Wednesday, May 30

Weekly Wears: Mother, Daughter

I got to sneak away yesterday to head out of town for a little girls' night with some of my best pals.  It's so nice to have a little adult time every now and again, and it's even better to come home to a family that missed you like crazy.  When I walked through the door Poesy gave me the sweetest, heart-melting "maaaa maaaa" I've ever heard.  I was a puddle.

(On Katie) Skirt: F21;  Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens c/o ModCloth;  Flower Crown: Oh! Darling Vintage;  (all borrowed from Elsie)  Tank: Marshall's;  Necklace: handmade

I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends and such a wonderful family.  I'm thankful for them every, single day.

**I also wanted to say a little thank you to all of you sweet souls who have emailed me, left me instagram comments, and sent tweets.  I haven't been able to respond to everyone, but please know how much I appreciate the kindness that has been sent my way.  <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, May 29

An Instagram Frenzy

I posted a picture on Instagram last night that got A LOT of people up in arms.  In the comments I was told I'm a bad mother, I was told that someone should take my baby away from me... well, there were many things.  There were actually SO MANY hurtful things that I just wanted to take the picture down.  But why?  I'm not ashamed of the picture.  I'm not embarrassed by what's happening in the picture.  So I left it.  Here's what I'm talking about:

This is real life, folks, and this picture is awesome to me.  No, I don't think it's awesome that Poe is wearing the safety harness, and NO, I don't think it's awesome that she's crying.  It's awesome because THIS is Poesy.  Poesy is a crier.  Poesy is a screamer.  Poesy is extremely strong willed and determined.  She is fast, adventurous, curious, intelligent, rambunctious, and all-around amazing.  I love these things about her.  She is 1 out of the 3 most important people in my life.  You know, I got a lot of guff (insults) last night for this safety harness (or "leash" as we like to joke), but I would do it all again, exactly the same way.  When we are swimming she will be wearing a life jacket.  When we are in the car she will be in a car seat.  I know there are a lot of mothers that don't agree with these harnesses, but I am her parent and I will do my best to protect her when I can.  For me, this includes a safety harness when the occasion calls for it.

I typically just delete hateful comments from Instagram and look the other way, but I think it's important for people to be able to read back on these particular comments.  I am a firm believer in A) having confidence in what you believe to be right for your child, and B) building up and encouraging other moms.  Saying something in a constructive way when there is safety in question is one thing, but coming down on another mother (for whatever reason) is completely counterproductive.  Honestly, how often is someone called to the "other side" of a debate by being degraded? 

Being a mom is a hard job, guys.  No one has all the answers, but I know that the choices I make for my daughters will always be carefully thought out, and come from a place of pure love.  They won't always be popular (ahem... home school), but that's okay.

You know your baby better than anyone else, and if your kiddo is safe and happy, what else really matters?

**I'm disabling commenting on this post, but I appreciate those of you who have agreed with me on this topic, and I appreciate those of you who have disagreed with me on this topic and stated your opinion with maturity.

Monday, May 28

Sponsored Giveaway: Clementine and Nellie

Brooke of From Under His Feathers is one of my featured sponsors this month, and I'm so happy to have her!  Brooke is a lovely lady who blogs about her family, life, and other sweet things.  She also has an Etsy shop called Clementine and Nellie, and today she is offering up a $35 store credit to one lucky reader!

To enter, simply stop by Clementine and Nellie and pick out a favorite item.  Leave a comment here letting us know which one you love!

For additional entries:
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The winner will be chosen on Friday, June 1st.  Please leave a separate comment for each entry and make sure your email address is linked or included. 
Also, don't forget to stop by and say hello to my new friend Brooke!  She's a sweet lady and her blog is full of family and love.  Good luck everyone! 

Friday, May 25

Weekend Roundup

I hope you all have been having a wonderful week!  Here are some links and favorites from this week:

 I have a new hair tutorial up over on A Beautiful Mess!  This hair style is especially cute for 50s/60s inspired outfits. 

I've been making more of an effort to buy more separates this season.  These tops from Lulu's are things I'd like to see in my closet!

These oven s'mores from Jen of Jen Loves Kev looking AMAZING.  I am definitely making these soon!!

The winner of the iconemesis giveaway is:

**If you want a good laugh, you should definitely pop over to the Friendly Fox and check out Annie's "Big Jacob, Little Spaces" series.  Her kid is so darn cute & hilarious!
**Don't forget, the Emerging Thoughts codes are good through the end of May.  Use "katie" to receive 30% off the Beatrice Holloway collection and the code "skunkboy" for 15% off everything else!
**I don't know how many of you are already familiar with Craftgawker, but I've been finding lots of fun crafts and inspiration over there!  

I will be posting some giveaways in the next day or two, so be sure to check back.  Have a wonderful weekend, friends! 

Wednesday, May 23

Weekly Wears: Summer Skin

Some days you just need to throw a pin curl or two in your hair and soak up all the extra special things about life.  Sunshine, summer days, bare legs, warm breezes... all things that I love.  

Dress: c/o Lulu's;  Socks: Target;  Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell- borrowed from Elsie;  Earrings: vintage;  Necklace: UO (forever ago)

I think I get excited at the transition of every season.  There is always a feeling of eager anticipation and endless possibility at the beginning of each change.  Right now I'm starting to look forward to swimming pools, popsicles, and late night bon fires with friends.  Summer, I'm gearing up for you.


Making the Switch to Passionfruit Ads

I announced a couple of days ago (on Twitter) that I have officially made the switch to Passionfruit Ads, and I have been asked quite a few questions about it.  I thought that sharing my experience with Passionfruit (so far) may be helpful for a lot of you-- some wondering what's now going on with my sponsor page, and some maybe looking to use Passionfruit for their own blog.

