Friday, October 30

Happy Weekend!

Well, it's finally Friday. It's that day when some of you breathe a sigh of relief, and others just work straight through. For me... well, it's Thursday. I don't know what my deal is, but every second I'm not concentrating on the fact that it is Friday, my mind decides that this day is Thursday. No, brain. No. I already had my Thursday, and what a lovely Thursday it was...

Okay, so there ended up being NO skating. It was a little disappointing, but the grown up in me breathed a little easier. I mean, I'm a lot bigger now, which means I fall a lot harder. ;) Like I said, it was a great evening. I got to spend some great time with these pretties:

...annnnnnd Mr. Will, who is not pictured, but is great all the same. :)

Recently I went to a flea market and found the greatest bit of yarn embroidery that I was going to tea stain and hang in my kitchen. Sadly, when I got home I realized that something had happened and it didn't make it in my bag. I really have been dwelling on this for a couple of weeks... not crying about it or anything, just wishing it had made it home with me. Today I took that and turned it into inspiration. Well, half inspiration. The other half came from talking to my dearest friend Christin yesterday, who lives in PA and loooooves elephants.

I love him to pieces! He doesn't have a name or anything (go figure), but I know I want him to be a boy. I spent forevvvver working on him, but he was worth it.


  1. wow!
    this little one is soo lovely! this eyes & hair!


  2. That night was soooo fun! I am in love with this little guy. You have a wonderful knack for making the cutest things! I gotta figure something out so we can be cool together. :)

  3. Thanks everyone!!!

    Haha, Erin... we are cool together... ;D

  4. Oh wow, I collect elephants and this one is just SO lovely!!