Friday, May 31

Days Gone By

Last night our basement flooded.  Johnny happened to catch it early on, so we spent a good portion of the night laying our old photos out to dry.  It was a pretty big bummer, but it was also really fun seeing all of our memories laid out like that.  These are a few snippets from our past.  :)

Remind me to tell you the story of this last photo sometime.

Thursday, May 30

Putting Plants In Bird Cages: Kind Of A DIY

I have a lot of these smaller vintage bird cages tucked in corners around my home.  When I found this bird cage this weekend, my first thought was to leave it behind because HOW MANY bird cages does one person really need around their house???  I continued to stare at it... it was just so cute and so cheap, I wanted it to have a purpose.  Then I thought of one.  Duh.  Plants.  Right now my brain should go straight to plants.  I've been spending enough time on/with them.

I wanted a plant that would eventually spill through the side of the cage, so I found this delicate purple something-or-other (I can't remember what it's called).  I cut the bottom of a plastic container to fit inside the cage and jammed it through the slats.  Then I potted the plant in the container.  This really didn't need written instructions.  If you are still reading, you are a good sport.  ;))

We made these plant hangers at work using Elise's tutorial, so after I got the bird cage hung, I made a little companion for purple planty.  They became fast friends.

Notes on this project:  if I were to do this again in the future, I would use a solid color container.  From far away you don't really notice the printing on the sides of the plastic container, but in these pictures and up close in real life it is noticeable.

My front porch still needs a little TLC, but these new additions to our plant family are helping dress it up.  Now I just need to decide on a paint color so we can do a little painting!

Wednesday, May 29

Weekly Wears: Light A Fire

Dress: c/o Exile Vintage;  Purse: ELF;  Shoes: c/o Minnetonka;  Bracelet: belonged to my mama

Warm weather is my favorite weather to get dressed for.  Why?  Because you can be totally lazy and no one can really even tell.  Grab a dress, throw on some shoes, don't forget your purse... you're good to go.  As you may be able to tell from my recent pictures, I'm going through the laziest lazy phase where I just wear the same outfits over and over and over.  I was glad to get this dress from Exile Vintage to kind of bust me out of that rut this week.  I probably need to get a few more exciting pieces to light a little fire under me.  Otherwise, I may stay in the same t-shirt and cut offs for the rest of summer!  ;)  Who am I kidding?  It will get way too hot for that!  You can't beat a dress on the muggy days.

**Exile is offering you guys 20% off with the code SKUNKBOY for the next week!  Check it out-- they have SO MUCH good stuff!

Tuesday, May 28


1. Our new rope swing in the backyard.  We surprised the girls with swings while they were away at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  2. Chalkboard panels on our door give the girls something to do in our room without bringing in a ton of toys!  3. Poesy in her playhouse.  4. & 5. We found Hope's old Little Tikes table in our basement and happened upon this kitchen at a flea market, so we set up a little kitchen area outside for the girls.  We are trying to fill our backyard with lots of fun things to encourage outdoor play.  Our yard stays extremely shady, so it's the perfect for just that.  :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day!  Johnny and I went to a concert and had a day sans-children where we did... well, whatever we wanted!  It was really nice.

Sunday, May 26

OMG... We Grew Something

My new favorite thing is to go out early and water the plants.  It's such a peaceful, relaxing time.  It makes me feel a little like a grandma... like I'm just getting a taste of what I'll REALLY be into one day when I'm retired.  Poesy and Hope usually come out with me.  Hope inspects the fruits and veggies while Poe helps me water all the plants.  One day when we went out last week, there was a green pepper ready to come off the plant and into our home.  You could've almost mistaken this day for Christmas in our home.

My kids took turns holding it, carried it around, and named it 'Pepper'.  (You can see Poesy snatching it to have a look when it was first picked.)  It made me wonder why I ever spend money on toys!  We could just grow play things!

It really was a lot of fun watching the girls get so excited about growing this pepper.  It was a good reward for all of the time they have been putting in with me to start our little garden.  We did enjoy the pepper in our salads a couple of days later... I had to give them a little time with Pepper before they had to say goodbye.  ;)

**My top is from Ever+Mi.Crush and shorts are these jeans cut off.  :)

Saturday, May 25

Summer Ad Sale!

I figured summer was a good time to have my first ad sale!  Get 20% off the purchase of 3 months (or more) from now until June 25th with the code SUMMER!  You can check out my sponsor page for more details, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me!

Thursday, May 23


1. Being suuuuuper coordinated and falling over on my bike (Really, that happened. Not in this picture, but it happened.).  2. The girls having ice cream on the porch and Poesy having the sleepiest eyes ever.  3. Accidental color-coordinating.  Quick, we're ready for family portraits!  4. Hers and his treats outside when all is quiet.  5. Hide-n-seek with Poe: "Ready or not, here I come!"  "I over here!"

Happy Friday, friends!

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