Frequently Asked Questions

1.  "Is that your natural color or do you dye your hair?"
I am not a natural ginger.  I wish I had been born with lovely red locks, but I am a dirty blonde through and through.
2.  "What color do you use on your hair?  I've been looking for that exact color!"
My color changes throughout the year.  I don't use store-bought box dyes, I see a stylist.  My color is typically a Pravana brand copper color, but I recommend seeing a professional if you are looking to color your hair.  Here's a post I wrote on how to keep dyed red hair looking bright.
3.  "What is your beauty routine?"
I have a post here on some of my favorite beauty products, or you can see my Everyday Styling routine on A Beautiful Mess.

1.  "What kind of camera and lens do you use?"
I currently use a Canon 60D and my most-used lens is a 35mm.  You can see my latest post about cameras here.
2.  "Who takes your outfit pictures?"
I'm very lucky to have such an agreeable and helpful husband who is willing to take almost all of my outfit photos.  He's a good egg.

1.  "How many kids do you have?"
I have two kiddos-- Hope is 10 and Poesy is 2.  Poesy is a ham and loves having her picture taken and Hope is more private and is more reserved. 
2.  "How long have you been married?"  
I've been married a long time.  I got married when I was 19 to my high school sweetheart and I'm very lucky to still call him my best friend.
3.  "You mentioned home school in a recent post.  What curriculum do you use?"
You can read why we home school here, more about our schedule and books we love here, and see my home school diaries here.  I'd love to respond to every emailing regarding home school and I really do my best, but if you have emailed and didn't get a response, it isn't because you aren't important.  Sometimes those emails get lost in the shuffle.

1.  "Do you take custom orders?"
I do take custom orders during certain periods during the year.  I usually have a waiting list, but if there is something you are interested in inquiring about, feel free to shoot me an email!
2.  "Are your animals safe for children to play with?" 
The short answer is: NO.  My animals are hand-stitched and have small parts such as buttons and sometimes wire.  They are meant to be display pieces and keepsakes.  :)

**This page is a work in progress and will continue to be updated periodically.