Saturday, November 29

Birthday Party

What's better than a tiny Skunkboy Creature? One with removable clothing, that's what:

This little bear gets to meet her new 5 year old owner in a couple of hours. I think she's really going to love it.

Thursday, November 27

Mmmmm... Turkey...

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, family or not. Eat tons.

Monday, November 24

Another Ornament

He's a gentleman kitty with a velvet cape, and he will be making his debut in the shop in the next day or two.

Saturday, November 22

The Best Day EVER!

Since I can remember, I've wanted a kitty. Growing up, my parents were "dog people" so a cat was out of the question. I knew that when I went out on my own, the first thing I would do was get a sweet little kitten....

Then I married someone who was allergic to cats. He still is. Today, we got to give Hope a cat, anyway. It's the best feeling in the world when you get to do the impossible for someone. She was so confused at first and then completely ecstatic! "You mean I get to keep her?!"

Johnny's mom found her in the woods, crying so loudly you could hear her inside with all of the doors and windows shut. When Vickie went out to find her, the cat didn't even run. Instead, she climbed inside her vest and snuggled up. Apparently, someone had dumped this 5 week old kitten, and left her to starve out in the woods. It makes me feel a little sick, honestly.

Johnny loves a good underdog or rescue story. He has a soft spot for both of these. Hope was supposed to get a kitty for Christmas, in a box, under the tree, but Johnny knew that this little sweetie belonged in our family. And, she is exactly that: a very sweet addition to our family.

Oh, yes, and Hope has named her Lucy. Perfect.

Friday, November 21

Adventures in Tiny Town

Okay, so nothing's tiny except the piano. Tonight I had the pleasure (and frustration) of recording toy piano. I guess I can check that one off of my "Things to do in a Lifetime" list.

I'm glad my dress got to be a part of it... hee, hee...

A Smidge of Randomness...

As I get through yet another month feeling schizophrenic, I thought I'd share some of the things that have occupied bits of my time.

Lots and lots of ornaments. Surprisingly, I'm not sick of making them. I actually really enjoy it.

A very fun pair of owls I got to make as a custom order. They turned out so cute in person, if only my pictures were better... (in my defense, Blogger has been loading my photos in very dull and hazy)

This dress. Oh, this dress. It's funny the way you may hear a tidbit about a designer or artist, and then all of a sudden it blows up around the blogs and it's all you hear about. I kind of feel this way about Dear Creatures. I found this dress a while back, and now I can't stop hearing about this clothing line and it's designer... which I absolutely am not complaining about. I LOVE this dress, and am the proud new owner. It's even more beautiful in person. The fabric, the styling, everything about it. So, my day is made. Now I'm going to get dressed.

Tuesday, November 18

Party Penguins

I'm ready to share my penguin couple. They are both dressed up for the holidays, the boy with his bow tie and wool belly, and the girl with her matching bow and shimmery tulle belly.

Monday, November 17

A Lovely Sunday

Yesterday we had the opportunity to have an evening at home. We decided to do family-ish stuff, and put up the Christmas tree. Some people scoff at the idea of having it up so early, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And besides, two or three years ago, Johnny had to lay down the law about absolutely not putting up the tree before Halloween. So, if you consider that, I'm doing pretty well this year. I tend to get a tad (overly) excited about festive things like holidays and parties. It's been so crazy busy this year, that this was the first "free" weekend at home to even consider something like that. Anyway, my tree is gorgeous... it's so much brighter than my old one. Like I said in previous posts, I've never had a white(ish) tree before-- this one is "champagne"-- but it's lovely.

That's really all I have for now. It seems I eat, drink, and breathe sewing right now. Sorry if all my talk of Skunkboy craziness is getting old, it's just my first Christmas season, and it's really starting to pick up. So, I'll try to keep it to a minimum, but do forgive me if it slips out more than once.

Oh, also, I should have some new friends in the shop sometime this week, plus photos of a custom order I've had up in the air way too long. I'll leave you with this:

Blitzen Trapper. I've been obsessed lately. This has nothing to do with their name + Christmas love. They just play great music.

Saturday, November 15

New Ornaments!

I have two new ornaments in the shop! They are both very dear to my heart... maybe it's because I'm starting to get that Christmas bug...

I also have a penguin couple that I will be ready to share in a day or two. They are dressed for Christmas party fun.

Thursday, November 13


Recently, I've become infatuated with terrariums. I see them all the time, but one day I was searching Etsy and one struck me funny. After that, I've been wanting to buy terrariums for everyone in my family. Johnny thinks I'm crazy... maybe he doesn't understand the beauty I see in them. Maybe it's just another passing phase, who knows? What I do know, is this is my new favorite:

Check out the Oak Leaves. Her shop is wonderful.

Wednesday, November 12

Mmmm... Apples...

I hate it when I'm following a blog, but the person running it never (rarely) updates. So, I suppose this is my attempt at updating, though I don't have much to say.

