Friday, August 19

Weekly Wears: Lace it Up

Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears
Guys.  I'm pretty sure I found the shoes I'll be wearing for all of Fall.  We had a break in the weather last week, so I got the chance to take these new babies out for a spin.  I'm definitely into them.

Shirt (similar), skirt (similar), shoes: c/o ModCloth; Purse: vintage

We're gearing up for Hope's birthday party this weekend!  It's a water-themed party, so there will be swimming and water balloons and a slip and slide!  I'm sure there will be pictures to share after all is said and done, so stay tuned for that!

I'm off to tackle another DIY today.  I'm doing something special to the door I'm standing in front of in these photos, so wish me luck!


Wednesday, August 17


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Here are some snapshots from life lately.  We're gearing up for school that will be starting next week. We found a half-day private Kindergarten class for Poesy, so it looks like I won't be homeschooling her this year after all.  Hope will be continuing with homeschool, though-- she's starting 8th grade! Yikes!  I remember 8th grade so vividly... I can't believe how big she is.  Time seems like it just keeps going faster and faster.

I hope your week has been good so far!  I'm trying out a new DIY today, so fingers crossed it works out!  Happy Wednesday!

**Green chair is from Article.  I can't wait to show you our living space soon!

Friday, August 12

July Garden

July Garden
Now that we are well into August, I suppose I should get my July garden post in!  In July, travel and general busy-ness made everyday watering less of a possibility.  Not to mention how blazing hot it's gotten.  Some of these plants didn't stand a chance against this weather!  It's okay-- it's to be expected.  Here's a peek at what July looked like in our garden beds:

July Garden
I'm going to pause right here.  Even though my squash vines have had kind of a rough go of it, they are still producing blossoms.  I haven't had any squash babies yet because they haven't been pollinated, BUT!  A friend told me a way to hand-pollinate and I just tried that, so I'll keep you posted on how it works out.

We FINALLY went from seeing tiny little baby hot peppers and bell peppers to a pepper explosion! Cucumbers and all of the peppers are my very favorite things to grow in the garden.  We use them in almost everything we cook at home!

July Garden July Garden July Garden July Garden
We've had an abundance of tomatoes for a couple of months now, and I've been perfecting my salsa recipe to share with you!  I'm almost there, so you can be looking for that in the coming weeks.  It turns out a little different each time, so I've been making batches and writing down what I'm doing each time to make sure I'm happy with the recipe I put out there.

July Garden July Garden July Garden July Garden
The junebugs were SERIOUSLY bad this year.  They ended up destroying my rhubarb and definitely did a little damage to my brussels sprouts.  I haven't seen any produce from the broccoli or brussels yet, but I read that they are both great fall vegetables.  All hope is not lost!

July Garden July Garden
You can see that the plants have gotten much, much bigger since my first post.  The peas are officially done for the summer, but the green beans are still producing.  I feel pretty good about all I've grown and more than that, all I've learned this summer.  I haven't entirely decided if I'm going to do a fall/winter garden or not.  Sometimes it's nice to keep hobbies seasonal so you can't burn out on them. I guess I'll see how I feel once summer starts wrapping up.

If any of you have been posting about your own gardens, please leave me a link!  I'd love to see what others have going!

Tuesday, August 2

Weekly Wears: Craft Night

Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears
Well, today is only Tuesday, but I'm feeling pretty great about my to-do list for the week.  If you don't already know, for me, Mondays are all about making my elaborate to-do list for the week.  If I don't get deadlines and goals down on paper, I find myself feeling completely overwhelmed and scattered throughout the week... which, is obviously not the best way to be productive!  Johnny and I tackled a bunch of home projects yesterday that I've been putting off.  They weren't necessarily fun, but they sure make a big difference.

Dress: vintage;  Purse: Angela Roi;  Shoes: Lotta from Stockholm;  Sunglasses: Donna's Dress Shop

I'm hosting another craft night at my house tomorrow night for a smaller group of ladies.  I've found that I love the "more the merrier" idea, but depending on how my day/week is going, it can be overwhelming when a very large group shows up.  I'm planning to start hosting more frequent, smaller groups.  I think that is more manageable for my sanity.   So, I'm off to tackle emails and get back to a few more tiny projects before I have a house full of crafty gals tomorrow.  Happy Tuesday, friends!