Wednesday, November 30

Casa Caracol

Casa Caracol
Johnny and I just got back from a week in Mexico.  We went with a couple of our dearest friends, and it was a blast!  We found this gorgeous place on Airbnb and it was the most precious place I've ever stayed.  It's called Casa Caracol (The Seashell House) and it's on the most relaxing island, Isla Mujeres.  Seriously, everyone is so laid back and happy.  I will definitely be taking the girls on vacation there in the future.  I have some photos to share, so I thought I'd start with our bedroom.

Casa Caracol Casa Caracol Casa Caracol  Casa Caracol
There are two bedrooms total in the house, so a couple's trip was perfect!  The Larsons are pretty much our vacation soulmates, so we spent most nights just sitting in the adorable living room, chatting and laughing.

The island was so beautiful, I hope when I go back I will get the chance to take proper photos of the beauty there.  This vacation was more about being in the moment and enjoying each other.

Casa Caracol Casa Caracol Casa Caracol Casa Caracol  Casa Caracol Casa Caracol Casa Caracol Casa Caracol Casa Caracol Casa Caracol casa caracol
We love you, Isla Mujeres and Casa Caracol!  Until next time!

Monday, November 28

Sew With Us Sale!

Sew With Us
Just a little heads up-- Sew With Us is on sale for $27.00 right now!  If you've been wanting to get into sewing or have a little refresher course, this is a great option for you!

Speaking of sewing, it's time for me to get started on a project!  Happy Monday, friends!

Friday, November 25

Closet Sale!

Hey, friends!  I've been working diligently on getting my closet manageable, so here is my first round of closet sale offerings!  (I have lots more coming.)  I hope you find something you like!  xo.

Monday, November 21


Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots
Here are some random snapshots from life lately.  Johnny and I just spent the last week in Mexico with some of our dearest friends, but nothing's ever sweeter than coming home to our girls.  I've been mostly focusing my at-home energy on getting my studio usable again, because I seriously miss sewing!  I found two close-but-still-unfinished animals while I was unpacking boxes and it definitely lit a fire underneath me!  It's time to get back to sewing creatures... and other things.

I'll show you the before and after progress of cleaning out my studio/closet very soon.  Also, you know what that means-- CLOSET SALE VERY SOON!

Happy Monday, friends!