I previously had a very wonderful ad manager who took care of emails about sponsorship and posted the ads (which was so nice having that taken care of), but it was time for us to part ways (amicably, of course) and I found myself with a big question mark floating over my head.  What do I do now?  I had read a post over on Harper's Happenings a while back about a new company called Passionfruit that was designed to help bloggers with ad management.  I am a very skeptical gal when it comes to these sorts of things, so I decided to let some friends try it out first and observe how it seemed to be going.  Hey, I was just being cautious.  ;)

After Holly had it set up for about a month and seemed to be liking it, I decided to pop over and read up on some more details.  It seemed easy enough, so I signed up and began the process.  I first set my ad sizes and prices, and then I pasted a little bit of code into my sponsor page.  There.  Now I had the option for sponsors to purchase directly from my sponsor page instead of being invoiced or being redirected to my Big Cartel shop.

Once I had Passionfruit set up on my sponsor information page, it was time to update my sidebar with the Passionfruit coding.  There was a little more work involved with this part, but nothing too major--  I had to upload all of my existing sponsors and links into the system, but after that job was done I just pasted a little more coding into that sidebar and it was smooth sailing from there.

Okaaaaayyy... I will admit, I got a tiny bit lost in the middle of setting things up, but Jason was there for live chat and got me all straightened out.  That has been the biggest thumbs up so far with this company-- the customer service isn't just friendly and great, it's immediate.  That's good for someone like me who is NOT terrific at this sort of thing.  I understand only a tiiinnnnyyy bit about blog coding and I am very intimidated by most of it.  Jason was (is) terribly nice and extremely helpful.  A++

The biggest change for me is going to be the missing rush of emails at the end/beginning of each month.  With Passionfruit, once the ad is approved and there is space for it, it posts immediately.  That means sponsors can purchase a spot at any point in the month and it posts immediately (as long as there is room in the sidebar at the time).  If there isn't room at the time of purchase, the ad sits and waits in line, and it shows up as soon as there is space for it.

I can't say much more since this is my first time using Passionfruit, but I will report back here in a month or two and let you know how it's going.  Ads are officially for sale on my sponsor page, and if you'd like to purchase one, I'd love to have you aboard!

**As I was writing this, I was live chatting with Jason about a few details for this post and he filled me in on a big announcement that I get to share with you!  Passionfruit will now only be taking a fee of $1 + the Paypal fee per ad (instead of the previous 10% including the Paypal fee).  So, not only is Passionfruit making my ad life simpler, it just got cheaper.  Waaaahoooooo!  My experience so far has me to recommending Passionfruit to anyone interested.  :)

**This is not a sponsored post-- just a little bit of info about a company that I am loving so far!

Monday, May 21

Lulu's + Instagram Contest!

I am partnering up with Lulu's this month for a fun contest over on Instagram!  Basically, you upload your favorite Spring street style picture via Instagram for a chance to win a $150 gift certificate to Lulu's

Here are the details: 
*This contest is open internationally
*One entry per person
*Winner will be chosen on photo composition and overall creativity
*Contest is open from May 22- May 29 (12AM EST)

Make sure you are following @lulus and @skunkboycreatures, and make sure to tag your street style photo with #SBLULUS.  Good luck to everyone!

P.S.  If you're not on Instagram, don't feel left out-- I have more giveaways coming soon!

Music Monday: The Milk Carton Kids

Happy Monday!

The Milk Carton Kids

Friday, May 18

Weekend Roundup

Happy Friday, friends!  Here are some lovely links and special favorites from this week!

Remember the Beatrice Holloway collection I modeled for Emerging Thoughts?  Well, it's all 30% off right now (YES, I SAID 30% OFF) with the code "katie".

Everything else is 15% off with the code "skunkboy".  Good deals!

This ID bracelet tutorial from Pugly Pixel is so adorable.

My extremely talented sponsor Isabel Knowles of I Know is having a little giveaway for Skunkboy readers!  Isabel creates beautiful handmade clothing.  You should definitely pop by and check it out if you get a chance!  Also, take a peek at her shop-- such loveliness!  :)

I just love Jo's blog Lost in the Haze.  She is a living doll.

A few other things:
Adventurer Vintage is offering Skunkboy readers 10% through the end of May.
This purse and this purse from ModCloth are calling my name.
I'm currently loving the new Beach House album.
I really want to make these salted caramel shortbread treats.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, May 17

Wire Bow DIY

I'm always looking for fun hair accessories to add to my collection.  Here's a quick little wire bow DIY project to add a little flair to pony tails, buns, and braids!

Supplies needed:  pretty fabric (thanks, Alexa!), wire, wire cutters, and scissors

Step 1:  cut out a length of fabric (mine was 13 inches).  You can make it as long or short as you'd like.

Step 2:  sew around the edges of the fabric (make sure the fabric is turned inside out, or printed side down) leaving a small hole unsewn.

Step 3:  take a length of wire that is double the size of your fabric (mine was 26 inches).  Twist the ends together and fold down.

Step 4:  flip the fabric right-side-out and slide the wire inside.  Stitch up the opening and you are done!

I love quick DIY projects and this one doesn't disappoint.  I'm pretty sure it took me all of 10 or 15 minutes to create something totally fun to wear!

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, May 16


The months leading up to summer are some of the busiest times for us, it seems.  We have something booked every evening (and most days) right now... which is both great and exhausting.  Johnny and I decided it was time to shrug responsibility a few nights ago, and just enjoy an evening to ourselves.  It was exactly what my little family needed to recharge.

We finished the evening by making fancy drinks and roasting marshmallows over the fire at home.

Sometimes you just need to step away from the rigid schedule and enjoy the things around you... and that's exactly what we did.  :)