Friday, October 31

Tuesday, October 28

Oh, This Week!!!

Well, this is definitely the week of duplicates. I feel like I'm making the same thing over and over and over... oh, wait, I am. Sunday night I made five of the same owl bodies. I'm not used to doing the assembly line thing. It did get pretty tiring, but once I finished I got such a kick out of seeing all of the matching owls together.

So, now I'm headed back upstairs to make multiple monkeys, ugh. I'll be glad when this week is over.

In more exciting news, the ornaments are coming along swimmingly. I think I'll call them Skunkboy Snowbuddies, because they will be my little animals, but I like the idea of leaving off all legs and feet so they resemble snowmen. I'll post pictures in a few days.

Sunday, October 26


After much cutting and commencement of bath time Hope picked the winner for the giveaway. I have to say that I really would love for everyone to win, but I am very excited that this girl did. She lives in Indonesia, which is where my best friend Amy is getting ready to go. Ready for the name? It's (duh duh da da...):

Bin aka binal!!!!

I'm so very excited for you! Congratulations!

Saturday, October 25


I grew up in the 90s. So, like most teenagers, I was in LOVE with My So-Called Life. This meant I adored Claire Danes. I still do. Not really her recent work, just Claire Danes circa 1990-something. All this being said leads me to this: I bought a pair of angel wings for Halloween. I usually hate girls dressed up as angels, but I couldn't resist. Remember Claire in the "Just Like Anyone" video? I still randomly start singing that song. Remember her in Romeo and Juliet? I had to buy the wings. So it remains, my love for her lingers.

Closing the Shop...

Hello, again my friends. I've been wrestling with this, because it's something that I really don't care to do, but I think on Monday I'm going to close my shop for a week or so. I realize that in the grand scheme of things this isn't a big deal, but right now it's a big deal to me. I just got my first "real" wholesale order which needs to be filled, and I keep getting orders on top of that. It's not fair to put one over the other, so I'm closing shop for a little while, and when I come back I'll be ready for Christmas orders. So, I guess if there are any last minute orders you wish to place, you can do it before then. Thanks so much, everyone. You've been great to me (does this sound like a farewell speech, or what?)!

These are my little friends who are embarking on an adventure to Australia! Yay!

Friday, October 24

Wedding Toppers

I'm sure all of you have seen the photos of my little wedding cake toppers, because I posted enough of them. I had so much fun making them and seeing them on the cake, that I've decided to offer custom ones in my shop. So, if you know anyone who is getting married soon, maybe you could mention these...

Also, I'm getting ready to start making Christmas tree ornaments! I thought little Skunkboy
owls and (maybe) others might be cute hanging from a glowing tree! Yay!!!

Thursday, October 23

Interesting Videos

I found this video over at the Free People blog, and thought I needed it on mine, too. I love the visuals in this video.

I figured while I'm posting videos I'd post this one, too. It's one of my very favorites.

I know Bright Eyes gets a bad rap because Conor Oberst is a bad singer, but I love the music (and I'm frequently accused of having an affinity for bad singers). He is seeming to get a lot better... less a-tonal screaming is always a plus.

The last video was my FAVORITE growing up. Actually, I've been meaning to make a little plush milk carton guy.


I've been working on this two item custom order forever, it seems. I made the first giraffe, but decided it was too delicate for a 2 year old, so I made a second giraffe to suit her a little better. They weren't the hard part, though. I've been fighting with this little lizard a bunch, and finally completed him today. Whew. He's for a girl getting her PhD working with lizards, so that put a little pressure on. She knows what this lizard should look like and I didn't want to screw it up.

Anyway, this is Betty.

And this is the lizard... his belly is blue. I think he is much more impressive in person.

Hopefully she loves them both.

Wednesday, October 22


Well, here she is in all of her hedgie-ness... I named her Henrietta. She's growing on me. Maybe it's because she's a cutie, or maybe it's because I'm making this lizard right now and it is giving me so much trouble that she just seems sweet in comparison.

