Tuesday, April 22

Record Store Day

We ended up being in St. Louis for Record Store Day this year, so I was pretty pumped leading up to it.  We made our way over to Vintage Vinyl once I was up and going on Saturday morning.  It was all pretty hoppin'-- they had live music outside, free beer inside, and a two hour wait in line to see any of the record store day exclusive merch.  I'm a person who can go either way in those crazy crowded situations-- sometimes it's way too much and sometimes it's totally fine, depending on how I prepare myself.  Unfortunately I wasn't really in the mood that day, so I grabbed a Bryan Adams album I don't have (he's my guilty pleasure love), Johnny snagged a Pearl Jam album he didn't have, and we came home to our good ol' faithful record store here in Springfield to snag the Mazzy Star RSD 7".  I'm pretty happy with our loot, but who really needs a special day to buy records?  You know me, any day is a good day for music!

Did you snag anything great for Record Store Day this year?  You can see our purchases from last year right here.  xo.  Katie

Monday, April 21

Our Easter

Easter was pretty great this year, and it was nice to break out of some of our normal routine.
I decided to skip out on buying new Easter dresses-- a tradition I was ready to put down.  Each year we slap some cash on the counter for dresses the girls will wear once or twice, just because it's what we've always done.  I'm definitely not taking a hard stance against it, but this year I was really just feeling like it was unnecessary.  Plus, those kids could wear paper sacks and still be darn adorable.

Anyyyyywayyyyy... let me back up a little.

Our band played out of town on Friday night.  I ended up coming down with a fever and flu-like symptoms in the wee Saturday morning hours, so Saturday was weird.  I can't even remember the last time I was miserable with a fever.  (Are grown-ups even supposed to get fevers?  That's rhetorical, but I still thought the fact that I had a fever was pretty dumb.)  We picked up the girls and decided to stay in a hotel Saturday night so we could be closer to our Sunday morning destination (for church, family gatherings, etc.) since we live an hour & 1/2 away and we'd basically been traveling the whole weekend.  So, the girls opened their baskets in our funny hotel room, and though for a second I looked around the room feeling like a bad mom, Hope swears it was the best Easter ever.  Kids are easy to please-- give them a swimming pool and a vending machine and they're in heaven.

Over the course of the day we had four different egg hunts, the girls got Easter baskets three times, and I ate my weight in Cadbury mini eggs.  I justified that last thing by telling myself it was okay because I felt crummy.  I can be so kind to me sometimes.  ;)

It was a wonderful day spent celebrating with the ones I love.  I'm not sure how Johnny weaseled his way out of photographs... he can be pretty stealthy when he wants to be...

Oh, yeah-- and just because I can't stop cracking up over it:

Poesy telling us to "fly" our dresses.  I love that kid.
I hope whether you celebrated Easter or not on Sunday, your day was absolutely lovely!  xo. Katie

**My dreamy dress is from Family Affairs and my shoes are from Bali ELF.
**You can peek at our Easter from 2013 and 2012 if you'd like.  It's pretty much the same, but the girls are leeeeettle.

Easter Traditions

Our Easter weekend was a little untraditional this year.  Yes, we did make time for dyeing eggs and Easter baskets and all that, but we ended up traveling for almost the whole weekend.  More importantly, the Easter bunny had to come and find us in a hotel in a different town.  Good thing he's good at tracking.  ;)

Poesy was a really fun age this year for just about everything.  The egg dyeing was magic for her.  She's very much into painting right now, so when she discovered the painting set, it was all over... in a good way.  She sat and meticulously painted one entire egg after another with a tiny paint brush, until all the eggs were colored.  Three is one of my very favorite ages.

Hope's an old pro (of course) so her main concern was dyeing all the eggs and then finding the least lovely ones to eat.  It was a good evening for egg coloring and it gave me a good excuse to keep the egg dye away from my new dining room chairs.  Hooray for outside.  ;)
I was feeling a little under the weather on Thursday when all this was going down, but really didn't know what was in store for the weekend until the next day.  I'll share more about that and photos of our Easter very soon!  xo. Katie

Sunday, April 20

New Look!

As you may have noticed, the blog has had a little update.  I had the pleasure of working with Savannah from Maiedae, and she was an absolute peach.  Hopefully things will be a little easier to find around here with the "Features" tabs, and also a having WORKING SEARCH BAR again.  (Hehehe)  I really am so pleased with the new look of the blog.  It still feels very much like home, but with a fresh coat of paint.  :)  I'll be updating all of the tabs at the top over the next few weeks, so be sure to check in and see what's new!
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!  xo. Katie