Tuesday, July 22

Dress Crush

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Dress crushes... sigh.  I've been having one of those crazy/kinda rough months this month, and sometimes it's nice to just take a break and do a little window shopping.  I find it relaxing to just zone out and shop online sometimes, even if I'm not buying.  These are some of my favorites I've found around the web lately.  Now I just need to find that pesky money tree so I can buy all the pretty things, right?!  ;))

I hope your week is getting off to a great start!  xo.

Monday, July 21

Dining Room Peeks and "Eat A Rainbow" Print Download

Dining Room Dining Room
I've been working hard on our dining space these past couple of months, and you can see it over on A Beautiful Mess today!  There's also a tutorial for the chair covers and vinyl cushions I made.  (photos above by Sarah Rhodes)

Dining RoomAlso, I've been meaning to offer this "eat a rainbow" print as a download for a while now, so here you go!  I took this file to my local Kinkos and asked for a blueprint copy, and I think this print ended up costing around $12.

If you'd like to download it from my Flickr, just make sure you click the "original" size.

Happy Monday, friends!  xo.

Thursday, July 17


snapshots snapshots
Hope and I had some special "girl time" earlier this week.  I let her pick where we go and she almost always pick this tiny little mom-n-pop burger joint, Taylor's.  It's become our place and I love that.

4th of July 2014 4th of July 2014 4th of July 2014 4th of July 2014
We've been spending plenty of time outdoors over the past couple of weeks, since the weather has been so nice around these parts.  These are a few snaps from a park day last week.

band stuff

We had a band photoshoot recently and it was pretty fun.  I needed new photos for some new collage-style posters.  The .gif was made with the new Party!Party! app that ABM just released.  (You may have to click the photo to see it move.)  So fun!  You can follow our band on Instagram, if you'd like!

I can't believe it's Thursday already!  I hope your week is great so far!  xo.

Wednesday, July 16

Our Costa Rica Photo Book

DIY Photo Book
You know that age old dilemma of "I have all these great photos but I never print them"?  Well, that is my whole photo life except for a handful of projects, so I thought it would be a good idea to get on that. I love the idea of coffee table books, so today I'm teaming up with Canon USA to make one devoted to our beautiful, wonderful Costa Rica trip!

DIY Photo Book DIY Photo Book First things first:  buy a photo album.  I am terrible at scrapbooking, so I just wanted a traditional photo album.  Weirdly, finding a plain, non-ugly one was pretty tricky!  I decided to spice this one up by using some ModPodge to adhere some fabric onto the spine.  I like it much better now!

DIY Photo Book DIY Photo Book Next, I chose which photos to print and used my PIXMA iP8720 to print them out.  I like the idea of having a theme for each book because it makes the photo selection process a little less overwhelming.  I made several collages in photoshop to save paper.  This 13x19 paper is so great to have because you can fit a ton of 4x6 photos onto one page!

After printing, I cut out my photos (grab a helper if you can snag one!) and assembled the book.  I get so wrapped up in the placement of my photos-- I like for the book to tell a story.  :)

DIY Photo Book DIY Photo Book DIY Photo Book DIY Photo Book DIY Photo Book DIY Photo Book
I love having a little photo book devoted to our special trip.  I'm thinking I need to make a few more of these and keep up with having photos printed.  It's so fun to have these sorts of albums, especially when guests come over (yes, I'm that person).  "How was your Costa Rica trip?"  Here, let me show you...