Tuesday, January 9

Goals for 2018

Goals 2018
So here we are. 2018. Part of me can't even wrap my brain around it. Another part of me is excited for some big changes in the months ahead. I mean, you can make big changes any time of year, but there's often a built-in motivator to a brand new year. That being said, I'm here to share a few of my goals with you! I've decided not to list out a whole bunch of things that I may or may not accomplish, but really be intentional with a set few.

Over the course of 2017, I started transitioning to safer beauty products. With so many friends into oils, chemical-free beauty routines, and no-animal testing makeups... well, it really hasn't been very hard. My biggest thing with "natural" beauty products is that they often don't work very well. You've gotta try to know though, right? The two best things I did for myself last year was try out Beautycounter (thanks, Jess!) and subscribe to the Oui Fresh monthly beauty box. Here are some of my favorite products:

Goals 2018

The Beautycounter foundation and moisturizers above are my absolute favorite. (I'm also a Beautycounter consultant now, but please know this isn't a sales pitch. I just really love these products.) The face oil and face mist are also WONDERFUL for these extremely dry months. I found those in my Oui Fresh boxes. I've also started getting into oils, but I don't feel quite educated enough to share my favorites with you yet! I actually just placed my first big order and I can't wait until it gets here!

So what's the goal in all of this? My goal is to continue toward a healthier lifestyle in general. We've signed up for a monthly food subscription to hold me to cooking at least 3 times a week and really examine what I'm putting in my body. Don't get me wrong, there will still be ice cream parties and donut mornings, I just want to counter those with a lot less processed, fatty junk. You guys know I love my chips.

Goals 2018

Our second big goal is to BUY THIS HOUSE. So, you may or may not know that we still rent this lovely place we call home, but over the last year I've been working hard to build my credit and we've been saving as much as possible. We really want to be able to call this place OURS. We have some big projects in mind for this home, but those upgrades don't really make any sense when we're pouring our dollars into someone else's property.

Casa Caracol

My third goal for the year is to travel for recreation more. We travel regionally a lot for The Mixtapes, but I want to make 2018 our year of seeing more and doing more. My milage credit card is definitely going to help out with that one! Our first big trip we have planned for the year is a New Orleans trip with some wonderful friends in April! I've never been before, so I'm completely excited to get a feel for the city. Also, if you guys have any recommendations of favorite places, please share!

Well, those are my big goals for 2018. Hopefully putting them down here helps hold me accountable. They are all things I really want for my life, so I'm sure I'll be working hard to see them come to fruition. Happy 2018, friends!

Wednesday, December 27

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017
We had such a lovely Christmas at home with the girls this year.  Our typical Christmas tradition is basically travel-travel-travel, but these last two years we've changed things up so we can enjoy Christmas morning at home.  It's seriously so nice.  Sometimes it can be hard for us to switch up traditions with family members because of hurt feelings and whatnot, but I honestly wish we had proposed this change years ago.  Having Christmas as a relaxing and slow time instead of chaotic and stressful makes all the difference in fully taking it in.

Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017
You guys.  Poesy's face just kills me in this one.  Oh, to feel like that again.  Being a kid at Christmas is just the best.

Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017
Poesy lost her voice this year, so listening to her high-pitched shrieks was pretty entertaining.  She gets excited about EVERYTHING, so you can probably imagine all squeaking and honking. 

This is the first year Hope hasn't really wanted any toys.  I was nervous about navigating those waters, but it was actually the most fun year for me to shop for her.  She likes clothes and jewelry and games.  Her favorite gift was a pink Taco Bell hoodie that I found at Forever 21 earlier this year.  It was the very first Christmas gift I bought-- that kid LOVES Taco Bell.  Her big present was a Harry Potter overnight bag filled with gobs of smaller Harry Potter presents.  (Clothes, Pop figures, DVDs, jewelry, etc.)  It was also a win!

Poesy's school travels to a local church once a month to shop with points they've earned.  There are clothes, toys... well, quite a variety of things.  The church gifted the kids 20 extra points so they could shop for family members, and Poesy was thrilled to have her very own presents to give us.  She picked a Springfield Cardinals hat for Johnny and I got a three pack of dollar store eyeshadow. 😂 It was precious and so very thoughtful.

Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017
The last 4 pictures are some of my favorite gifts from this year.  Johnny's mom and dad braved auctions to find these beautiful head vases for me.  I mean, I'm now the proud owner of a Lucille
Ball head vase.  What?!  She will go perfectly next to my Elizabeth Taylor vase.

The swan measuring cups were a sweet gift from Hope.  She braved the mall days before Christmas and bought these with her own money.  I love to see this thoughtfulness shining through her.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  I know family stuff can be tough sometimes... I'm thankful for a year without any drama and a slow-paced, nap-filled Christmas.  xo.

Tuesday, November 14

Champagne Tort is Here!

Champagne Torte champagne tort Champagne Torte Champagne Torte
Today is the day that my "Skunkboy" frames come out in a new color: Champagne Tort!  I love collaborating with BonLook, and this color scheme might be my new favorite!  (Well, if I'm being honest, they're probably tied with the pink ones.)

Many of you have been asking about a restock of the other colors and I'm happy to announce that Twinkle Tort and Panda Pearl are back!  Those of you wanting the pink or blue ones might be waiting a while, but hopefully there will be more fun colors coming in the near future.  For now, you can visit the BonLook website if you're interested in some new specs!

Monday, November 13

Tom Petty Tribute (and video clip)

Back Tattoo
("and the days went by, like paper in the wind"-- To Find A Friend // Wildflowers)

Johnny and I finally finished this Tom Petty documentary yesterday.  It was so good, but it was so long that we had started it so many times before actually making it to the end.  After we finished it, I felt even more of a connection to his music and an all new level of respect for his songwriting.  There aren't a lot of songwriters out there that stood the test of time like good ol' Tom, in my opinion.

After Tom Petty passed away, some of our friends got together to put on an epic tribute show.  They pulled in a rotating cast of musicians from our area (Springfield is saturated with great musicians in the best possible way) and we all poured our hearts into celebrating his legacy.  It was a wonderful night and we raised a bunch of money for Care to Learn, a charity that I love.  Johnny and I were honored to be a small part of the show, and since Poesy's favorite song long before she could speak words has been "Free Fallin" we figured it would be so fun to let her join us onstage to help out.  She's been around enough Tom Petty music to hold her own.  ;)  Here's a little video clip from that night:

She took her tambourine job very seriously.  I hope to continue to encourage her dreams of being a musician and being onstage.  Oh, and I'll just keep exposing her to as much golden music as she'll allow.  :)