Thursday, October 20

DIY Halloween Costume Round-Up

DIY Halloween DIY Halloween
Since I didn't quite make it to the family Halloween costumes again this year, I figured a roundup of some of my favorite DIY costumes was in order!

Remember these Goldilocks and the Three Bears costumes?  This was right when we had first moved to Springfield and I was working part time in the ABM studio.  They're one of my prouder DIYs.  :)

DIY Halloween
These Ragdoll costumes were from a time before there was even a Poesy.  What?!  I love costumes were you can raid your closet or the dress up box, throw in a little DIY element, and make it your own!

DIY Halloween DIY Halloween DIY Halloween
This family Pinocchio themed costume was probably my most involved.  I made my own dress, Hope's Figaro outfit and headband, Poesy's Pinocchio get-up, and Johnny's vest.  I really loved this family costume.  I'm so glad we have these beautiful photos to remember it... and the year Poesy chopped off all her hair and was the absolute BEST Pinocchio. :D

DIY Halloween DIY Halloween
Oh, the Bjork swan dress... another one of my favorites!  I made this specifically for a friend's elaborate Halloween party and it sure was a hit.  I still have this one hanging in my closet!

DIY Halloween DIY Halloween DIY Halloween
Last but not least, our Peter Pan and the Lost Boys costumes!  These were SO fun and pretty simple to pull together.  This was the first year I asked Johnny to REALLY dress up with us and it was perfect!  (I'm not really counting putting on a giant paper maché mask-- he let me put makeup on him and everything.  The boy looks good in mascara.  What can I say?)

I have more DIY costumes here, here, here, and here from over the years if you need some more dressing-up inspiration.  I'm in the process of working on a written DIY for the emoji costume for all of you moms who have emailed me about it!  For now, I'm off to sew!

P.S.  I can't wait until you see what Poesy has chosen for Halloween this year.  It's going to be amazing!

Wednesday, October 12

Our Dining Room

I had the best weekend ever hosting the weaving workshop with Rachel!  I plan to show you tons of pictures from the event, but first I thought I'd show you the dining room before the chaos of yarn and snacks and lovely ladies.  This space was one of the first to come together in our home.  I knew I wanted a cozy dining room to host dinners with friends, but also a space for our family to have ice cream parties and game nights!  Here's a peek at where I (basically) started:

photos by Elsie Larson for ABM photos by Elsie Larson for ABM
As you can see, I didn't have to do much to this room other than add furniture and art.  I liked the color on the walls and the fancy chandelier that Laura made fancier, so after all of the boxes were out of here, it was time to decorate!

eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-86 eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-50
I knew I wanted to get a larger table and set of chairs-- something that would fit the size and vibe of this room a little more than our last set.  That's when Craigslist is the handiest.  Your old stuff goes to a new home and you can use that money for things that work better in your space.

You can see we have the white built-in cabinets, but I needed a little more storage for extra appliances, flatware, etc.  I found the wooden hutch at a local flea market/antique store and it has been a great addition!  The pink cabinet I snagged when the old Red Velvet shop was closing down a couple of years ago.  It's perfect for my ever-growing skunk collection!

eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-56 Dining Room Details eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-84 eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-48 Dining Room Details eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-54 eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-63
Photos by Elise Abigail Randolph

I adore this space in our home and it was perfect for hosting the craft gatherings this weekend!  I hope to do more in the future.  Bring on the dinner parties and fun gatherings!

Sources-- table: Amazon;  chairs: Amazon;  rug: Rugs USA;  hutch: Funtiques at Green Gallery;  bunny painting: thrifted/diy;  "Meh" embroidered hoop art: Cookoorikoo;  Most anything else was likely thrifted or given as gifts.  Feel free to ask about anything!

Wednesday, October 5

Fall Days And Taking Breaks

Fall Days
The weather has changed here in Missouri-- helloooooooo, Fall-- and I've found myself taking an accidental break from blogging and most social media.  I am a chronic over-booker and I have a knack for keeping myself TOO busy.  I know this I have this tendency, but I keep accidentally doing the thing over and over.  Okay.  Maybe it isn't accidental.  Maybe it's something I've been super guilty of doing for a long time and I'm trying to work on it.  Remember that quote: "I can do anything but not everything"?  I'm still digesting that one.

Anyway, despite my kick-back when it comes to rushing the fall season, we've had many beautiful days that make me excited for the change of season.  We spend most of our Summer traveling for kid things or band shows or whatever, and it's just nice to feel HOME for a while.  One of the most beautiful things that has happened in the last couple of weeks is giving my 5 year-old a box and some markers.  This is the biggest reminder that beauty and imagination don't have to be complicated.  At all.  (Am I sappy enough for you right now?)

Fall Days Fall Days Fall Days Fall Days Fall Days 
Fall Days Poesy's been playing in this box for most of the week.  I love it.  I love her imagination.  I love that the sweetest things can be SO SIMPLE if you just stop and enjoy what's around you.  I'm learning as I go, as are most of us, and (at least for me) this was a good reminder to just push pause when you need to.  Enjoy what's around you.  There is simple beauty everywhere.

Thursday, September 22

Entryway Before and After

(photo by Elise Abigail Randolph)
Our entryway is another big change in our house!  Honestly, I've never had an entryway before, so this was new territory for me.  Do I set up a gallery wall?  Do I paint the space?  It was basically a blank canvas and it wasn't until we had the wallpaper installed in the living room that I KNEW wallpaper would be the perfect first impression as you walk into our home!  Wanna see what it looked like before?  This one of my favorite before and after spaces!!

Entryway Before Entryway Before
I found TONS of wallpaper I liked as I was searching, but just because you like something doesn't mean you can afford it.  Oof.  I found both of the wallpaper designs we used in the living room and the entryway at Wallpaper Direct.  A friend asked how I came to the decision for this bold selection, and honestly, it took me over a dozen wallpaper samples to settle on something.  You never completely know how it's going to look until it has been installed, so I'm EXTREMELY HAPPY with how this turned out!  Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and go with your gut!

eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-66 Entryway eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-70 Entryway Entryway Entryway eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-67
(Most photos by Elise Abigail Randolph-- a couple are my own)
I love the contrast of the teal door and table legs, and the peeks of teal in the other rooms with these colors!  I'm so glad I didn't shy away from the boldness of the pattern-- it makes such a difference in this room!  I'll be back soon with a better look at our dining room!  xo.

Sources-- Wallpaper: Wallpaper Direct;  Table: Hobby Lobby;  Mirror: Craigslist;  Family Portrait: Pop Pop Portraits;  Candle: UO;  Large airplant: Bowood Farms