Saturday, February 28

The Best Piece of Mail... EVER!!!

I know I said I was absent this weekend, but I just got the best piece of mail EVER! Thank you so, so, so, so much Jayme! Look-- IT'S ME!!!!

It's my favorite dress and everything. If you are interested in getting your own little piece of wonderful art, go here. Her work is amazing, I've always thought so... of course, this one is my favorite!


  1. That's so cool, it's very whimsical and is very day dream inspiring!

    It was so lovely to come online after a week or so and read the past entries of yours! A cup of tea and this lovely little blog was just the thing to pick me up from my jet-lag... also excitement to see the first surprise has been sent out. *woohoo*

    BTW. Your Blythes are so gorgeous, my husband says no to them right now, lol... he just does not get it. hahaha.

    Much care and happiness to you and your family

  2. You are SO lucky! I love her work with crazy intensity.