Thursday, August 21

Etsy Love

It's been a little while since I last did a roundup of pretty things I've come across on Etsy, so I thought I share some of my favorite finds!  This lingerie set by Ohhh Lulu is SO lovely!

I pretty much love everything in Oh Gosh, Cindy's shop, so these Ghost World note cards are no surprise!

This geometric shelf by The 807 probably needs to find its way to my house.  Pronto!

These handmade overalls by Lykke Wullf are total perfection!

If these boots in the Milkteeths shop were one size larger, they would be mine!  So good.

Have you found anything great on Etsy lately?  Share your favorites with me in the comments!  xo.

Tuesday, August 19


Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots
Hope has moved up a level in gymnastics, which means she has practice three days a week now. Johnny and I have been taking advantage of those hours to grab dinner or coffee together when we can. Magically, Poesy usually conks out in the car, so it's almost like a "real" date... except his arm is falling off from holding her by the time we're finished.  ;)  That's okay-- we'll take it!

**Coffee date on a beautiful day
**All my plants alive and lookin' good!
**Johnny meditating on a seriously good chocolate muffin
**Candle we've been burning around the house lately from The Burlap Bag
**Things above my desk

This week is starting off MUCH better than last week, so let's just keep that trend going around here!  I hope yours is kicking off in the best way!  xo.

Monday, August 18

Salsa Making From Garden Veggies

Garden veggies
I haven't been posting as much about my little garden this year.  It's mainly because I've been so busy and wrapped up in other things, that I haven't had the time to really nurture it like I did last year.  We're still producing veggies over here, but it's much less photogenic since I've let it get slightly overgrown. Johnny added an additional box for me, so I'm growing out of three large garden boxes now instead of two.  It's getting to the point where I can't keep up with all the tomatoes, cilantro, and jalapeƱos coming out, so it was definitely time to get my salsa on!

I made an AMAZING batch early this week, and tried to recreate it in a larger batch this weekend.  I overdid it on the garlic this time around, but I believe the key to great salsa is to roast everything (except cilantro, of course).  If you are using hot peppers in your salsa, to keep the intensity down, I recommend slicing them in half, scraping out most of the seeds (that's where the serious heat comes from) and then throw them on a pan for roasting.  They have such a great flavor that way!

Garden bounty
I ended up with a pretty giant mason jar full of salsa that needs a little repair (just a few more tomatoes and more more more cilantro-- I can never get enough).  It's a fun process to try and perfect a recipe, and it's nice to give my garden a little more attention as the summer starts coming to an end.

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope your weekend was wonderful!

Friday, August 15

Weekly Wears: Boxcar Children

Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears Weekly Wears
Oh, to wake up on a Saturday morning and grab your bowl of cereal and flip on cartoons.  Sometimes I really long for those simpler times, but then I remember that, for a grown up, I still watch cartoons A LOT.  Not because of my kids, either-- I really just like them.  We used to give my mom a hard time when we were younger because she never wanted to watch cartoons with us.  She'd always say, "Enjoy it while it lasts, because one day you'll be a grownup and you won't really like cartoons anymore."  Sorry, mom. Still going strong over here.

Skirt: c/o Choies;  Shirt: Forever 21;  Purse: Angela & Roi;  Shoes: c/o ChicWish;  Sunnies: BonLook

At times I get to partner with companies that are doing really cool things.  Angela & Roi is one of them. Each bag they sell has a different colored ribbon for a different.  Every time you purchase something from their shop, they donate to the color coded cause.  My purse is yellow/gold, which gives to the American Childhood Cancer Association.  You can check out all of the colors/causes right here.

I can't believe Friday is here again, but it definitely is!  We have another jam-packed weekend ahead of us, but I'll surely be making time for a big brunch one of these mornings.  It's in the cards!  Happy Friday!