Tuesday, November 24

Dresser DIY (FAIL)

DIY Fail
I love a beautifully photographed DIY post as much as the next person.  I really do.  You know what I also love?  Seeing the things that DIDN'T work for someone.  For those of us intent on DIYing things in our homes, we can relate.  Those grand ideas of making something unique or special sometimes don't pan out.  Here's a story about that.

DIY Fail
First, a little backstory: our new house is wonderful.  WONDERFUL.  But.  Johnny and I are both lacking closets.  I found a pretty good/affordable dresser on Amazon, but because I have too many clothes, had to acquire another dresser for his clothes (thanks, Craigslist!).  I know you're probably thinking, "Why did you even feel the need to DIY this, Katie?  It's white.  It's simple.  Leave it alone!"  Guys, sometimes I feel the need to put my magic touch... on everything.

Dresser diy DIY Fail DIY Fail DIY Fail
I started with the "Looking Glass" paint, but realized a couple of drawers in that it's recommended for use on actual glass.  D'oh.  I finished painting the drawers with silver metallic paint, but as you can see, the brush strokes from the original paint job show through in a pretty bad way.  That coupled with the paint not curing all the way and the drawers basically being untouchable, I decided to call this project what it was:  a DIY fail.

DIY Fail DIY Fail
You know what, though?  It happens.  I *think* I have an even better idea in mind for this dresser, and if it works out, it's going to be one of the cheapest, prettiest DIYs I have under my belt.  I promise to keep you guys posted either way!  xo.

Thursday, November 19

Weekly Wears: Skadette Status

Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears
I've talked time and time again about how many creative souls I've had the pleasure of meeting through my blog and social media.  It often strikes me, thinking back on a time with less opportunities to connect with so many talented people, just how lucky we are.  We get to present our artistic offerings to the world now, AND meet people who encourage and inspire us to follow dreams.  It really trips me out sometimes.

Dress: 23 Skidoo;  Tights: ModCloth;  Boots: Seychelles;  Hat: Free People;  Bag: Bali ELF

My friend, Courtney, made this dress.  I met her through Instagram and am constantly in awe of her talent and eye for design.  This is my second 23 Skidoo dress, and I hope to grow that collection for years to come.  (You can see my first dress as a Skadette here.)

Anyway, keep on making, fellow makers!  You are inspiring and awesome and following your dreams!  xo.

Tuesday, November 17

My Sensitive Firecracker

Snapshots Snapshots
My little firecracker has been having a little bit of heartache about not being in our old house this week.  It's been a good reminder for me, that even the most fun, outgoing, hilarious personalities can still be sensitive souls who need a hand sometimes.  Just asking how someone is feeling and letting them know that those feelings matter is one of the most important things you can do for human connection... regardless of age.

This really has been on my mind a lot lately.  People with empathetic, caring hearts are the kind of people I strive to be like.  A friend who shows you how to love better is truly a friend to keep around.  I sincerely hope all of you have at least one person in your life like this, and maybe you even feel like shooting them a quick text or call today to let them know you are thinking of them.  xo.

Thursday, November 12

Weekly Wears: Opal Visions

Weekly Wears
It's been a good little while since my last outfit post but, guys-- this week I unpacked all my boxes/bags of clothes.  Oh, and I kinda sold my dresser a little over a week ago, so all of my dresser things had been living on the floor of my bedroom.  Anyway, I conquered it all, and now I can actually find my clothes again!  In the grand scheme of unpacking, this one was huge for me.  I don't have a closet in my new bedroom, so I've been having to get creative with where things live.  I had a very real nemesis in our last house that I dubbed "clothes mountain" and I refuse to let myself live like that again.  Making changes for the better- yes!!!

Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears
Jacket: Marshall's;  Bodysuit: F21;  Skirt: c/o ModCloth;  Knee Socks: c/o Tabbisocks;  Shoes: Bali ELF;  Eye necklace: c/o Moorea Seal;  Glasses: BonLook

Since this is an outfit post, let's talk about some of my favorite things about this outfit!  Firstly, I got this Opal Visions Pendant necklace from Moorea Seal this week and haven't taken it off!  I'm not a huge jewelry girl-- well, you probably see my lucky baby necklace in many of my photos-- but I'm IN LOVE with this necklace.  The skirt is my newest wardrobe staple.  Actually, I just ordered it in black, too, because it's so great and comfy.  Beware though-- since it's so flouncy, shorts are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY when it's windy.  I learned that the hard way.  D'oh.

I hope your week is going well, friends!  My agenda for today includes some thrifting for home stuff, prepping for an IG sale (3rd round of closet purging-- I'm getting there!), and happy hour with a new friend!  It's going to be a good day!