Friday, October 23

Happy Randomness

Happy Friday, everyone! I can't seem to gather my thoughts tonight, so I'll be keeping the words to a minimum. First of all, I just had to share these wedding cake owls. They might be my very favorite couple (so far).

The colors are so fallish and vibrant, and I loooove the little top hat and tie combo. So cute!

This morning I walked into the kitchen and found some of Hope's papers from this week. They had me cracking up!

Yep, that's my kid writing about poop at school. When I asked her to maybe not write about poop at school, she seemed really upset and said, "What about when I'm telling stories on the playground?" Uh, what do I even say to that? :)

I spent quite a bit of time in my sewing room today, and I thought I'd share some pretty things that make me smile.

Lastly, some pictures of the fort. It's been so fun playing in there with Hopey. We are leaving it up for quite a while, and decorating as we go.

We decided that we HAVE to sleep in a pile. :)

We also decided to start a band. Hope plays the accordion and I have the little organ. :D

Her bed is a platform bed with a slide, so it was perfect for building the semi-permanent fort. I think we will be making paper cranes for it tomorrow. I'll take some daytime pics soon, so you can really see it.

I'm off to do some snuggling now... I hope your weekend is wonderful. I can't wait to show my custom work to you next week. There are some very exciting things! xoxo Katie


  1. Her stories made me giggle! Love them!

  2. I wish I lived closer to you. I am very jealous of your fort... and your family band. :)

  3. so cute! those adorable stories reminded me of when my mom and i would sit over my little brother's writing journal from 1st grade and crack up over his stories. kids are the funniest.

  4. Love her stories! Kids are funny, you never really know what's going on in those little minds of theirs!

  5. ha! the poop and pee story is an example of why i love being a teacher.