Friday, August 31

Etsy Love: Home Edition

Chalkboard Map; Tea Towel

Doll Wall Stickers; Cotton Scarf

Chalkboard HeadHeart Print

One of each, pretty please!  Just kidding... sorta.
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 29

Weekly Wears: Mother, Daughter

(On Katie):  Polka Dot Top: c/o Modcloth;  Shorts: Urban Outfitters;   
Glitter Shoes: c/o ModCloth;  Flower Crown: DIY
All bags c/o Alphabet Bags.

These mother/daughter outfit posts sure are a lot of work, but I love them so much.  These photos are going to be some of the greatest memories one day... after we get through the teenage years where they are extremely embarrassing for some reason.  ;)

Both of these little girls are now sick and snuggled up in their beds.  Hopefully everyone feels better in the morning. 

The Paraders

Have you seen the peeks of the new Paraders original collection??  Oh my... *vintage swoon*  They are gorgeous!

(I'm pretty sure that top dress wants to be in my closet!) 
The Paraders have a kickstarter happening for their dress collection right now, if you interested.

Have the loveliest day!

Tuesday, August 28


MightyNest is all about offering toxin-free products to help keep your family safe from potentially harmful chemicals.  I recently had the privilege of receiving one of their MightyPacks for review, which is full of healthy and safe products for your home.  I love surprise boxes, so I chose the MightyPack of the month, which has a variety of items.  Here's what was inside of mine:

I am especially loving the bamboo utensil set and the reusable shopping bag!  The bag folds up teeny tiny-- it's perfect to keep in the car or stick in my purse for shopping trips.  This was a fun box to open, I can't wait for the next time. 

MightyNest also has a really good blog devoted to giving tips for your healthiest home.  I've really been enjoying it.

I hope your week is off to a great start!

Thursday, August 23

Snapshots: Life Lately

I have to admit, I haven't been carrying my DSLR around as much lately.  We've been driving back and forth between our house and the new place (they are 1 1/2 hours apart), and I just keep leaving it!  I've been using a disposable in place of the digital, but I just went to get it developed and somehow the film inside was ruined-- shredded, to be exact.  That's the huge downside of film for me.  I've had this happen a few times-- losing important photos because of ruined film.  I still love having a disposable in my purse at all times, though.  You never know when you could use one!

We'll be all done painting and moving our things in a few weeks.  I'm really looking forward to getting settled. 

Wednesday, August 22

Giveaway From Tea for Two

My lovely sponsors Ashley and Daniel from Tea for Two are here today to offer up a $50 gift certificate from ModCloth!

Ashley and Daniel run their blog together (which is COMPLETELY adorable) and share their life and inspiration.  To enter their giveaway, simply stop by their blog and take a peek and leave a comment here.  You must be a follower of Tea for Two to qualify to win!

  (photos via Tea for Two)

You can gain additional entries by:
Like Tea for Two on Facebook
Follow Ashley and/or Daniel via Twitter
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Please leave a separate comment for each entry.  The winner will be drawn on Tuesday, August 28 and announced shortly after.  Good luck!

Monday, August 20

Party Number 10

This weekend Hope celebrated her 10th birthday with some of her closest friends.  She doesn't officially turn 10 until Wednesday, but the kids in our area are back in public school and Saturday made sense.  She had an amazing time, and although mama would have loved to throw a (pretty) party at home, Hope opted for a gymnastics shindig.  ;))

For her party this year, Hope stitched up her own treat bags (which were snatched up before I could even snap a picture) and requested Dairy Queen ice cream cake.  We bought Poesy a little gift, too-- just for fun.  My grandma always did that for the grandkids and it always made birthday parties even MORE fun!

It's a little mind blowing that she is almost 10.  I love watching her grow-- every year is just as amazing as the last.  I am definitely proud of this little lady.

Sponsor Skunkboy

It's been a little while since I've done an "official" call for sponsors, so here it is!  Whether you purchase at the beginning, middle, or end of a month, your ad will run for 30 days.  If you are interested in sponsoring Skunkboy, please check out my sponsor page.  Great things are coming in these coming months!  I'm so excited to share!


Friday, August 17

Weekend Roundup

Hi, friends!  I can't believe it's Friday already!  Here's a little roundup for you:

Skunkboy readers can receive $10 off purchases of $100 or more from Lulu's with the code Fashion1!  They have some great back to school pieces right now.  :)

I've really been enjoying the Flower Child blog lately.  Nesha's space is full of the loveliest photos!

If you are anything like me and love miniature things, you may be just as smitten with this craft book as I am!  Microcrafts: Tiny Treasures to Make and Share

I've been loving ModCloth's Apartment section lately!  I definitely have decorating on the brain!

Happy Friday!