Thursday, January 31


I've really been slacking when it comes to carrying my camera around.  Remember my original "Snapshots" post?  I know it's only natural to do good, then bad, then have a resurgence, only to start slacking again.  Inspiration comes in waves, no?  I'm in that resurgence phase, which makes me happy.  I love having moments like these.  This was a really good night (and that's the best soup ever), and down the road I will remember it even more and more fondly.  I like having these mementos. 

(Poe's elephant hat was a gift from my sweet friend Jess.)

Tuesday, January 29

Minnetonka Giveaway!-- CLOSED


 **You will be contacted shortly, Annie!**

I'm partnering up with Minnetonka to offer you a chance to win your own pair of Front Lace Knee Hi Boots!  For a chance to win, please leave a comment here describing how you would style these boots!

You may gain additional entries by following Minnetonka on Twitter, or liking Minnetonka on Facebook.

This giveaway is open to US residents only.  The winner will be drawn on February 5th and announced shortly after.  When leaving a comment, please make sure your email address is linked in your profile so you may be contacted.  Good luck, friends!


Monday, January 28

Minnetonka Blogger Spotlight

Dress: Free People;  Sparkle Tights: Marshall's;  Front Lace Knee Hi Boot: c/o Minnetonka;  White Cape (in hands): Vintage

I'm happy to announce that I'm the Minnetonka Blogger Spotlight!  I've loved Minnetonka since I can remember liking shoes, so this is a real honor.  You can see how I styled my other Minnetonkas here and here, and be sure to pop over to the Minnetonka blog and read my short interview! 

Happy Monday!!!

Saturday, January 26

52 Treats: V.4

This week has been an absolute whirlwind.  I needed a little bit of super-simple baking for our weekly baking venture and this recipe (if you can call it that) was just what the doctor ordered. 
Johnny and the girls were playing out back on this unseasonably warm day, so I was alone in the kitchen this week.  It was a nice bit of quiet time.
I whipped up the corn muffin recipe according to the box and then added (a lot of) orange zest and a couple handfuls of cranberries.  As you can see, they were thoroughly enjoyed.  :) 

Friday, January 25


 (I think Hope may have gotten my "pack rat" gene. ;) )

I'm so guilty of never really getting around to printing photos for my home, so when InstaThis offered me a few plaques for my house, I immediately started plotting where I could put them!  It's so fun to walk around the house and see prints of some of our happy moments, instead of keeping them stashed away in once-a-year printed books.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE those Instagram books.  I also love seeing our happy smiles out in the open.  :)

Thursday, January 24

Weekly Wears: Shiny, Happy

Sweater & Shirt: Free People;  Skirt: c/o Lulu's (similar);  Fleece(!) Leggings: Marshall's;  Boots:  Minnetonka;  Earrings: Whiskey & Wine;  Flower (Skunk) Pin: Disney World

Be serious, but, by golly, be silly.  It's good for the soul to just let go and be childish and happy-for-no-reason sometimes.  At least, it's good for my soul.  I guess that's really all I can speak for, but I never want to lose my playful side.  I think it keeps us young, happy, and able to handle all of life's curve-balls. 

I used to think my grandma was so weird when I was a kid.  She used to take out her dentures and convince all the kids that she could magically remove her teeth.  She told my little brother that  Pupperoni (ya know, the dog snack) was pepperoni so he'd taste it... for fun (yuck!).  She had a boat named "Marge's Party Barge" and we sure loved going out on the water with the family.  She was full of jokes and tricks and we always had a good time with her.  I hope to be like her as I age.  Maybe not quite as mischievous, but playful nonetheless.  ;)

Tuesday, January 22

Out To Work

Shirt & Sweater: Marshall's;  Jeans: Levi's;  Shoes: American Eagle;  Scarf: Red Velvet

Oh, this girl.  If there is a camera around, she automatically thinks it's for her.  I am definitely not complaining-- I wouldn't have it any other way.

I was attempting an "Out To Work" post, but as soon as Poe decided she was done being IN the pictures, she walked into her room and said, "Pay me, Mommy!"  (That's "Play with me, Mommy." in case you aren't fluent in Poesy speak.)  So, I abandoned my photos and used my last bit of before-work morning time to do just that.  You get the general idea anyway, right?  ;)

*You can see my other "Out To Work" outfits here.  

A Pug for a Pug Lover

I have a friend who really likes pugs.  She actually has a wall in her home devoted to them.  Yesterday was her birthday, and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to make her something special... so I did.  I always get REALLY nervous before I give a handmade gift-- what if it's dumb?  What if they won't like it?-- This happens every time for me. 

I'm happy to report that she did (seem to) love it.  AND, now I've made my first pug.  That took me long enough.  ;)

Monday, January 21


New chandelier to replace our old, yucky ceiling fan (I still need to paint the ceiling);  teepee;  leftover party balloons;  basket of blankets;  curtains;  the girls playing (nicely) together

This weekend was another good one for us.  We had one amazingly warm day, so we spent as much time outside as possible.  The girls jumped on the trampoline while I scoped out potential gardening spots, and then we enjoyed a picnic on the porch.  There was also more pie and a little bit of traveling.  All-in-all, weekend, you get an A+.