoms kills me.  (They will all have crowns, FYI.  These just hadn't gotten them yet!)

As I was putting ornaments on my own Christmas tree the other day, I realized I have a real thing for birds on my Christmas tree.  I have so many different kinds and I'm sure that's why I'm extra excited about the flamingos (AND SWANS!) this year.  If you follow me on IG, you've probably already seen a peek at the swan, but they will be available for purchase on Tuesday.  I'm thinking 11am CST, so you can check the shop around that time if you are looking to snag something.  :)

I hope you are having a great weekend!  Johnny and I just realized that our anniversary is coming up here in about a week, so we've started planning a special little getaway.  I'm so ready!

Thursday, November 21

Practice Makes Perfect or Something Like That

As I make and remake these little animals, I'm constantly reminded that being "good" at something is maybe a little bit of talent, but it's a lot of practice.  I spent a couple of hours last night tweaking a bunny pattern and in the end it was just kind of a flop (har har).  But it's okay!  Not everything I dream up in my head translates the way I expect it to, and the more I do this thing I'm doing, the more I learn and the better I become.  I wrote this post a long time ago about how I used to just think certain people got to be "good" at things and for some reason, I didn't feel like I was good at anything... until I figured out that the world isn't chock-full of lucky ducks.  It's lots of people who work hard at what they love.  And I like that.

So, here's a "real" glimpse of what my studio looks like right now.  A friend came over last week and said, "So your studio just kinda stays like this until after the rush, huh?"  That is exactly right.  If you were to come over from October-mid December, this is pretty much what it would look like.  :)

I'm tentatively planning my shop update for Tuesday (11/26) and more will be added Wednesday (11/27).  I decided this year it would be nice to give as many people a chance of snagging an ornament as possible, so breaking it up into 2 days will hopefully help that!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!

Wednesday, November 20

A Very Merry Advent Giveaway!

Every year I seem to find myself scrambling to get my advent calendar act together (with the exception of last year-- last year was pretty ace).  Hope likes to switch it up every year, so going to the store and buying a prepackaged PlayMobil calendar year after year doesn't fly (though, I wish it did because they are soooo cute).  I had just started thinking about advent stuff when I got an email about Heidi Kenney and Amanda Krueger's new ebook A Very Merry Advent.  Advent solved!
If you would like a chance at winning a free copy of A Very Merry Advent, simply check out the site and leave a comment here sharing what part you are most excited about (paper dolls, softies, recipes, etc)!
The winner for this giveaway is:

I'll draw and announce the winner next week on Wednesday (11/27) so you can make sure to get started on time!  If you are like me and can't wait, the ebook is only $12 and packed full of fun stuff to do!  Plus, who can resist anything by Heidi Kenney?  I know I can't!
Good luck, friends!

Tuesday, November 19

Birthday Birdie

Here's a peek at a little birthday cake topper I made for one of my very sweetest customers.  I've almost made it through my entire customs list, and once I do it will be ornaments for the rest of the year!

I finally came up with a final version of the flamingo.  I'll shows peeks of it very soon-- it might just be my favorite ornament to date.  Who knows?  I guess I say that a lot (the whole "favorite" thing), but sometimes when an animal gives me a little bit of a challenge and I overcome it, it feels like something to be proud of.  I'm really digging the flamingo at the moment.

I hope you all are having a great week so far!

Monday, November 18


This past week/weekend is pretty much summed up in the first photo.  Early bed times, late waking up, people (me) feeling under the weather... last week was full and busy despite moving a little slower than normal.
Poesy sleeping in mama's bed late into the morning // A surprise on the mirror by Hope.  It was fun finding this one... // Saturday morning donut day // Poe's pretty new handmade quilt // Fall in our backyard.  I'm going to be sad once all the leaves have fallen and our pretty tree is naked.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Friday, November 15

Etsy Love

I'm totally smitten with this anatomical heart by Herman Marie. So pretty!!

This kimono by Frolic Apparel is totally great!

This hand necklace from Datter is already on my Christmas list!

These sloth society shirts by Culture Flock are some of my favorites! (I own the pink one!)

I've been a long-time fan of Laura Berger and this print is a good example of why!

Is there anything you've been loving on Etsy lately?  Two of the shops listed above are Springfield locals (Culture Flock and Frolic Apparel) and I think that's pretty cool.  It's good to show locals some love when you can!

Thursday, November 14

Weekly Wears: You're A Wolf

Dress: c/o Lykke Wullf;  Sweater: c/o ModCloth;  Tights: c/o ModCloth;  Shoes: ShoeMint;  Hat: eBay

I've been wearing a lot of black lately.  It feels like something new to me because I haven't really worn much black over the past several years.  I blame it on that one basic black dress I snagged this summer-- it was so easy to wear and I realized that I really like the contrast of my hair against black clothing.  Anyway, I'm glad I've rediscovered black because it's something I'm really enjoying at the moment.  Not to mention how perfect this handmade dress from Lykke Wullf is... I'm looking forward to wearing it with no shawl or cardigan once the weather is a little warmer (it will happen in the next couple of weeks, I'm guessing) because the back is so cute!

What is your favorite color to wear at the moment?  Do you have a color palette you're really into, or do you just throw on whatever you feel each day?