Wednesday, February 22

Craft Night Wall Hanging

DIY Wall Hanging
My Crafty Babes group just celebrated a year of gatherings!  To refresh your memory: we started out as a beginner's knitting group.  (Also, holy cow!  Check out those bare walls!)  To make it more inclusive, I switched gears a little and turned it into a general craft group.  The whole goal is to build community here in Springfield, and I definitely feel like that's happening!  I adore bringing people together and I've met so many rad local ladies!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we made these pretty wall hangings at one of our gatherings.  It's SO easy and I thought you guys might like a peek at how it's made!

DIY Wall Hanging DIY Wall Hanging DIY Wall Hanging
There are so many different ways to customize this, so let's just stick to what I did for this one.  Grab a metal hoop and some pretty yarn from the craft store.  *I actually snagged this yarn from Michaels over a year ago.  It was on sale and too lovely to pass up!*  Cut lengths of yarn twice as long as you want them to hang.  Fold the middle section of the yarn over the hoop and pass the ends through.  This is called a larkshead knot.  Then repeat, repeat, repeat!

I wanted a little extra texture to mine, so I added some square knots in the upper area.  They aren't as noticeable with the yarn as they would be with string or rope-- it's just a nice bit of texture.  I finished mine off with some vintage millinery flowers I had laying around.  See?  So easy.

DIY Wall Hanging DIY Wall Hanging DIY Wall Hanging DIY Wall Hanging
We're getting together tonight to learn to make beautiful fabric flowers!  I can't wait to show you how it goes!  Happy crafting, friends!

Friday, February 17

My Valentines

This Valentine's Day was another good one here in the Shelton house.  It was Poesy's first year of being in school and having a party, so I had to bring my class-mom game back out.  I haven't made a box for Valentine's Day in YEARS, and I was definitely a little rusty.  It served its purpose, though, and we had a lot of fun making it together.

After Poe made it home from school, we took the girls out for a special lunch, Johnny got us small gifts (that Ron Swanson pin-- aaaahhh!), had our yearly heart pizza for dinner, and snacked sweet treats from our wonderful neighbors.  After the girls were in bed, Johnny and I got dressed a little fancy and went out for a bit.  I love having babysitters we trust these days!

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
How was your Valentine's Day?  Did you do anything fun?  Did you pamper yourself?  I've been loving seeing all of my Galentines opening their gifts!  Thank you to everyone who has sent me a little something in return!  I hope to continue this tradition every year!

Monday, February 13

Valentine's Gifties

DIY Valentines
Happy Valentine's Day, friends!  This year I had a lot of fun participating in the Crybaby Club Galentines exchange.  I just gave you a photo spoiler of what I sent out to 15 ladies in my group. Oops.  Pretty hankies with encouraging words were exactly what my crafty heart wanted to gift this year.  I'm well aware that Valentine's Day isn't the happiest day for everyone, but I love helping to make it a little better where I can.  Let's just scrap the whole "you've gotta be in a relationship to enjoy V-day" vibe and see it as a day where we remind each other of how great caring for someone truly is... whether it's romantic or not.  Also, can we just take that mindset into every other day of the year?

DIY Valentines
Here's a behind-the-scenes peek at my crafty project.  Hankies, an iron, and some fusible letters can make a pretty gift in a jiffy!

DIY Valentines DIY Valentines DIY Valentines
I can't wait until my ladies receive their gifts!  I even saved one for myself because WHY NOT?  It's the perfect addition to my studio decor.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!  You know my kids take holidays VERY seriously, so we'll be spending our day making it another fun one!  xo.

Tuesday, February 7

I'm On A Podcast!

Have you guys heard about the Shailey and Katie Podcast?  Well, these funny, smart ladies invited me in to ramble, even though I had to disclose that I'd never listened to a podcast before.  Also, their theme was how to be a "cool mom" which was a sweet sentiment, but please know I don't really think of myself as that.  Actually, my default is to be as dorky as possible in person so I don't have to try to put on a mask of "coolness".  

Real talk, though: it really was a good time, and it's been a while since I've stepped back and looked at how much I've grown into myself, and how much kinder I am to myself these days.  Katie D. also made us do surprise karaoke and I drank so much coffee my hands were literally shaking because TOO MUCH CAFFEINE.  All fun things!  If you're a podcast person (my goal is to become one), give it a listen!  These girls are hilarious and great!  I'm thankful these gals wanted to have me on their show!