Wednesday, January 11

Who Wants Bonus Projects?

Infinity Scarf Table Runner via Sew With Us Ecourse
Hooray for bonus projects!  Rachel and I just just added two SIMPLE projects to our Sew With Us ecourse-- a simple infinity scarf tutorial and an easy table runner tutorial!  If you aren't familiar with Sew With Us, basically it's a learn-at-your-own-pace ecourse.  It is designed to teach basic sewing skills such as threading your machine and straight stitches, all the way up to designing your own clothing patterns and installing buttonholes, zippers, etc.  We want to take the intimidation out of sewing with simple projects for home and fashion!  Here are some examples of projects:

Sew With Us
*Simple maxi skirt with elastic waist

Sew With Us Projects
*Learn to sew on a curve and add piping

Sew With Us
*Sew a half apron with pockets

Sew With Us Projects
*Sew a pyramid bean bag

Sew With Us*Sew a blouse with an exposed zipper

There are lots more projects, but these are just a few examples.  Rachel and I poured a lot of ourselves into this ecourse (which you've probably heard me talk about in the past) and I'm happy to share our bonus projects with you guys!  If you've already purchased the ecourse, the new tutorials are in there waiting for you.  If you'd like to learn a little more about our class, just click right here!

Happy stitching, friends!

Monday, January 9

Welcome To Our Home: Bedroom Tour

Skunkboy Bedroom
If I had to pick a favorite room in our house, it would be our bedroom.  Obviously it pains me to play favorites, but this place has it goin' on.  Oh, wait... people probably don't say that anymore.  Well, whatever phrase you use to describe simple, functional, fun, and serene, that's what I'm trying to convey.

I'm in no way a minimalist, so setting up a space that felt easy to keep tidy was a bit challenging for me... especially without a closet.  Yep, this pretty room is lacking a closet to hold all of my vintage dresses and whatnot.  Like I've said before, most rooms come with their own unique bit of complication, so working around those is always the goal!

Skunkboy Bedroom Skunkboy Bedroom Skunkboy Bedroom Skunkboy Bedroom Skunkboy Bedroom Skunkboy Bedroom
Remember my initial vanity post?  I was certain I wanted to paint the desk something other than black, so I originally went for a complimentary pink to our comforter.  It really wasn't what I was wanting.  Pink is great, but it felt like overkill.  I settled on a soft mint and I really think it fits the vibe of the room a lot better.  I love color and I need a variety in my home!  (Also, did you peep my curtain lengthening DIY?  Still going strong!)

Skunkboy Bedroom Skunkboy Bedroom  Skunkboy Bedroom Skunkboy Bedroom
If you've counted four doors in this room, you're totally right!  We have two entrances, a door that opens up into Hope's room, and we have the door to the attic.  Adding dressers was a great solution for this lovely room with no storage.  I found the dresser with the mismatched knobs on Amazon (I added the knobs myself) and the other dresser was this DIY fail from Craigslist.  As you can see, sanding it down really brought it back to life!  You can't win every DIY trophy, am I right?

Snapshots Skunkboy Bedroom Skunkboy Bedroom Skunkboy Bedroom Skunkboy Bedroom Skunkboy Bedroom
Johnny and I were still rocking the same bedframe that we were gifted when we first got married, so this bed from West Elm was my splurge for us.  I think it's gorgeous and classic, and I hope we use it for a really long time!

The teal ceiling was here when we moved in.  It's a lot greener than something I would normally go for, but it actually helped me step out of my "typical decor" box and really consider what I was putting into our space.  The same with the light fixture-- at first I thought it wasn't really "me" but then I figured out how to compliment it with surrounding decor, and now I feel like it fits the room perfectly!

Thank you guys for taking a peek into my bedroom!  It's a lot different than our last bedroom space, and I love both for different reasons.  (This one more, though.  So much more manageable than sharing a work space with the place you're supposed to relax.)  I'll share a list of where I found some of the items shown.  If I miss anything, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to look it up!  xo.

**Big thanks to my dear friend Elise Abigail Photography for shooting these photos for us!**

Bed: West Elm // Rug: Uncommon Goods // Comforter and pillow cases: Urban Outfitters // Dresser 1: Amazon //  Dresser 2: Craigslist // Vanity Desk: Hobby Lobby // Weaving: Rachel Denbow // Grand Budapest Hotel art: Kwanalee // Pink gradient ladies print: Laura Berger // Floating abstract painting: Michelle Houghton // Metal accordion photo print: Inkdot // Most other decor is thrifted.

Friday, January 6

Birthday Snow

Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland  Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland
Well... today is one of my very favorite days of the year.  It's my birthday!!  I get so excited every year that we have snow on my birthday.  Snow is my absolute favorite.  Weirdly, it motivates me. There's nothing better than snow day crafting.  Really!

2016 was a good year for me.  I grew closer to people that I truly love, really made our house feel like home, and traveled to new places.  Did I complete all of the goals I set?  Of course not.  And that's okay!  It's time to make some new ones, roll some over from last year, and get moving.  I'm excited for 2017 and the things I have cooking in this ol' brain of mine.  Happy Friday, January 6th, friends.  I'm off to go eat cake and snuggle my family.  Oh yeah... and grab drinks and do karaoke with friends later!

**Since this is my first outfit post in forever, here are my details:

Dress: vintage;  Tights: We Love Colors;  Shoes: Bali Elf;  Clutch: Modcloth (similar)

Thursday, January 5

Snail Mail Is Making a Comeback With Bond

In the year of 2017, I am making it a personal goal to send more physical mail.  I'm usually pretty great at checking in on friends through social media or texts, but I want to take that to the next level.  It warms my heart any time a friend takes the time to send me snail mail, and I want to do that for others.
Bond is making that incredibly easy for me!  Poesy sketched up a little picture of our family and I uploaded that into the Bond app to create personal stationary for our family!  After that, all I had to do was type in a personal message and they sent off my note to a happy recipient.  Yes.  I did just say that you don't have to go to the post office.  This app is going to help me stay connected to friends and family that I don't see nearly enough.  Oh, and save me from myself when it comes to procrastinating and allowing a letter to sit on my entryway table for way too long!

Bond Bond Bond
I think this is such a cute way to keep in touch with loved ones!  Bond will definitely be helping me to keep a big goal of mine this year... plus, it's a wonderful way to showcase Poesy's art with the grandparents and get some of her artwork back on the fridge where it belongs!

You can send your first note for free after you download the Bond app!  It's a great way to try out a new service and decide if it's for you.  Enjoy the snail mail!