Thursday, February 19

Yay for 50!

I just have to say that I appreciate you all so much! I noticed today that my little blog has reached 50 followers, which completely surpasses any expectations I've ever had for it! I love you all, I think you're wonderful, and you really have made my day.

I realize that Valentine's is over, but I had to share my sweet vintage valentine Johnny had tucked away in my flowers.

Oh, and the first Skunkboy Love surprise did go out this week! I'll give you a hint: it went international.


  1. Well, some people say Maine is _like_ another country...


  2. How many people live internationally anyway, really?
    (asks the hopeful Aussie...)

  3. I think I was number 50! Cool :)

  4. I love your blog... You should have way more than 50!