4 Days, Friends!

Just 4 days until the winner of the giveaway is announced. I feel as though I'm losing track of time...

I must go back upstairs and finish a hedgehog that I'm working on. I'm not sure how I feel about her yet. She's not turning out how I pictured in my head. Hopefully I'll be posting pictures (with my yucky camera because my nice one died this weekend... boo...) in just a little while, and I'd love some feedback.

Tuesday, October 21

Ophelia in Good Company

I feel like my house is all decked out in Etsy. Ophelia is hanging out with:

a lovely swan from Lapomme, a Sleepy Sam from the Black Apple, and a print my best, wonderfullest friend Amy got me from Elle Moss,

and my most recent, most favorite purchase of a woodland creature from Astulabee

Ophelia is happy and my house is pretty.

Monday, October 20

Oh, My Lovely Tara

I'm aware of the fact that none of you know Tara, but I think wedding stuff is exciting, so I thought I'd share a bit.

I woke up Saturday morning with the flu. The flu. Tara's wedding was at 7 that night, I was getting there at 5 to start pictures, and I felt like dying. I rested for most of the day, medicated myself, and showed up as a very lethargic version of me. Try feeling like a zombie and directing wedding participants for pictures. It was draining. Anyway, all turned out well-- the wedding was amazingly beautiful. It was outside in a candle lit gazebo at 7:00 in October, so it was more than a little nippy, but once everything got started my frozen fingers couldn't have cared less.

I'm thrilled because I've known and loved her forever. Her new husband is so wonderful and their 3 year old is one of the cutest ever! So, now Tara is married. The end.


Here are the sweethearts living on the cake:

Tara loved them and I was ecstatic!

Friday, October 17

A Quick Post

I'm getting ready to go out of town, but I had to share these really quick because I'm so excited!

My friend Tara is getting married tomorrow. She adores owls, so I made her a bride and groom set for her cake. They have extra long feet so they can sink in a bit without getting all gooey.

A Little More...

When the van hit our house, the 3 year old was "driving". I have no idea how he wasn't hurt. It was the first weekend after a series of exhausting photography jobs where I was finally going to get to sleep in and I was so excited. So, about 6:45 Saturday morning, we awoke to an enormous crashing sound, followed immediately by screams of terror. I must have been in deep sleep, because I was completely confused.

Johnny ran to Hope's room, because hers was the first and loudest scream. I stumbled out of bed and called, "What's going on?" Johnny replied, "There's a van in our house!" I had no idea what he was talking about until I made it to the end of the hall. I turned my head and saw exactly what he had said-- a van in my house.

The neighbor lady who birthed the kid was hysterical. "Oh my god, oh my god. I don't even know what to do... how can this be happening... what am I supposed to do?"

I was entirely annoyed by her. Um, I'm the one who just lost her house for months, and whose kid will be afraid to sleep in her own bed for weeks to follow because you left your toddler in a running van, parked on a hill, with the wheels turned toward my house. She is not my favorite person. I have a history with her. She's the neighbor who loves to leave all her windows open, and SCREAM at her kids non-stop. She is also the neighbor who lets this toddler play in the road, ducked partially behind a parked car, and sits on the porch and just yells over and over at him to get his you-know-whatie-what back up on that porch. At this point he is immune to her screams.

Anyway, it was definitely inconvenient, but we knew we could get a new door and frame and all could be well again. Then, the fire department came and let us know that he busted a water line... oh, yeah, and crushed all of the front electrical work in the house. So no we have exposed wiring and gushing water.... getting worse... upon closer inspection, he hit the main supporting wall in the house, so we were instructed to collect the "necessities" to live from inside, because it was likely that once the van was pulled out, the front of the house was going to collapse. Oh, and yes, our vehicle was trapped inside the garage, whose door was buckled and unable to be opened.
Once we got all of our things outside, it began to rain. It was completely like a bad movie. The fire marshal deemed the house unlivable, and we found ourselves without home, vehicle, or treasures. It was terrible. We lived in a hotel for some time, which may sound like fun, but eating fast food non-stop and existing in a one room box is less than ideal.