Yesterday I received my dream coat. Though, in person it was not that at all. It was too big and too frumpy, and the color wasn't at all the same as the online picture. So, that's that, mattress man. Maybe it's my brain refusing to like it, because wearing something on my body that costs that much is more than just a little wasteful. Whatever the case, I'm not keeping it.

In happier news, I did find my Christmas tree. I didn't end up with a white one after all. It's a champagne colored tinsel tree and it is lovely. Hope and I are going to set it up on Sunday (yay!).

Yesterday was baking day. Our fruit market was closing for the season, so we stocked up on apples. Last night we made homemade applesauce, filled our bellies, and then followed that with baking wonderful apple pie, and stuffed ourselves. All in all, it was a fantastic night. I mean, you can't really go wrong with homemade goodness.

I must go back upstairs and do some work... I do have plenty to keep me busy. If you are planning to order from the shop, the sooner the better. I am getting very backed up, and I see it only getting worse before it gets better. Hmmm... I think I hear some apple pie calling... better go for now!

Monday, November 10

Farewell Little Friends...

I've been busy, busy since I started posting my little Snowbuddy ornaments last week. If you've ordered one, it's one it's way! Here's a batch I shipped out today:

Also, here are the additional pictures of my Christmas Deer, as promised:

I think I'll post two for sale in the shop on Friday, so if you'd like to get one, that will be the time to do so.

Sunday, November 9

Christmas Deer

I am so excited about this Christmas Deer! I'll try to shoot better pictures of him tomorrow.

Thursday, November 6

Scratch the Last Post!

Scratch that last post.... I hit 200! YAY!!!!!

Thanks so much to everyone. You've shown me much love.

One Away!

Numbers, numbers... blah... I know it shouldn't be so important to me. I guess hitting 200 sales is more amazing than anything. Plus, Johnny and Hope always throw me a mini party, or buy me a super awesome present... the last one was this:

It's an extremely cute coat from ModCloth. Though, I do wish it was a bit warmer.

This time I get to pick my prize. Here's what I picked:

Floe & Current Coat -

Typically, I wouldn't pay this much for... well, anything, but a splurge every once-in-a-while is fun, I suppose.

And, technically, I haven't hit the 200 mark, but I'm expecting to in the next day or so. So, here I go again... feeding my coat lust...

Wednesday, November 5


I've been posting ornaments in my shop all day, and I'm having trouble keeping them there! This is very exciting.

In other exciting news... I'm 9 sales away from hitting 200 sales! Technically, I've made well over that, but my wholesale order counted as one, so my counter says 191...

So, back to work for me. I'm currently working on a custom puppy, and he is so cute I may need to make one for myself. That's all for now. Happy Wednesday!

Little Bear

I'm not sure why, but I left my little bear ornament out of my Snowbuddy post. So, here he is, in all of his beary, hatted goodness...

Monday, November 3

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas... Tree?

Last year I found the perfect Christmas tree. It was white. I've never been attracted to white Christmas trees before, but this one was found at a flea market and appeared to be quite old. The branches were sparse and the color was more cream than white. I passed on it that day, because we had no way of hauling it home. I procrastinated for a day, and when I called (after OBSESSING) to secure it, they let me know that someone else had bought it.

Tomorrow I am breaking from work, work, work to go flea marketing. I hope to find a white (ish) tree similar to that one. *Wish me luck!!!

In other Christmasy news, I popped over to the Studio Jessi blog, and read that her super adorable, quirky St. Nicholas dolls are about to be posted for sale. I'm really hoping to nab one of these. Her dolls are much different than anything else I've found, and I really enjoy them.


I swear, as soon as I get my camera out for pictures, the sun hides from me. Here are a few of the ornaments I've been working on. I won't post them in the shop until I get the pics I desire.

Sunday, November 2

I'm Back!

This week really has been nuts. I'm almost finished with my orders... they should've been done by now, but there seemed to be many, many piano ordeals this weekend, on top of everything else. In the end, I couldn't wait until tomorrow to get my shop back up and running... it has seemed so sad having it down. So, I'm back, shop's back, all is well. Here's a recap of my week:

Sew, sew, sew, record, record, record (actually most of my recording was done last night), parent/teacher conference (what? My kid is big enough for this?!), play music at yet another wedding, and HALLOWEEN.

Halloween was fun... a busy day none-the-less. Hope was out of school so we made orange cupcakes with green cream cheese icing-- her choice, we quickly cleaned so we could have people over, then we got her all dressed for the big night.

Hope might be one of the most particular kids in existence, so finding the perfect costume so she could be the exact butterfly out of these specific chapter books that she's into was quite challenging. She ended up having to compromise, but she looked as cute as could be, and when the day arrived she didn't really care what she was wearing at all. The only things that mattered: running everywhere, eating an abundance of candy, and salvaging the rest of her fingernail after a major crash and burn on the sidewalk.