Saturday, February 7


Since I started sewing animals I've been looking for my "right" kitty. I've made quite a few, but the one I made today makes me the happiest! He's so gentlemanly with his sweet bow tie and rosy cheeks. I actually dreamed about him about a week or so ago and had to jot down a few notes and scribbles so I couldn't forget him. I think I'll keep him around!

The early kitties:


Ghost Kitty

Still sweet in their own right! I'm still very fond of Ghost kitty and who knows, he may come back around next Halloween. I really wanted one that would stand more like a cat, though, which brings me to this guy:

I hope the little girl he was made for loves him tomorrow! Little kids can be tricky, you never know what's going to strike their fancy.


  1. Awww, he reminds me of one of Disney's Aristocats! I think he is perfect and I am sure the lucky little girl will love him.

  2. How cute:) I love that you make many different types of animals. Talented!

  3. Love the new cat! The polka dots are perfect. I'm looking at the button eyes in a whole new way though, after Coraline... kitty seems a bit more sinister (but still cute as ever). :)

  4. He's very dapper! Lovely work. I love the "early kitties" too.