So, to finish this VERY long story (I apologize) our house did eventually get fixed and insurance covered it. It definitely could have been worse.

That kid still plays in the road.

Thursday, October 16

Tag... I'm IT!

I was recently tagged by HerAnatomy. This means I have to share 7 things about myself, so here goes nothing:

1. I have a sick obsession with music. I listen to music on vinyl all day. My collection has been doubled for the past week because a friend went out of town and I borrowed all of his records.

2. Linking obsession with music-- is my music. I play in a band called The Flat Earth Society. We have some recordings that aren't extremely good examples of our style... we were encouraged to record these specific ones because they were our most "upbeat, radio friendly" songs. I play all piano, wurlitzer, organ (my Vox Jaguar is my favorite), harmonica, and accordion. Sometimes I sing, but even after 5 years I still get freaked out. I am currently writing the score for a short independent film.

3. I wish for a kitty. Unfortunately, certain people in my house are allergic.

4. I have 3 children's books written. I plan to use photos of Skunkboy Creatures in mixed media to illustrate them.

5. A big steel van crashed through the front of my house last October. Gotta love neighbors who let their 3 year old kid play in a running vehicle...

6. I am a photographer. I'm supposed to be setting up a studio in my downstairs, but Skunkboy Creatures has become my full time job. I still do portraits and weddings on weekends (not every weekend), but spend the week sewing and shipping.

7. I've been married for almost 8 years. Yes, I'm only 26... we took the plunge pretty young...
my husband is a songerwriter/singer/guitarist. He's fun to play music with.

So now I'm supposed to tag people, but I feel bad to tag anyone specifically, so if you want to share anything about yourself with me, you know how to reach me.

Wednesday, October 15

The Shop

My shop is getting a bit of an overhaul. Not in merchandise, just in appearance. I have a great camera and an amazing lens, so there is no reason why I should be using the same, tired pictures. Plus, a lot of my animals are a bit neater these days, and I want a clearer representation of them.

Oh, also, I am working on 7 different custom pieces right now, so be prepared for lots of new stuff!

Saturday, October 11

Let's Not Forget the Giveaway

With all this excitement about blogs and such, I just wanted to make mention of the giveaway on October 26. If you haven't gotten a chance to sign up, you can comment on this post with your name and contact info. It's going to be here before we know it...

Friday, October 10

Today is a Day That Makes Me Cry ( in the good way)

I've been super stressed this week. It's really no secret that I don't handle stress super well... I find myself just waiting for that point when life slows down, but it never does. This specific week we've been recording songs in the studio, preparing for a wedding on Saturday where we will be playing music (ugh*I don't really like playing weddings but when friends ask...), and sewing like mad to try and keep up with orders... let's just say I'm low on sleep.

*Here comes the good part... the part I like:

I got a convo this morning from Wendy to let me know she had featured me on her blog. She did a lovely piece and my heart swelled.

Then I checked my blog and found a really sweet comment from Karey M. So I went to check out her blog and found this piece. From then on, I knew all of my efforts had not been in vain, and I had been given the exact encouragement I needed to keep on truckin.

So, I was checking the rest of my regularly visited blogs... went to Melissa Loves... started to get a little weepy. So often I feel a bit like the underdog, not because anyone treats me badly or ignores me purposefully, but because I'm in a market with TONS of wonderful things offered, and sometimes it's hard to get noticed. I guess what I'm trying to say is, "Thank You." Not just to these sugary, spicey, wonderful ladies, but to everyone who's said a kind word, or told a friend, or bought a creature. Today I feel especially loved.

Thursday, October 9

Yay for my Followers!

