Friday, February 20

I Heart Coraline!

We went to see Coraline tonight, for the second weekend in a row. It is such an amazing movie, if you get a chance to see it, do it this weekend! The tv told me it is the last weekend to see it in 3D, and honestly, I can't imagine it any other way. My heart belongs to Coraline! (Hope's too!)


  1. I love your creatures - they look like they take a lot of time, skill, and passion!
    Coraline is an amazing book...but I can't bring myself to see the movie. Oh well! The Fall is another newish movie that could be categorized by some as 'strange' and I can't wait to see it! Theatres where I live play things really late, so I just ordered it - and can't wait for it to come!


  2. I loved it, too! Our poor house has spent way too much money seeing it repeatedly in 3D these past couple of weeks. We're a bit addicted. :-)

  3. I know, it's so good, and so impressive-- unfortunately we have to drive an hour and a half to get to a theater that's actually showing it, so I'm glad we got to do it a couple of times. Plus, I will see anything directed by Tim Burton.

  4. Coraline was total magic to behold on the big screen. I was SO anxious to see it, it felt like I waited for forever. It was one of my favorite Gaiman books and it translated to screen so beautifully. Glad to see other people loved it too!

  5. First I wanna say:
    I really adore your creatures!

    "I Heart Coraline!"
    Oh yes, I do!!! :)

    We watched this film in Brazil, where we visited my groom's family for four weeks and I LOVED it.
    I watched it in 3D, too!
    I am going to watch it again, as soon as it is shown in Germany!

    ...and I am very proud, that this film was my first film in Portuguese that I have ever watched! :)

  6. so i know you posted this a LONG time ago but it would be really cute to make a doll that looks like her