Thursday, February 4

Oh Hey, Nashville

Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville
We're here spending some time in Nashville with some of our favorite friends.  It's been such a fun trip so far and we still have so much more to do and see!  If you have any recommendations for us, please throw them out there!  For now, I'm off to get ready for dinner!

Wednesday, January 27

Etsy Love

It's that time again where I share some of the darling things I've found on Etsy lately!

Let's start with this adorable plush cactus from SleepyKing.  Love it!

I pretty much need this Twin Peaks waitress dress by Biantika!

I adore this lovely pillow from EstherSandler.

This green tourmaline ring from Opal and Gold is swoon-worthy.

I've already ordered this beautiful print by ybryksenkova for our house.  Dreamy.

As always, if you'd like to leave some of your favorite shops in the comments, I'd love to take a peek!
Have a wonderful day, friends!

Monday, January 25

Living Room Progress

Living Room Progress
House progress is chugging along!  One of the biggest things that has gone unfinished since we moved in was our living room shelves.  I new I wanted to back them in wallpaper, but the paper I had originally decided on was going to end up being WAY out of our budget.  After a couple months of searching and some serious indecisiveness, I finally found this one!

Snapshots Living Room Progress
I was also delusional enough in the beginning to think I was going to tackle this project myself.  I'm SO GLAD we hired a professional for this.  It looks so good and I'm pretty sure I would have either ruined a bunch of the paper, or I never would have actually gotten around to it.

Living Room Progress Living Room Progress Living Room Progress
I have big plans for this space.  We have a carpenter building a window seat for our bay window and I'm still hunting for the perfect chairs to finish up our seating.  For now, I'm off to find my boxes of knick-knacks so I can style these shelves properly!

Happy Monday, friends!

Thursday, January 21

Poesy vs. The Giant Bear

Poesy vs The Giant Bear
It was well before Christmas, when one day we stopped at Walgreens to pick up stockings.  Poesy spotted this insanely huge bear and it was love at first sight.  We visited Walgreens a few other times after their initial meeting, and each time we were in the store you could over-hear her talking to the bear: "Giant Bear, one day I'm going to save all my dollars and I'll come back for you and you can live with me forever.  It's a promise.  I love you so much."

Let's fast forward to January 10th.  We had invited her friends over the day before for her karaoke party, but decided to save her gift from us until her real birthday.  It went something like this:

Poesy vs The Giant Bear Poesy vs The Giant Bear Poesy vs The Giant Bear Poesy vs The Giant Bear Poesy vs The Giant Bear
As you can imagine, there was quite a bit of screaming and jumping and "thank you, thank you, thank you" happening.  Being parents can be hard or weird or whatever sometimes, but geez... being able to bring someone so much joy from a great, big teddy bear, well that's just the greatest.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, she named him Giant Bear.  ;)