Monday, February 2

I Caught the Bug

Sorry I have been absent for a couple of days. I have been working hard, trying to get everyone their sweeties by Valentine's Day, and somehow I caught the Blythe bug. I've never been a crazy Blythe girl. I just decided that she would be a fun gift for Hope, tucked in her flowers on Valentine's Day, and before I know it, I'm shopping Blythes every free second I have. It's because of this one:

She's the prettiest Blythe I've ever seen. She was customized by Melacacia, who in my opinion does an AMAZING job on the dolls. Her Flickr photostream is crawling with beauties. I did miss out on this one, though, which I am more than slightly bummed about.

So, now you know-- I'm in love with Blythe. I did get Hope's in the mail today. I bought her Saffy because she has short hair and I think the wigs will be a lot of fun for her. She's not really a doll girl, but Blythe's not a typical doll...


  1. Oh, she is a pretty Blythe doll! Makes me wish I had a little girl sometimes. I'm sure your daughter is going to love it.

  2. I am posting on a bit of an older post but I just love that doll in the photo. I checked the maker out and will be keeping my eye out on her auctions. I think you have infected me with the Blythe bug. As I only have a son I would be getting it for ME.