Monday, August 31

And Here's What We're Playing For...

First of all, I just want to say that even though I haven't gotten as large a response as I have in the past for giveaways, I'm loving this giveaway and all the music suggestions! My week has been lovely.

So, here she is:

Sorry for the pic... I almost ran out of daylight...

Here's how to sign up for the giveaway:

Post your name and a song suggestion for me in the "Comments" section of this post. Friday I will be picking a winner! **If you've already signed up in the last post, no need to comment again. I've got you down. ;) Loooooooves! -Katie

Friday, August 28

Hey, it's Friday.

It's chilly and rainy here today. Though it is Friday, I think I am skipping my typical date with the besties and exchanging it for a very quiet night filled with records and tea. I'm feeling quite somber today, so it's probably for the best, anyway. I hope your weekend is wonderful. Here's one of my favorite songs to keep you company.

Don't forget the giveaway. I'll be sharing what we're playing for on Monday.

Wednesday, August 26

It's a Giveaway. Read Up.

The thing about an aesthetically updated blog is that you really want to pop in and see it lots and lots. Which is fine, but I guess rather than visiting my own blog over and over I should actually post something. Here I am.

I've been thinking about my Skunkboy Love thingie, and as much as I love it, I feel like I'm missing out on the excitement of people winning a contest and feeling delightful. I don't really want to do the random giveaway thing, because I'm sort of already doing that, so I've been brainstorming. This isn't a completely thought-out, cohesive idea yet, because I keep getting distracted by the other billion things going on, but here's what I propose:

I'd like to pick a winner in two weeks. Here's what you must do: recommend a song in the comment section. Out of all the songs that people submit, after a couple of weeks the one I'm feeling the most gets the prize. I know, this is a little dorky, but you can be a winner and I get exposed to some new music. Sounds like fun to me. :D

Isn't she so pretty? I'm buying her as soon as I have $$$. I'm kinda really thinking of getting little heart tattoos on my elbows. Can I just be her? P.S. I love the Pepperminte shop.

Face Lift, Baby

Well, as you can see with your eyeballs, my blog has undergone an extreme makeover. All I have to say is, "Yay!" I really like it, stayed up really late working on it, and would like to thank Olivia for the links, and Ryan for assisting me for like, oh I don't know, a million hours! (I really appreciate the help, sir.) Have a lovely day. I'm going back to bed for some extra sleepies, but before I do I'll share the super duper sale goodness that is currently en route to my home.

I like 80's Purple.

Tuesday, August 25

New Banner

I was looking at my blog today thinking- this thing really needs a face lift. Sad part is, I'm not quite as savvy as I need to be. If anyone has any blog customization tips, please leave them in the comments section for me. I really want to change the background. Which leads me toooo... the shop. I changed my shop banner today, but I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet. I'm ready for an updated one, though. It happens at the end of every season, I'm afraid.

It's no secret that I LOVE/ADORE/WORSHIP Plans. It's been my favorite album all summer. I'm usually obsessed with it in the summer... and fall... well, really all year. I currently have it on vinyl, so I listen to it allllll the time. Found this today. Thought I'd share. :D

Monday, August 24


Cannot stop laughing at this:

It doesn't hurt that Hope also thinks it's the funniest thing ever. Found over on the Poodlebreath blog.

...And a Great Time Was Had By All...

Hope had a really great time at the party on Saturday! Lots of friends, lots of presents, lots of delicious cake + a sundae bar, a decapitated donkey pinata... what more could a 7 year old ask for? :)

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Hope woke up on Saturday morning and I said, "Hey, Hope. Go check my blog." So, she did, and squealed with delight as she scrolled down. The comments made her feel very special.

Hope's at school so I'm off to help "break in" her new Nintendo DS. The Coraline game is a lot of fun! Have a wonderful day! <3

Friday, August 21

Happy Birthday, Hopey!

Happy Birthday, Hope! You're the coolest person I've ever met.

This girl loves you.

P.S. I know what you're getting for your birthday. Hahahaha.

Thursday, August 20

Hello, Future Me

I have to admit, I'm one who's scared of the future me. I rarely give myself goals or expectations, A) because I'm very indecisive when it comes to life changing choices, and B) because if you never give yourself a goal, you never fail. I realize that is a terrible way to be. :) It works for me, though. If I had really pressed myself to stick by my "dreams" back in the day, I'd be a miserable preschool teacher with no creative outlet. I mean, the only reason I know how to sew is because I was bored at home and looking for something fun to do.

So, today I was on Twitter, and someone mentioned I know of this website, but did visit today because it sounded like fun, and like I said, I'm a little scared of the future me. I wrote myself a nice email-- encouraging and funny (you know, I get my inside jokes), and I'll get it in a year. It's a little silly the way I feel that I need to send myself something to lift my spirits, like being older is gonna be so depressing. Um, Katie, it's only a year... I guess I'll see where I am when I get it. :D

Go See Gallop

You can see Gallop over on the Found Handmade blog today with lots of other cute horsies! He's very happy to be surrounded by such great company.