I think it's so cool that I have people following my little blog! It warms my heart...

In other news, if you've liked any of the new stuff I've been posting, check my shop because it just might be there now. I made my second Ostrich-- I like him even better than the first. This one has a neater beak and skinnier legs. I also put wire in the feet so he would stand better. I never send out the prototype, they help me figure out what to do differently. You should see my house, a zoo of slightly off creatures...

Wednesday, October 8

Oh My Newness

I am a true lover of alchemy. I've made some of my favorite animals because of special requests. That being said, I do have a tendency to over-think things, which lends itself to extra stress (yay). I think I really love these two new guys, though. Monkey and I had a hate/hate relationship for most of his creative process, but in the end I am most happy with him.

I've been wanting to make a Pegasus for a while now, but haven't been able to find the time. I did steal some time to finally make her. I am also pretty happy with her, though my pictures aren't stellar. She'll be in my shop soon... I just need to take some better photos.

Lastly, I decided to splurge on a doll from the Black Apple. I'm glad I did, he is so lovely in person. Sam has gone everywhere with me since he showed up on my doorstep... this even includes helping me record accordion and harmonica last night in the studio. He is my newest and most favorite companion.

Tuesday, October 7


This weekend I went to see Ryan Adams and the Cardinals at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. The venue was amazing. I found myself wandering around just the bathroom in awe. It was absolutely beautiful.

Ryan Adams always puts on a good show. This was my third time seeing him live, the first time being the best, and the other two being a draw. He is a temperamental guy. He gets so mad when people talk or holler at him... the second time I saw him he played for (maybe) 45 at the very most and then stormed off stage because people were talking. That's fine, I guess, but what about the fans who were listening and loving it? I didn't ask those people to be inconsiderate.

This show was pretty good though, excluding some questionable song choices. His voice did sound better than ever, and I always enjoy the drummer and steel player... bass player-- not so much.

Anyway, it was fun overall, but the highlight of the trip was buying the new Jenny Lewis album on vinyl. First of all, I think every record should come with a cd inside. I doesn't seem right to charge someone twice for your music, and I always buy on vinyl if I can. This one did, so I was pleased. The album is great... she's really outdone herself this time. Plus, Zooey Deschanel (swoon) who I LOVE is all over it, Chris Robinson appears on a couple of songs. Just candy for my ears. So, yay... a new record I love.


So, I was over at the Plush You! blog, and saw the promo for the Renegade Christmas thingy. I really want to do it. I mean really, really, really want to do it... I just don't know if I can get enough little guys made by then. Actually, I'm almost certain I'd be committing hand suicide if I did, I just can't get my brain to accept the responsible choice. After all, I've been having pains in my hands and arms as it is... I could lose all I love: pianoing, picturing, sewing. Brain, be smart.

Monday, October 6

Busy, Busy

This was my week last week:

I had so many I couldn't get them all to appear in the picture nicely. Now they're all gone. I feel a little sad when I see this many go. It's like sending my children away... but not.

Saturday, October 4


Alyssa from Penguin and Fish found our little friends hanging out over at the Modish blog yesterday. Don't they look so happy?

Friday, October 3

My Current Favorite Plushies

Everyone knows Etsy is flooded with wonderful plush artists. Here are a few things that I especially love...

This sweet giraffe from Pillow Monsters...

This quartet of sleep angels from Lapomme...

This delightful candy corn from Chet and Dot...

This beautiful kitty from Little Love Blue (who's work I've been seeing a lot of lately)...

And this little monster from Plants and Animals...

Thursday, October 2

Melissa Loves

There's this beautiful blog called Melissa Loves. I'm not giving it praise because I am going to be featured over there, but because it really is a lovely, interesting blog. If you haven't checked it out, I would highly recommend that you do. I think Melissa is doing my short feature over there on Friday... I'm not sure. Please drop by if you get a chance. Thanks and I love you.