Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Denim Vest Restyle

I was shopping at the good ol' DAV last week with a sweet friend and I spotted this denim vest.  Technically it was hanging out in the little girls' section (I was browsing for Hope), but the thing about the 90s was how we all wore our clothes WAY bigger than what's in style now.  The vest looked like a good fit, so I spent a whole $0.98 and took the risk.  Hey, if I was totally off I could always save it for Hope in a couple of years, right?  ;)

Here's what she looked like before:
Oh, yes-- that IS an Express tag.  ;)
There was some crazy doily/embroidered flowers/candy colored buttons thing happening on the back, but in my excitement I ripped it all out before snapping a picture.  Doh.

So, now comes my trusty friend, RIT dye...
I decided to dip dye this vest, rather than dye the whole thing.  I filled my kitchen sink with a diluted amount of the black dye and after I soaked the entire vest in water, I dipped the bottom portion in the dye bath.
I'm a gal who doesn't like wasting things like this, so after I got what I thought was the desired color, I saved the dye bath while I rinsed the vest and ran it through the washing machine.  When it came out it was lighter than I was wanting, so I repeated the process again with the leftover dye.

Once the vest was the right color and all dry, I began adding the patches and buttons.  The patch on the back is an Olivia Mew patch that I've been saving for justttttt the right thing (seriously, I think I've had this for a couple of years).  The red patch on the front came with my 23 Skidoo dress (she has such beautiful packaging) and then I added some of my other favorite things to personalize it.  Here she is in all her glory:

I'm super happy with how it turned out and I can see myself wearing this a ton.  I love it when that happens, don't you?

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Great Outdoors

Sunday afternoon was all about being outdoors.  I got some onions, lettuce (more seeds that aren't pictured here), and carrots in the ground.  Poesy was happy to dig in the dirt while I sat next to her and potted pole beans, sweet peas, snap peas, squash, cucumbers tomatoes, basil, and some chamomile.  The weather was gorgeous and perfect for all the outdoor chores I've been meaning to make time for.  At the end of the night, we sat our tired bodies outside on the porch swing and watched the rainstorm.  I never would've imagined being so into these sorts of hobbies as a younger version of myself, but digging around in the dirt is a favorite these days.

The sunroom (pictured above) is a space in my home that I haven't shared on the blog yet (at least, I don't think).  These photos were taken before I spent a good bit of time getting it cleaned out yesterday.  I'm hoping to fill it with all kinds of plants and happy things.  Wouldn't this be such a nice little space to sit and read a book or have some quiet time?  I can dig it.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Where You Will Find Me

This is what my life looks like on the weekends.  Right now our band, The Mixtapes, is playing almost every weekend a month (sometimes twice in the same weekend), so we are definitely staying busy.  It's been a little tricky adding a new job to the list that already included Skunkboy Creatures, blogging here, DIYs for A Beautiful Mess, and helping out with homeschooling Hope, but it's been worth it for sure.  We've seen tons of local support and are finding our footing as we branch out into other areas.  Plus, you don't even know how much your brain can hold until you learn to play 60+ songs from various artists!  My memory is better than I ever gave it credit for!

(photos above were taken by Julie Stafford and Brittany Bilyeu

Typically our sets run 3-4 hours, but last weekend we got to play a Nirvana tribute show with 10 other bands and it was a blast!  We played six songs and ended the night with "Smells Like Teen Spirit"-- complete with a friend dressed up as a janitor (like the video opening) and 3 other friends dressed up as cheerleaders (I love you, Julie!).

So anyway, this is where you will find me on the weekends right now.  It's a good time and a fun job.  Plus, who wouldn't love being in a band with their best friend/husband?  Thumbs up, for sure.

 Happy weekend!  xo. Katie

**Oh!  We're coming at you, St. Louis folk-- we'll be in your neck of the woods next Friday (April 18th) @ Brewskeez!**

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Weekly Wears: Salty & Sweet

I posted a picture on IG the other day of this tank next to a very sweet handmade dress with the caption: "Salty & Sweet".  The more I was thinking of salty & sweet in terms of my wardrobe, the more I realized that I'm just a girl who likes to mix those things in general.  I love a sweet little frock, but I also flip over a tank like this.  I love sugary music (early Cardigans!), but I love a lot of bands with a rougher sound. People I'm drawn to are kind and thoughtful, but also have a funny/sarcastic side (I like to believe I'm this way as well).  Plus, fries dipped in vanilla ice cream, so basically salty & sweet is my very favorite combo.

Tank: Stay Home Club;  Jeans: JBrand;  Shoes: NastyGal;  Purse: vintage;  Glasses: c/o BonLook

Today I'm devoting a chunk of my time to planting all my little seeds out in my sunroom and then doing some swapping with a friend, so I can already tell it's going to be a good one!