Tuesday, August 18


We're in the shop. The end. :)

New Owls!

Here's a sneak peek of the two new owls that will be listed in the shop later today:

For now, I'm off to spend 1 last summer day with Hope before she starts school tomorrow. Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, August 15

For My Dearest Pal...

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. We went out with friends last night and had waaaay too much fun, but now it's back to real life and a bit of relaxing (which is much needed... trying to recuperate from the busy week!). One of my dearest, dearest friends is going back to work this year and needed a special friend to keep her company during the day. This is what I came up with for her:

She loves color, and though I'm not always great at incorporating it, I think this little owl is a good compromise. Julie loooved her, which was exactly what I wanted, so I'm thrilled! Have a wonderful finish to your weekend-- I'll see you on Monday! xoxoxo Katie

Wednesday, August 12

We're Quite the Group of Vagabond Misfits...

I revealed my little lion yesterday, but I've finished his friends and they're ready to be introduced:

They are quite the group of vagabond misfits, don't you think? I was very happy with the narwhal especially. Well, no, I take that back-- I was quite pleased with all of them. I love the nappy mane on the lion, and these cheeks:

I also fancy the narwhal's tophat:

I got them shipped off this afternoon. I was quite sad to see them go. Anyway, I would love any feedback you may have about them. I'm off to go complete more orders. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 11

New Friends

Life is funny... you make friends, you lose them... you make friends, you sell them (hee, hee)... I've been working on some new friends on top of regular orders, and it's kept me very busy when you figure real life in there, too. Here's my newest little guy:

He's for a magazine submission. All of the animals I'm working on are slightly circus themed. A narwhal with a tophat, a monkey with rosy cheeks and a crown of flowers...

Yesterday I scored the most wonderful bag of beauties:

All of these vintage dolls heads ended up being $.97! They are so beautiful and absolutely made my day! I hope your week is going well-- I'm off to sew, sew, sew! <3

Thursday, August 6

Hello, Goodbye

I'm still sick and trying to get motivated-- I do have things to sew and my house is wrecked from being out of town, annnnnd I'm supposed to be baking pies for company tonight... we'll see. ;) Anyway, this post is not about griping at all, I just wanted to say Happy Thursday, just in case I don't make it back to blogging before the weekend is over.

These are my favorite shoes! I just got two more pairs in the mail... backup, you know? :D Have a good weekend, in case I don't see you before! I'm gonna beat this cold!

Tuesday, August 4

One Lucky Girl

Lately, I feel like a lucky, lucky, lucky little boy... er, girl. The mail surprise, the awesome vacation, being surrounded by drama for a spell and then seeing only good coming from it... lots of things that I would typically expect to happen to someone else, they're happening to me! I'm thankful and happy and amazed...

Yesterday, I went to pick up another gift. A woman that I hardly know wanted to give me something... a 1963 Sonola accordion! It sounds gorgeous, it plays wonderfully, and it has pickups! No more trying to mic my accordion, I can just plug it in to my amp! Anyway, this woman received this accordion as a gift when she was 11 or 12 from her father, took lessons and learned to play, grew up and got too busy for it, and wanted to see it put to good use. Talk about impeccable timing... I just lost the red one I was playing for months, after drummer Ryan left ('cuz it was his mama's), so now I have my very own. I'm so... well, out of words.

I'm off to go build my muscles by playing my new (old) accordion. Thank you so much, Molly!

Saturday, August 1

We Are Back and the Shop is Open!

We are back from vacation-- a day early because of a mix up with grandparents, but back all the same. I've gone ahead and opened the shop, I know a couple of you are needing to place orders for birthdays.

I couldn't wait any longer to post my pics of the fun we had in Reading, PA, so here they are! This was one of my very favorite days-- and, my last day there.

This was the best cafe! So many different types of hot chocolate... I wish I had some now. It would feel so good on my sick throat...

I showed my friend Christin this feather picture that I was going to use as a tattoo template, and she took me to the greatest tattoo place. The place was Dragonfly Tattoo, and the guy was... well, David Dragonfly. He was so incredibly nice and relaxed, and even with a bit of chaos happening around us, so focused... which was much appreciated, considering the circumstances. ;)

This is a pic I took in the car, because I couldn't wait to get home to my "real" camera any longer. I guess I was just excited to share! Hope's point and shoot was great for the trip, but I'm ready to get back to my own. Very soon...

After, we went for Rita's, as kind of a reward. It was so tasty. Mmm... Mango...

I told Johnny how very delicate he looked in this picture...

So he showed me just how tough he can be. :D

Hope loooved it!

I am a bit sad to already be jumping back into "regular" life, but in some ways it is good to be home, and it will be good to see some friends tomorrow. That's all for now. Time for cold medicine and sleepies... Goodnight.