Tuesday, March 31

Sew With Us-- A Giveaway!

Sew With Us Sew With Us Sew With Us
As you know, Rachel and I have poured a lot of time and love into our Sew With Us ecourse, and today I'm excited to offer 3 lucky winners access to it!  The response to the course has been just wonderful so far and I'm happy to have the opportunity to include more of you in something so dear to us.

To enter, leave a comment here telling me a bit about your sewing story.  Are you a newbie?  Have you sewn before?  What are you most interested in creating?  I can't wait to hear!

Sew With Us Sew With Us Sew With Us
Rachel will also be giving away some slots on her blog, so stay tuned for that!

I'll be choosing the winner next Tuesday, April 7th.  Please be sure I have a way to contact you if you win.  Good luck, friends!!  xo.

Thursday, March 26

Sew With Us Ecourse is Here!!

Sew With Us
Rachel and I have been working for months on our sewing ecourse (heard me mention it once or twice?) and it's finally available!  I'm so excited to help people learn to sew their own clothing, and Rachel's home projects are just beautiful!  You can check out the course right here if you are interested.  Here are a few peeks from some of my lessons:

Sew With Us Sew With Us Sew With Us Sew With Us Sew With Us Sew With Us
*Sigh* That non-traditional kimono is still my favorite.

The Sew With Us ecourse is on sale for $30 right now (from $45).  I have to say, wrapping up a project this large has me feeling pretty giddy.  If you are interested in sewing, but haven't really taken the plunge... or, if you have dabbled, but are feeling a bit rusty, this course is for you!

Now, excuse me while I run off to do a happy dance!  xo.

Wednesday, March 25

Take Me Out

1. Dress  // 2. Cat Purse  //  3. Sunnies  //  4. Shoes  //  5. Whistle necklace

I feel like I've mostly been living in jeans for the past several months and I'm SO ready to break out all my pretty dresses and bare legs!  This warmer weather has me excited to get dressed again.

Do you hear that, Johnny??  It's time for date night loaded with cheese fries and beer!  Let's go out!

**Guys, ModCloth is having a 15% off sale right now on spring dresses and Emerging Thoughts is having a 25% off sale on everything right now.  Just thought I'd share!!  

Monday, March 23

Last Week I Taught a Homeschool Photography Class

Homeschool Photography Class
Hope goes to this sweet little homeschool group every other Thursday, where they learn anything from crochet to sewing to identifying things in nature to rock climbing... it's incredibly varied.  They have very adorably named themselves the "Tator Tots".  I was asked to teach a little digital photography class to these ladies last week, and I have to say, it was an absolute blast.  Most everyone was shooting with an iPhone, iPod, or iPad (say that three times fast), so most of my tips were tailored to those devices.  One of the girls brought her mom's DSLR with her and right as we got started, the battery died.  I let her borrow my camera and I just loved looking through her photos when I got home.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Homeschool Photography Class Homeschool Photography Class Homeschool Photography Class Homeschool Photography Class When I was going over my "Photography Tips and Tricks" I would stop between numbers and let them pull an object from my bag to practice on.  We went over different types of lighting, angles, rule of thirds, and perspectives.  Once we got through the tips, I handed each of them a scavenger hunt paper and it was great to see their creativity as they moved down the list.  Here's the sheet, in case you are interested:

photo scavenger hunt
Homeschool Photography Class We spent the end of class taking photos with different forced perspectives (they REALLY loved this) and making stop-motion videos with the Party!Party! app.  It was a very good time with a special group of girls, and I'm thankful I had the opportunity to do such a fun thing with them.  :)